The Interests and Hobbies of Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a man of many interests, and those interests are connected to his passion of collection weapons. He uses the weapons to study different periods and gather information for his work.

Zomber has always had a passion for learning, and he attended two universities to obtain three degrees. He started by obtaining his bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and English Literature at the University of Illinois. Zomber then attended UCLA for his master’s degree in English Literature. His degrees have helped him to move forward in his career of weapon collecting, weapon dealing, writing and filmmaking.

Michael Zomber has been collecting antique weapons and armor for more than four decades. Weapons from Samurai soldiers make up part of his collection, and this includes the Samurai sword. Zomber is known for his authority on Samurai swords and the Japanese culture. He preserves history by studying the weapons and keeping them in great condition. Zomber is interested in working with others who share the same passion in collecting and protecting antique weapons.

Zomber is a historical fiction author who enjoys using real facts to create his characters and stories. He has written several screenplays and novels using original characters and authentic facts. His books include Jesus and the Samurai, Son of Kentucky and Park Avenue.

Michael Zomber also enjoys exploring the field of filmmaking, and he created the animated documentary called the Soul of the Samurai. Soul of the Samurai is a film about the Samurai period and how the Samurai sword came to life. Michael and Andrea Zomber also own the company known as Renascent Films. This company has distributed the movie La Cucaracha, documentary Literary Riot and theatrical show Deep Sea Diving.

Zomber does have interests and hobbies outside of collecting antique weapons and armor. He loves to spend time with his wife and two children in their home just outside of Philadelphia. His interests also include reading, art, horseback riding, tennis and studying social justice.

Michael Zomber has a deep passion for collecting antique weapons, studying Japanese culture and preserving history. He uses this passion to create amazing novels, screenplays, documentaries and films.

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