Kevin Seawright on the Larry Young Morning Show

Last Week, Kevin Seawright talked about his project with RPS Solutions, LLC on the Larry Young Morning Show. RPS was founded in 2015 as a joint membership venture. The company specializes in construction and renovation of affordable housing in Baltimore, Maryland. On the show, Seawright talked about the goals of the company. He told Larry Young that the company is genuinely passionate about ownership of homes in Baltimore. Kevin added that a lot of the times, the company deals with first time buyers of homes. He further stated that RPS Solutions, LLC strives to offer the opportunity of owning a home to every home buyer and that they want people to be proud of having a home.

The mission of RPS Solutions LLC is to grow the current home ownership rate in Baltimore City to over 48.3 percent. The company intends to achieve its mission by providing members of the community with affordable alternatives. This will help create a stable socioeconomic environment for the people of Baltimore. To listen to the Larry Young Morning Show, tune into WOLB Talk 1010 in Baltimore.

About Kevin Seawright
Kevin Seawright is the founder of RPS Solutions, LLC. He is a project manager based in Baltimore, Maryland.  Currently, Mr. Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and President of Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is known for his rich blend of team inclusion, business acumen, outcome efficiency and financial government and private sector operations.

Kevin has transformed business strategies throughout his career to align technological initiatives and build responsive Finance divisions. His accomplishments include improving staff retention, enhancing recruitment efforts, compensation adjustments and change management by solidifying Human Capital Divisions. Much of his career was spent in real estate, education and local government sectors in Washington, Maryland.

During Kevin Seawright’s career, he has served as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, Payroll Director, Managing Fiscal officer and Budget manager among many other leadership positions. Kevin has gained much reputation as a successful business leader who establishes a good rapport with staff. Read more about Kevin in his LocalTalkNews interview.

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  1. Kevin is known for his ability to command new opportunities and achieve business goals. He has used his expertise to help people on the East Coast. There are number of ways in which might have reasoned with them all which can be very annoying in most cases.

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