Should you use Airbnb to make extra money?

Renting out a home to Airbnb may seem like a no-brainer to lots of folks; it can be a very fast, simple way to make extra cash. Homeowners get a little extra money and travelers get a nice place to stay, so it is easy to understand the appeal of this type of arrangement. However, there have been some situations that demonstrate the downside of these types of scenarios. It is possible for the renter to cause damage to the property and to leave the homeowners holding the bag.

According to a recent article on, there are some things that people should consider prior to renting their properties on this popular site. First, homeowners should consider the risk and liability. There is also the whole issue of insurance to think about. These things should get you thinking about staying protected. Airbnb’s protection is secondary and does not help you until you’ve already forked money over.

It is only after carefully considering the potential risk and rewards that you should commit to renting your home out via Airbnb or getting into any other arrangement where you rent a piece of your property to someone else. If you are putting effort into securing your financial future, you may deem the risk to be too great. Then again, if you think the payoff is worth the risk then this may be a great way to make money to add to your savings.

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