Dr. Jennifer Walden Comes Home to Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden represents a small portion of American career women that have managed to have it all. She is a beautiful and successful surgeon that has risen in her career field. She moved up the ranks in the world of plastic surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to prove that she is more than capable of the surgical work that she does. Walden trained in New York City, and she had a very successful practice in the Manhattan area. It would be her desire to have a family and a support system that would lead her back to her hometown of Austin.

Walden came from a family of 5 siblings. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a dentist. The positions that her parents held would fuel her desire to enter into the world of medicine. During her career she would stay focused and determined to achieve her goals and build a successful career as a plastic surgeon. Walden wasn’t really into the dating scene because she was so focused on her career. She would make a decision to have children through in-vitro fertilization as she entered her late thirties.

As a published author Walden has been able to provide her insight on the plastic surgery field. She is an award-winning surgeon that has been able to prove herself time and time again. Her ability to stay focused on her career would help her reestablish herself when she decided to move back to Austin. Her mother is there and her support system of family would be stronger. This is what prompted her decision to return. She has been very successful in her career because she has a good support team to help her with taking care of her children.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has said that she wants to inspire lots of other female med-students with the trail that she has blazed. Her life has been one of stellar accomplishments that many people would envy. She has proven herself to be a great doctor. Walden is an inspiration and true leader in the career field she chose.
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