Getting to Know the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the CEO and chairman of Capital Group. He is also the Chairman and the Principal Executive Officer of Capital Research and Management Company. It is part of Capital Group. Timothy also serves as the chairman of the management committee of Capital Group Companies.

Timothy Armour has worked at Capital Group for 33 years where he has gained lots of experience and skills. Timothy formerly worked as an analyst in equity investment at Capital Group where he collaborated with US service companies and global telecommunications. Timothy Armour first joined Capital Group when he participated in the Associates Program. Timothy lives in Los Angeles and studied at Middlebury College, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics.

Timothy’s hard work and commitment are what made him be appointed as the chairman of Capital Group. Capital Group is one of the world’s top investment management firms. The position of chairman was left open after the passing away of Jim Rothenberg. Timothy Armour was appointed chairman after the death of Jim.

Timothy’s work is to collaborate with the committee members of Capital Group to set, implement, and communicate the overall business strategies of the firm. Timothy was the most qualified for the position of chairman and CEO. They believed that he would ensure that the company achieves its goals. Timothy said that he was deeply shocked by the death of Jim and that he would work hard to finish what he had started. He termed himself as a “purposeful leader” who had the ability to take decisive action in the interests of Capital’s associates, clients, and investors.

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Timothy Armour has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of investment. He also offers advice to individuals and companies that wish to enter into an investment. Timothy has come to be known all over the world as an investment guru after working at Capital Group for many years. He is also known as Tim. He advises people on the right investments to engage in and also the ones they should avoid. Timothy has been able to make some fundamental changes in Capital Group since he is involved in the decision-making of the firm.

He is one of the reasons the company has grown and developed to where it is right now. Timothy is termed as a person who knows how to work through teamwork. He is always committed to helping others.

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Communication During the Christmas Season Using Securus

If you are part of a prison family, you probably already know the hardship that comes during the Christmas season when you would otherwise be spending a lot of time with your family and friends. It can be very difficult to go through the holiday season knowing that one of your own is behind bars. One of the best ways to encourage more communication with the whole family is to use a good quality video visitation service that can be only known as Securus.


Securus has been around for a while now with thousands of prison families utilizing its services each and every day. During the holiday and Christmas season, this particular service gets even more use because so many people want to be able to have great communication with their loved ones who just so happened to be behind bars and cannot necessarily come home for the holidays as many other people might be able to. Using Securus changed the way I view communication with one of my relatives as well and it also allowed my entire family to have a more enjoyable Christmas season because we were able to keep in touch with that individual.


The Christmas season can otherwise be very daunting for prison families because they may not have the time or money to be able to go and actually visit the prison itself to see their relatives. This might cause you to forego the trip to the prison and it can also weaken the morale of your loved one who might be behind bars because they are no longer seeing you on a regular basis. It can benefit just about anyone involved to utilize Securus for all that it is able to do for you and this is why so many individuals have made use of this option for themselves each and every day.


Whether you are choosing to use Securus specifically for the Christmas season or you would like to begin using it each and every day to have better communication with your loved one, this is a service that you will find to be incredibly beneficial and quite affordable depending on what your budget is able to include. The most important thing for you to do is to learn more about Securus to see what you can do as far as downloading it and beginning to use it in your everyday life and setting it up with a prison in your local area where you can communicate with your loved one.


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