Eric Lefkofsky is a Motivated Entrepreneur

Tempus is the name of an app that focuses on cancer. It was created by Eric Lefkofsky, the mastermind behind Groupon, a wildly popular online coupon marketing company. Tempus is aiming to provide University of Chicago physicians with access to information that can aid them in the successful treatment of breast cancer. Tempus is headquartered in the Windy City. The people behind the app recently revealed that they’re teaming up with the University of Chicago Medicine. They’re planning on offering molecular assessments and sequencing to the breast cancer experts who work for the University of Chicago.

This information will enable them to established individualized treatment courses for all of their patients. Tempus indicates that it’s going to evaluate information from roughly 1,000 individuals to assist physicians who want to learn more about patterns that can help forecast potential patient reactions. Tempus states that its priority is to enhance breast cancer treatment techniques. It also is to strengthen outcomes for patients.Eric Lefkofsky is a prominent entrepreneur who comes from the United States. He was born in early September of 1969. He’s a native of Southfield, Michigan and is currently married to a woman named Elizabeth. Lefkofsky is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He earned a Juris Doctor degree from the institution of higher learning back in 1993.

One of Lefkofsky’s earliest jobs involved the carpet sales world. He got involved in carpet sales when he was still a student at the University of Michigan. Once he completed law school, he joined forces with a buddy by the name of Brad Keywell. The pair got loans from family members and used them to purchase an apparel firm from Madison, Wisconsin. It was called “Brandon Apparel.” Lefkofsky’s career has been unstoppable since that time. He landed his position as Groupon CEO in the summer of 2013. He started Tempus three short years later in 2016 as well.



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