Arthur Becker’s Undying Passion for Investment

Arthur Becker works at Madison Partners, LLC, which is an investment firm dealing with early stage Bio Tech investments and real estate. Before joining Madison, he was CEO and chairman of Zinio, which is the largest digital newsstand in the world. From 2002 to 2010, Arthur Becker was the CEO of NaviSite, a firm that is NASDAQ quoted and provides Internet technology services and colocation to UK and US based businesses. For seven years, Becker worked with Vera Wang Fashion as a senior advisor and has continued to be a private investor in real estate and technology.

How Ideas for Madison Partners, LLC came about

Arthur traces back the idea for Madison from his tenure at Zinio and NaviSite, where he became deeply engaged in both real estate and technology. After selling NaviSite in 2011, he chose to expand his real estate interests by venturing in condo development in Miami, FL and NYC. Becker claims that he had also been exposed to various early stage biotech firms, and he got fascinated by the changing paradigms.

Arthur Becker claims that balancing critical thinking with passion and drive is the biggest challenge he faces. He says that over the years, he has tried different investments, failed severally, and hopefully he has learned from his failures on how to avoid related failures. Becker insists that failing and refusing to give another shot is the recipe for failing as an investor. For those companies that have turned out a success, the chemistry within the management has always played a critical role in their success. Click here to know more.

Arthur is currently a proud owner of townhouses in Soho. This was after he exchanged his stake in condominium development. Arthur plans to move in in one of the townhouses and lease or sell the remaining two. He said that their pricing would be slightly higher owing to their larger backyards.

The Kabbalah Center: Transformative & Philanthropic

The Kabbalah Centre is a firm that offers courses on the Zohar and Kabbalah teachings. Its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. It also offers classes at its regional centers. The online course consists of video material and texts. Live teachings are shown from time to time. The Center has published some books on the teachings of Kabbalah in the Torah.

The center was initially known as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. It was founded in 1965. It was later re-established in New York City as the U.S Kabbalah Center. Philip and Karen Berg started it. Karen serves as a director and spiritual leader. There are currently more than 40 Kabbalah Centers. This is proof that the center is growing rapidly. Kabbalah centers are all over the world including Barcelona and Austria in Europe to Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia.

Kabbalah is not based on any religion. It is a universal way of life. One does not need to have knowledge of Hebrew to start taking the course even though it has its roots in Judaism. The teachings have transformed the lives of many all over the world including celebrities. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, and Mick Jagger have been students at the center and more information click here.

The Kabbalah Center has been involved in some charitable initiatives in the past. They supported the Red Cross during Superstorm Sandy by providing funds and workforce to help those who had been affected by the disaster. They played significant roles in relief efforts during Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, as well as the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. They are partners with Habitat for Humanity and Partners in Health who provide shelters and health care respectively to the less fortunate.

The center offers scholarships to people who wish to go through the teachings, but they might not be able to do that because of finances. The scholarship fund has helped many to become students. It has made Kabbalah more accessible worldwide. The Center supports some charities including Spirituality for Kids, Kabbalah Children’s Academy, and Kids Creating Peace.

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Use Preventative Screening Services To Detect Problems

Lifeline preventative screening services can help a person find out if they are in danger for many common conditions that affect the health of Americans. Customers can go in for ultrasound screenings or simple blood screenings. While these tests do not negate the need for seeing a doctor if they come back positive, they can let someone know about a potential danger.

The blood tests are easily performed tests that can be done with a prick of a finger. The person who undergoes the test just needs to wear a band aid for a few hours. The tests include blood glucose screening, cholesterol screening, and the highly sensitive c-reactive protein test. The first test screens for diabetes, the purpose of the second test is obvious, and the last test checks to see if a person is in danger of developing heart disease.

Lifeline Preventative Services does more than just offer blood tests. It also offers ultrasound screenings to check for other conditions. These screenings require a person to come into our offices, but they only take a few minutes. One of the exams that uses this technology is a Doppler exam that checks for peripheral arterial disease in the lower legs. This condition causes blood clots, but it can be treated.

Clients can find out more information on the website about Lifeline Screening. Someone who wants to schedule an appointment should call one of our offices. Remember, these tests indicate a potential problem, they do not constitute a formal diagnosis. They can, however, alert someone to a potential danger.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Career in Law

One of the most intriguing parts of the legal system is comparative law. This is a type of law that concerns the legal systems of multiple nations and comparing them. While not the most well known part of the legal system, comparative law is quite important as it provides valuable insight on how each nation governs itself. Comparative law can enable a number of individuals and entities gain a better understanding of how nations operate and what is legally permitted. Government entities can use this type of law to draft treaties and work out favorable international trade deals. It can also benefit businesses that are looking to open up office locations and get a better understanding of a nation’s regulations regarding business transactions. Comparative law is also useful for legal educators and law students to get in depth knowledge of multiple legal systems.

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Sujit Choudhry is one of the top experts of comparative law. Over the course of his career, he has studied it in depth and is therefore quite knowledgeable of its value. Choudhry has spent a number of years as both an educator as well as someone who worked for the government. His first job in the legal field was as an assistant to the head of Canada’s Supreme Court. This provided Sujit with an opportunity to learn constitutional law and find out all the details of Canada’s legal system. This would serve him well when he became an educator at the University of Toronto. Sujit Choudhry was a professor who taught law classes and then became the assistant dean. This success prompted him to pursue other opportunities in the United States.  Check Choudhry on his page.

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When he moved to the United States, according to, Choudhry would join the University of California Berkeley. As a professor at the University of California Berkeley, Sujit would continue to teach constitutional law to students. This allowed him to provide fundamental knowledge to aspiring lawyers and legal educators. As well as being a top professor at the law school, Choudhry would also become the dean of the school. With this distinction he would become the first Indian American to hold such a position.  More on

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