Laidlaw Principles, Mathew Eitner and James Ahern Sued by Relmada Therapeutics


A clinical company that develops novel therapies for treating chronic pain moved to court to file a case against Laidlaw & Company. According to Relmada representatives, the move was inspired by the need to amend the previous complaint already filed in the US district court of Nevada. Apparently, the two parties have been in disagreement since 2015 following accusations of incompetence directed to Laidlaw & Company.
According to the complaints that were filed with the Securities Exchange Commission, Relmada Therapeutics blamed Laidlaw leadership for failing to honor their agreement on a non-deal roadshow meant to expand the company’s business prospects. In that accusation, Relmada blames Laidlaw for poor performance and the potential leak of information through private investors.
Laidlaw & Company is a private limited company that offers investment services to various clients across the globe and has principal offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company serves millions of customers in both countries making it one of the largest investment companies in the region.
Apart from offering investment advice to its client, Laidlaw also operates mezzanine capital and provides wealth management services.
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