Benefits Of Using USHEALTH’s Family Cover

Providing health security to one’s family is a wise decision. USHEALTH Group seeks to ensure the success of this objective through its group of companies. Unlike other businesses, USHEALTH provides its clients with lots of coverage without requiring the client to make additional underwriting.

With USHEALTH, clients have the freedom to pay for insurance when they need it. This is against the industry norm of paying for an insurance cover before one needs it. This innovative approach ensures that clients only pay for the covers that are in line with their existing needs. The absence of additional underwriting also means that clients save a lot of money through the company’s family insurance covers.

Family insurance services from USHEALTH help one to protect his or her family. With these covers, an individual can focus more on providing for his or her family’s basic needs rather than worrying about their medical bills in case they fall sick. This coverage provides clients with the much-needed convenience.

Since its founding, the company has been able to serve over 15 million customers. With the company’s tailored and innovative covers, some of these clients have enjoyed the company’s services for over a decade. Recent marketing drives have seen an increase in the company’s customer base.

In addition, USHEALTH Group does not have restrictions on when the clients can apply for cover. The application is open every time of the year. This situation provides customers with the flexibility to register for a cover when they are ready. Clients enjoy all year round application. They also have the option of locking in their rates for a maximum of 15 months. This innovative approach helps clients to enjoy up to 15 months of fixed payments. This structure enables clients to budget their incomes adequately.



Clients of USHEALTH enjoy PremierChoice Specified Diseased/Sickness and Accident covers, which come with first dollar benefits. The plans are also tailored to ensure that you cannot lose your first dollar benefits if you do not use them. Moreover, the family insurance cover does not have a calendar year deductible to satisfy. This approach ensures that clients can enjoy cheaper healthcare services.

Clients and their families have much to benefit from using USHEALTH Group’s services. Its affordability ensures that one can provide a better lifestyle to his or her family while still enjoying a good medical cover. The freed money can be used to reduce one’s debt, school fees, and childcare costs.

USHEALTH Group was incorporated in 1982. The Fort Worth-based insurance holding company provides insurance plans to small business owners and self-employed individuals through its subsidiaries. The company’s products include dental insurance, accident covers, income protection solutions, life insurance, and health insurance. Clients can access the company’s services through its many agents spread across the United States. USHEALTH has also won numerous awards such as the Silver Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service.

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