Just How Has Eric Pulier Changed The IT Industry

The IT Industry is one of the most exciting, popular, and profitable industries of all time. Just about every piece of device or equipment have some form of innovation in it. Technology rules over most subjects and categories and since this is the “digital age,” people can’t live without their daily dose of smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? If you haven’t heard then just know this, Eric Pulier is a man with a gifted mind and he has a strong passion for his craft, which happens to be technology. The guy has literally resolved a ton of issues in the work environment thanks to his thorough understanding of technology. Though none of this came by chance, but more so by destiny and here’s a little bit more about this highly influential person.

Eric Pulier attended MIT and the prestigious Harvard University. He was an accomplished author for the “Harvard Crimson” school newspaper as well as the editor. While in high school he started his first computer database company. While in the fourth grade, he programmed his first computer. You just won’t find to many other individuals who can match his brilliance or perseverance. Being so business savvy, thanks to his extensive educational background, Pulier has made a great living by the use of advanced technology. He’s done everything from resolving issues to founding a high number of successful companies. These companies include U.S. Interactive, Service Mesh Inc, FLY, XPRIZE, People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, and numerous others.

Having such a strong passion in IT, Pulier has invested in numerous start up companies who’ve went on to become a success in their own rights. Society benefits better and flows a lot more smoother when he’s on the scene and as of today, this proud father of four is living a comfortable life in the Los Angeles, CA Area.

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