A Successful Business Climb: How Susan McGalla Strove for Success

Throughout the past decades, women have been striving to climb the ladder of success. Nonetheless, even after the pushes towards equal pay and equality in the work place, many women are still suffering with rising to their potentials. In the business world, though, a few dynamic women have both possessed qualities of leadership and persistently drove themselves up to the top of businesses. Such a woman who has used her gifts efficiently and has successfully climbed the corporate ladder is Susan McGalla, one of the strong business women working on.

McGalla prides herself on her efficient work ethic, passion, flexibility, and confidence, which have been shown as satisfactory in the work place on Post-gazette. With a strong ideology that one must work hard to earn things in life, she knew her time spent in business would consist of countless hours of vigorous and outstanding labor. Nonetheless, she continued to strive for greatness, which he had always believed she was meant for, and worked her way to success.

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At first, McGalla began her career in 1986 working for Joseph Horne Company. In 1994, though, Susan McGalla joined American Eagle Outfitters where her hard work and principles brought her to a higher position. Eventually she found herself as the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the entire franchise. Though she had put many hours into American Eagle, McGalla choose to leave on her own terms. She had planned to begin her own private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries; however, Wet Seal begged and encouraged her to become their new CEO. McGalla took the position for the short term, but did eventually leave for her own consulting business. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers due to her rich retail background.

While there are still difficulties in the work place with women working to make successful careers in their desired fields, women, such as Susan McGalla, have obtained these goals and know how to maintain them. Susan McGalla has spent years working hard and displaying her avid work ethics, which has helped her climb her way up to positions, such as CEO. Her work now, as a consulting expert is a powerful success story for women attempting to find success in business. For further information on this story, check out the original article at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Susan_McGalla_photo.jpg.

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