VTA Publications’ Jim Hunt Launches Wealth Wave


Jim Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications, an active non-fiction publisher that develops distance learning content besides organizing events. The company provides these services both digitally and physically. It has specialized in the fields of finance and economics. Established in 2012, according to Endole, the company serves a wide-range of clients.

VTA Publications is keen on cultivating skills and hiring professionals that are focused on delivering high quality services to the clients. The company’s team of experts ensures that clients access user-friendly formats in order to enhance their distance learning experience. The firm is also a booking agent for seminars and events. This information was originally reported on VTAPublications.co.ke as provided in the following link http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/about-us/

Recently Jim Hunt launched Wealth wave, a simple strategy to make money from declining stock markets. He explains that money is not lost when market crash, it is instead shifted somewhere else or to somebody else. VTA Publications offers clients reliable information and teach them how to make a fortune from falling stocks. The secret to this strategy is perfect timing. The company has professionals that offer direct help to clients through emails or by phone. Customers, including first timers, are assured of 100% satisfaction.

Through DVD training videos and a series of webinars, Wealth Wave customers learn the dos and don’ts of trading. Jim believes that showing people how the markets work is the foundation of successful investing. This is why the company offers to hold clients’ hands through all the stages. He emphasized that people should not fear to invest because of insufficient knowledge about an investment project or lack of support from professionals. Hunt concluded by saying that the only way that one can benefit from the Wealth Wave is by following the provided strategy. This way, one will become a millionaire.

 About Jim Hunt

Jim is a successful entrepreneur whose career in the financial industry is unparalleled. As a financial consultant, specializing in investment, he has a deep understanding of the market trends. It is for this reason that he has been teaching others how to trade and make profits from falling shares. Apart from the Wealth Wave strategy, he is also the brain behind “Make Mum A Millionaire” plan. This tactic proves how easy it is for one to trade in the stock market.


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  1. Creating contents that can be of importance to the public can be a very profitable venture knowing that there would be high demand for them. And then the stocks resume professional writers would keep being on the rise. Jim Hunt has presented himself in a light that I love about entrepreneurs and with the level of achievement he as accrued in the financial industry.

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