What You Should Know About Eva Moskowitz

When it comes to Eva Moskowitz here’s a few things you should know. Moskowitz accepted the award called the Broad Prize this year. Moskowitz network wins $720,000 in trial against New York City. Success Academy and Eva Moskowitz team up to create “Ed Institute.” This article will give you a better understanding on the rule Moskowitz plays in the charter school system.


Each year one charter school operator is awarded the Broad Prize. Low-income students must exercise outstanding outcomes academically in order for their charter school operator to be presented with the award. The awarded charter school operator wins $250,000 in grants. Eva Moskowitz accepted the award and will be using the prize money to help support programs like college-readiness for success students.


A state appeal court found Moskowitz network of Success Academy Charter School victorious. They awarded the network $720,000 in trial. It was agreed that New York City had no right to force a pre-K contract on the network.


The “Ed Institute” is a collection of online training. It also includes free tools and curriculum resources as well. Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy came together to create this successful academic school design. This helps aid the students in the process of achieving outstanding academic outcomes.


All in all Eva Moskowitz has made a big impression upon the charter school’s academic achievements. She continues to succeed when winning the Broad Prize After the New York City children were nominated the previous year. Moskowitz has and continues to provide a platform for underserved kids to achieve great academic outcomes.



Dr. Jennifer Walden: the favorite choice for anyone seeking to enhance looks

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. She runs a private practice to women trying to improve on their physical appearances. Dr. Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas, Medical Branch at Galveston. After graduating, Walden undertook her fellowship and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital under Dr. Sherrell Aston. She proceeded to work at New York City’s Upper East Side for seven years before venturing into private practice surgery. During the time, she was instrumental in the reintroduction of silicone breast implants taking part in clinical trials to learn more: https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/jennifer-walden-md-2271 click here.

Dr. Walden started her private practice in 2014 by opening a satellite office in Texas. In the same year, she joined the list to be among the 24 best beauty surgeons of Harper’s Bazaar after reviews by industry stakeholders. The American Way also recognized her as one of the best plastic surgeons in America the following year. Walden has won credit over the years for using the latest technology in her practice including the Vectra and 3D imaging equipment with the ability to produce reviews surgery of the patients look before and after surgery.

Reviews on women patients seeking cosmetic surgery indicate they are more comfortable speaking to a female practitioner about some of their body parts. The studies also showed that cosmetic surgery procedures in women account for more than 91%. Dr. Walden being one in a few in the male-dominated industry receives the women who trust her knowing he will not be judgmental.

Dr. Jennifer Walden strives to improve the quality of life for women. Through cosmetic surgery, she helps boost the self-confidence in women through improved looks, make them happy and eventually enhance their productivity in the society. She offers her patients a comfortable experience coupled with safety and satisfactory results.

Dr. Walden’s practice covers a range of cosmetic surgical practices among them breast augmentation, lift, and rhinoplasty among other facial procedures. Walden’s extensive research and reviews on women affairs during her college days and the strong desire to succeed in the male-dominated industry gives her the power and quest to move on and stay above the other practitioners.

The Highland Dallas Foundation Reaches Grant Agreement with The Family Place Foundation

Highland Capital Management has been one of our favorite investment firms to keep tabs on over the years. The reason? James Dondero, the founder and CEO, has been one of the most innovative and exciting fund managers that we can think of. Dondero’s work with Highland Capital bears paying attention to, but his attention to philanthropic endeavors might be even more important. James Dondero and the team at Highland Capital have reached out to partner with The Family Place, a Dallas based domestic violence foundation that focuses on providing shelter, therapy, and aid to those that are suffering from family related violence. Highland Capital is awarding a $1 million grant to those victims of family violence in that they will match any donations at 50% their value, up to a total of $1 million.


Family violence is often the ugly shadow that dogs communities and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings definitely wanted to have it addressed within his community. Rawlings and the Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, both made a call for their own community to reach out and make a difference with domestic violence in the city. So the community responded back by going to the The Family Place where donations can directly change the way that a person responds to family related violence. The Family Place’s current CEO, Paige Fink, says “For anyone consider this effort to provide lifesaving shelter and life changing services to family violence victims, this is a tremendous opportunity to multiply the impact of their gift.”


James Dondero reached out to the Highland Dallas Foundation in order to get this philanthropy off of the ground. The Highland Dallas Foundation operates as the philanthropic arm of the entire fund. Dondero says, “The civic community in Dallas gets things done. We at Highland Capital Management were impressed by the way the Family Place, through avid philanthropic support, took this concept from inception to the final stage of this campaign in just a year.” Dondero and the Highland Capital team will continue to support philanthropic endeavors throughout their community, making a change and lending a hand where possible.


Local Austin Philanthropist Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Out with More than Just Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Austin local plastic surgeon is also a philanthropist who loves to help her community. Before Dr. Walden relocated to Austin, she was a successful doctor in New York City. She grew up in the Austin area and attended the University of Texas Medical Branch of Galveston. She graduated at the top of her class before going onto her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital in New York. Once her fellowship was completed, Dr. Walden then went on to open her own practice in cosmetic surgery.

There is a limited number of women who practice plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The number of women is lower as it takes longer to earn your degree as well as to complete your fellowship in this area of medicine. For most women, they do not want to spend the amount of time needed to successfully be a surgeon due to the interference in their own lives. In order to complete this, women must hold off having children in order to focus on their career. For this reason, most women enter into a different area of medicine.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is more than just a surgeon. She is a mother to a set of twin boys, Houston and Rex, who were born in New York. It was after her boys that she decided to move back to the Austin area in order to be closer to her family. Upon returning to Austin, Dr. Walden went on to open her own plastic surgeon practice. Located in the Westlake Medical Center, Dr. Walden offers her expertise to those who want to have breast augmentations as well as nose jobs, face lifts and more. For women who are searching for someone to do Botox, this is also readily available in her practice as well. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Walden is also very active within her community by partnering with FIT, Food in Tummies to offer free meals to those in need who are in school. On weekends, when kids normally do not have enough food to eat are at home, they are given a backpack with free food in it to help them be full when not in school. Those kids who receive free or reduced lunches at school are the ones who are helped in this program.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drjenniferwalden

Visit The UKV PLC Website To See What Products They Have Available Today

     The amount of satisfaction that a wine enthusiast gets from drinking a wine product is what essentially makes a vintners experience of producing wine worth it. UKV PLC places tremendous amounts of importance on the opinions of their customers. If a customer is unhappy with the products they are currently offering for sale, they will take it upon themselves to ensure that they’re making the adjustments that are necessary within their manufacturing processes to correct what that issue(s) may have been that caused that one particular customer to be displeased. Although making immediate changes in such circumstances may be difficult to tend to, UKV PLC will ensure that any feedback they receive, whether good or bad, is collected and stored so that manufacturing personnel and management officials can read through them to conduct their own bits of analysis to decide what steps they’ll be needing to take in their research and developmental phases to improve the product.

UKV PLC is a wine making merchant that’s not only maintaining stances of being innovative when making their products, they’re also ensuring that the product is going to be something that they’re going to be absolutely safe to consume. This is one of the main reasons why they’re taking many extra steps in their sanitation processes to fully clean out the production tanks prior to having their wines’ fruits undergo the natural processes of fermentation. This assures their customer base that the wine that is being fermented will not be contaminated by any unwanted forms of bacteria due to the vintner neglecting their sanitary needs. A help desk agent is available to assist and guide a prospective customer towards finding a wine product that’s right for them so that they may be able to make a purchase. Visit the website of UKV PLC today.

Learn more at https://vimeo.com/ukvintners.

Profits Unlimited Founder, Paul Mampilly Does An Interview With Ideamensch

     Paul Mampilly currently works as a senior editor at publishing company, Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined this publishing company in 2016, where he publishes and oversees two different publications. Mr. Mampilly helps middle class Americans find investments that help them build and protect their wealth. His publications include investment analysis and advice on technology trends, the stock markets, general investing and unique opportunities that are available to the aware investor.

Mr. Mampilly started his investment career by working for the investment firm, Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager. Paul Mampilly then got positions at major financial companies such as Deutsche Bank and ING, where he was in charge of overseeing financial accounts that had millions of dollars of assets. Mampilly joined a hedge fund firm called Kinetics Asset Management, and was appointed their manager. While he was the manager at Kinetics Asset Management, the hedge fund averaged a return of about 26% per year and its assets grew from $6 billion dollars to over $25 billion dollars. This led to Kinetics Asset Management being recognized as one of the world’s top hedge fund firms.

Ideamensch asked Paul Mampilly what drove him to create his own company and become his own boss. Mr. Mampilly said that he grew tired of the life at Wall Street and its pace. He also said that he believed that Wall Street was not helping the vast majority of people with investments. This is despite the fact, that many people from the middle class need help with investing and saving.

Eventually, Paul says he managed to untangle himself from the Wall Street investment industry. He found out about the newsletter publishing business, and says he is fortunate to be able to have a platform where he can help other people invest their money wisely. Mr. Mampilly says he also feels good that he can help people from across the economic spectrum and not just the wealthy.

Thanks to Paul’s affordable newsletter and research services, investors now have access to insider knowledge that was only previously available to wealthy clients of Wall Street. His publications which are called Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes are a way of leveling the investment field and helping out the other investors out there. This was his driving force and he has been able to achieve that with the help of Banyan Hill Publishing.

See more at https://relationshipscience.com/paul-mampilly-p3868799.

NuoDB Tech Giant

NuoDB was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts not too long ago. NuoDB was originally named NimbusDb but was later on changed to appeal better in the tech market. The company holds an innovative patented technology called “elasticity scalable database” that is in use by some rather large companies located around the world. The inventor of this said technology is Jim Starkey who is also the co founder and CEO of NuoDB. The technology is in use by Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, Alfa Systems and the UAE Exchange. NuoDB was founded in the year 2008.

NuoDB is deserving of and has earned many accolades over it’s relatively short time as a company. It was deemed an innovation all star by Mass High Tech and The Boston Business Journal in 2012. Investors are quite interested in NuoDB as over the short time it has been in existence it has reached nearly sixty million dollars in accumulative funding. It received 14 million dollars alone from venture capital. Many rounds of funding has set the company up for financial success.

The patented technology may be a little difficult to understand if you’re not too familiar with tech lingo. In simple terms, it allows newly added servers to be added to cloud based applications in a efficient manner. There is no sharding meaning no errors occur in the process and information from servers is sent to the nodes without any interruption. It is often referred to as NewSQL and is SQL compliant. NuoDB is changing operations in the cloud.

Scott Rocklage Looks For Unique Life Science Investment Opportunities As 5AM Ventures’ Managing Partner

In 2003, Dr. Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures with the title Venture Partner. The investment company specializes in life sciences, and it focuses mainly on seed projects and companies in their early stages. After just one year with the company, Dr. Scott Rocklage became Managing Partner. With a glance at his background, it is easy to see why he moved up in the company so quickly.

Scott Rocklage’s Impressive History

Dr. Rocklage’s history in healthcare management and science made him a perfect candidate for 5AM Ventures. He brought over 30 years of relevant experience to the table. It was Dr. Rocklage’s leadership skills that helped a few important drugs gain FDA approval. In addition to being Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Rocklage was Nycomed Salutar’s President and CEO. While there, he held distinguished roles in research and design. During the next several years, Dr. Rocklage served in positions such as VP, CEO and Chief Chairman of several other healthcare management and pharmaceutical companies.

The educational history of Dr. Rocklage is equally impressive. He started out by earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, and he continued to MIT to earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry. While at MIT, he worked under Nobel Prize winner Richard Shrock and conducted research in his laboratory. Dr. Rocklage boasts over 100 peer-reviewed publications and is either the inventor or co-inventor of at least 30 patents in the United States and learn more about Scott Rocklage.

Dr. Rocklage and his family believe in furthering science and technology to benefit the future of healthcare for all residents of this planet. They are part of several charitable organizations and have made generous donations to multiple charities, organizations and schools including MIT’s nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs. Since Dr. Rocklage felt that his time doing research and studying at MIT contributed greatly to his successful career and his drive to be an innovator, he believes that the labs should never be short on funds. Dr. Rocklage, his wife and their three children enjoy spending time together and Scott Rocklage’s lacrosse camp.

Scott Rocklage Is Rocking Life Science Investments

Dr. Rocklage is taking the life sciences world by storm with his legendary leadership skills and innovations. He is always open to bright new ideas and has a great skill for identifying them whether they are fully developed or still need some work. With his propensity to develop healthcare solutions, 5AM Ventures expects to see many new innovations break into the market and excel. Dr. Rocklage especially enjoys helping organizations or individuals with a desire to explore uncharted territories and use out-of-the-box ideas. Since healthcare is becoming more expensive and complex every day, innovations that could save lives, save time or just save money catch the attention of 5AM Ventures.

While many investment companies are attracted to technology with digital features and functions, Dr. Rocklage understands that many of these ideas may cost more than they are worth to operate or maintain. When he and the team at 5AM Ventures consider a suggestion, they take a holistic approach. They are especially drawn to ideas that show creative thinking, efficiency, usefulness to patients and cost savings for all. From business and legal to medicine and science, the team members have a wide array of professional backgrounds. Their combined expertise gives them the ability to evaluate ideas on many different levels and his Linkedin.

Dr. Rocklage and the other professionals at 5AM Ventures are very involved when they work with companies or entities. From short-term strategies to daily operations, they believe that having professional involvement from all sides of the spectrum is the key to success. Since the rest of the team members boast impressive backgrounds as well, it is easy to see why they make a powerful investment company together and read full article.

An insight into Eric Pulier’s Achievements

It would be an understatement to just state that Eric Pulier is a lucky person for his achievements are many and uncountable traversing many spheres in the career world. Growing up to become a multitalented and a brilliant entrepreneur who has had the opportunity to be published author his works have been geared towards impacting change in the world. Being a philanthropist has also top of the list of his achievements. Through this, he has been able to reach out to the least fortunate in the society and as a result made a significant impact in the community.


After finishing high school, Eric went on to pursue his higher education at Harvard University where he attained a degree in Bachelors of Arts. During his studies at Harvard, Pulier engaged in writing columns for the Harvard Crimson as one other student journalist. After that, his life merely focused on trying to help other people that faced many economic challenges and also aided in assisting children with chronic diseases. Erick Pulier has a profound interest in technology and innovation where he has received so much recognition.


After moving to Los Angeles, Pulier started a People Doing Things in 1991 which was a company that was aimed at providing technological innovations in both the healthcare and the educational sectors. Digital Evolution Company was the second creation of his after his first business had stabilized in 1994. As his success continued to grow, he was given an opportunity to complete the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997 through the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

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Throughout a very successful career, Eric Pulier has had a chance to be the founder of fifteen different companies, and as a result of this, he has left his mark in the technological world. To add to this list, he has been a co-founder of many other companies that have also gone on to be successful. Due to his many successes, Eric Pulier has gone on to be named by VAR Business as one of the worlds to 30 e-visionaries.



The impressive career of Eric Lefkofsky

You may not know Eric Lefkofsky’s name but chances are you have used services from one of the many businesses the ambitious entrepreneur has helped build from the group up.Lefkofsky is best known as co-founder and CEO of two very important companies: Groupon and Tempus. The latter is a groundbreaking genome sequencing company that was started to help doctors understand the DNA makeup of the patients they are treating. Combining genome mapping and analytics, Tempus delivers a map of a patient’s molecular structure to help guide physicians in the treatment of various types of cancers.

Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial endeavors at the University of Michigan where he sold carpets in his spare time to raise money. After graduating from law school, Eric and a college friend borrowed money to fund a clothing company in Madison, Wisconsin. Over the next few years Lefkofsky would start a number of businesses that would provide anything from printing services to shipping logistics.One of Lefkofsky’s biggest breaks came in 2007 when he co-founded ThePoint, which would later change its name to Groupon. Groupon is an online marketplace that sells promotional deals for restaurants, shops, and social events.

In 2011 Groupon raised close to $1 billion in private funding, and Lefkofsky assumed the role of CEO shortly afterwards in 2013.One reason why he is so successful is from his grasp on the theory of “Accelerated Disruption”, a subject that he published a book on under the same name. Accelerated Disruption is the idea that technology and business moves at the speed of light, and an entrepreneur that thinks he may have struck gold with a business idea can soon be challenged by others with similar ideas due to the rapid growth of science and technology.In addition to Lefkofsky’s lucrative business career, the entrepreneur engages in philanthropy through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide scientific and educational opportunities to communities in need around the world, and focuses primarily on children. The Foundation has contributed to the funding of dozens of other philanthropic organizations across the planet.