What is New with José AuriemoNeto

JHSF is a Brazilian company that deals with real estate development. JHSF is a company that was founded in 1972, and it is also a company that is best known for its success when it comes to residential and commercial real estate. Apart from real estate development, JHSF deals with administration of shopping centers, luxury hotels, and international business airports. JHSF is a company that specializes in identifying new opportunities in its target markets. This is truly a company that thrives on innovation and invention. JHSF is able to give sustainable solutions to its projects, and they are a company that always surpasses their client’s expectation.

JHSF is a company that is made up of four business units. These units include: incorporation, hotel and restaurants, shopping centers and airports. The headquarters of JHSF are in São Paulo Brazil, and JHSF is also in other large cities such as Salvador, Manaus, Punta del Este, Miami, and New York. this company has been listed on the São Paulo Bovespa stock exchange for the last 10 years. JHSF is a company that is consistently engaged in social responsibility projects that have a large focus on health and education.

The president of JHSF is José AuriemoNeto. José AuriemoNeto is the individual who took over ownership of JHSF from his father. He is in charge of business operations in office building, shopping, and real estate. José AuriemoNeto joined the company in 1993 after he finished college studies in São Paulo, Brazil. Click here to know more.

José Ramon Neto is credited with founding JHSF’S services department. He started a sister company called Parkbem in 1997. Ramon Neto developed the shop in Santa Cruz which was the company’s first shopping destination success. In 2007, José AuriemoNeto also founded departments in Portugal. José AuriemoNeto is married to Mariana José AuriemoNeto, and he is the father of two young children.

Following His Excellent Legacy at USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge Fitted Well for the 2016 CEO of the Year Award

The One Planet Awards named Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH Group’s CEO, as the 2016 Gold Winner in the CEO of the year category. The highly desired Awards honor outstanding performances manifested by professionals and businesses across industries from nominees taken from all over the globe. The awards recognize several categories, such as new products and services, marketing and corporate communications, public relations, executive teams and organizations and read full article.

Fit for the Honor

Troy was happy to dedicate his award to all the key players at USHEALTH Group. He was overjoyed, terming the whole experience as an honor. He added that the award was an evidence of the dedication that the whole team at USHEALTH exudes in providing the most affordable and unprecedented healthcare solutions. Troy McQuagge has been a keen key player at USHEALTH since he joined in 2010. His first accomplishment was to remodel USHEALTH Advisors, the distribution arm of the company, which led to his promotion to his current position of the senior manager. With Troy at the helm, USHEALTH Group has continued to command the very competitive health insurance arena. The company has recorded high profitability, which shows Troy’s high competence and Troy on Facebook.

About USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group through its affiliates provides self-employed individuals and small businesses with affordable healthcare insurance plans. The Fort Worth-based firm capitalizes on its well able human resource and agents in marketing its unique covers. The firm endeavors to offer their clients top-notch customer care, making it the most outstanding in its line of business and learn more about Troy.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge exudes confidence drawn from his 30 years involvement in multiple businesses at different levels, such as startups, turnarounds, and high growths. He is highly experienced in leadership, communication, and team coordination that result to the much-desired overall growth.

Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 as the executive head where he was mandated with overseeing the firm’s overall operations. He was later named the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. Prior to this, Troy McQuagge worked with HealthMarket, heading the Agency Marketing Group as the President. Troy has been a volunteer for many non-profit organizations, such as Semper Fi Fund, Hope Kids Phoenix, and Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

Customers Are Adamant On Preventing Telecommunications Threat

Securus Technologies is now trusted worldwide with a certification 1 that allows them to expand their correctional communications network to a global forefront. They were once an inmate network regulating provider with top surveillance and monitoring equipment. Their customers have the ability to maximize their inmate calling network features to save money and stay connected to the ones they love. Securus Technologies prides themselves in having a live customer service assistance with a friendly and knowledgeable professional. You get more features that allow you to talk more and spend far less. You never have to worry about dropped calls in comparison to other networks because they pride themselves in providing a secure network for their customers.


Securus believes that combating criminal activity must exceed incarceration. Ironically, their customers used their innovative technology features and reported a corrupt staff member. The security threat was quickly caught and the employee reprimanded accordingly. Customers were glad that they weren’t under any threat of having a cost increase in their services. Securus is always willing to listen to customer feedback in order to protect their services and keep their rates competitive for customers. They also offer a large number of inmate calling features that have become very popular.


Securus Technologies Inmate Calling Features


Video Visitation


Talk to the ones you love securely over the internet with a high definition video. You get complete control over the video and the sound with a few clicks of onscreen controls.


Internet Photos


Inmate’s can now, get photos from the ones they love over the internet for a small fee per photo package. The photos must be approved by the facility before they are processed to an inmate.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website to learn more about their features today.



David Giertz, a Lead Financial Advisor

There is an immense need for financial firms to create awareness to their clients about social security. David Giertz says that the financial advisors are avoiding the topic because the social security handbag is a complex docket with over 2700 rows and therefore is not easy to comprehend it. Despite being complex, he suggests that the most important thing is to have a basic understanding and confidence around all the rows. As the president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution, David Giertz collaborated with the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute in carrying out a consumer survey with the aim of gathering customer feedback on the topic of social security. According to the survey, 4 out of 5 retirees said that they would soon change their advisor because they are not offering advice on matters of social security.

For advisors to retain their clients, there is the immense need for them to take the customer’s interest at heart. The main reason to consider this is because advisors are part of the customer’s income retirement plan and social security contributes up to 40 % of the income at https://angel.co/david-giertz. Turning social security too early may result in the client losing up to $12,000 a year. The advisor’s help is thus crucial.

David Giertz, also known as Dave, is a global business leader with over 30 years working experience in the field of financial services on CNBC.com. Other than being the president of NFS Distributors Inc., he is an industry arbitrator at FINRA and a board of trustee at Millikin University, the institution where he did his bachelor’s degree. For a span of 12 years, Dave has been holding the president’s office in the different financial organizations that he has worked with.

In readiness for his career, Dave pursued a degree in Business administration and management and later furthered with the same at the MBA level. His key skills include retirement planning, mutual funds as well as financial services. David Giertz is a lead financial advisor with tremendous knowledge in the financial matters on Vimeo.

Anthony Petrello, Financial Genius

Anthony Petrello is the President and currently the CEO of Nabors Industries. Prior to becoming CEO, he served as Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to 2011. Anthony Petrello is also Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, and serves on the Nabors Board of Directors. He attended Yale University, graduating with a B.S. and M.S. in Mathematics. He attended Harvard Law School, earning a J.D. degree as well.

Nabors Industries is a natural gas, geothermal and oil drilling contractor containing the largest land based drilling fleet in the world with more than 500 rigs deployed in 25 different countries. They also market and sell drilling rigs throughout the United States and abroad. Additionally, Nabors Industries provides both on and offshore rig servicing and are fully stocked with all types of drilling equipment and learn more about Anthony.

Anthony Petrello’s track record speaks for itself, earning $27,512,939 in total compensation for the year 2015. Beginning in 2011, he joined Stewart and Stevenson LLC, holding the position of Director. Prior to working for Nabors Industries, he was Managing Partner at the Baker and McKenzie law firm and also worked as Director of MediaOnDemand.com.

Anthony Petrello is married to his wife Cynthia, and they have an 8 year old daughter Carena. Unfortunately, born 12 weeks early, Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia and needs constant direction to learn basic skills most of us take for granted. He made a generous $5 million donation to Texas Children’s Hospital, which he is a member of the Board of Trustees there.

More visit: https://www.behance.net/anthonypetrello

Sawyer Howitt – On the Move in the Business World

Sawyer Howitt works with his father at The Meriwether Group. His father, David Howitt founded the company based in Portland, OR and despite Sawyer’s young age and the fact that he is still in high school he is considered an integral part of the company.

The Meriwether Group mentors, advises and guides new entrepreneurs to success on their path to put new ideas and brands into a reality. Assisting with start up, help with growth opportunities and sometimes an infusion of extra capital are among the many services they offer. By having such diversity it allows their clients the freedom to mix and match the services based own their individual needs.

Sawyer Howitt has already been noticed in the business world and his input into the company has allowed his father to trust him with major decision making in the Meriwether Group. Sawyer serves as the project manager of the company. He is ambitious and works hard to help mold modern day entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

He has a very keen ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business while still remembering to keep a strong connection to the consumer. Sawyer is ready to assist in any aspect of his position at the company from filing and note taking to excellent presentations at key meetings. Sawyer Howitt is well on his way to becoming a very highly recognized and respected influence in the world of business.

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Mullen Lowe’s Jose Henrique Borghi Explores the Influence of Internet and TV on Young People

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the legends of the Brazilian advertising industry for the strength of his work as a global leader in marketing following the success of his own Mullen Lowe brand. One way Jose Borghi has found to keep his ad agency at the top of the industry is to make sure his company is constantly seeking out the best research to keep itself at the top of the industry in Brazil and around the world.

One of the recent pieces of research Mullen Lowe Brasil has undertaken has been in exploring the influence and effect of personalities from the Internet and TV on teenagers who have the most time on their hands to watch TV and Internet content on a regular basis. Jose Borghi’s advertising company followed a group of 1,000 teenagers throughout 2015 to discover which personalities and celebrities were the most viewed by young people during the time period; one of the results of the research that shocked Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe’s executives was the growing influence of YouTube based celebrities who are taking up more time for young people in their teens.

The founder of what was once Borghi Lowe and has now been renamed Mullen Lowe believes the research reflects the fact that viewing and advertising habits will continue to evolve over the course of the 21st century and present new challenges for marketing specialists. The group of teens were asked to rate their top five lists of celebrities, movies, and favorite Web content that led to YouTube based comedian and writer KeferaBuchmann as the fifth top personality as voted for by the teenage research group.