How Internet of Things is improving service Delivery according to Jason Hope

Whether we realize it or not, the era of the Internet of Things is here to stay. For instance, there are numerous daily items that are wirelessly connected to the internet. Items such as vehicles, toothbrushes; as well as medical equipment are capable of wireless functionality. The Internet of Things is predicted by Gartner Inc. ,a leader in technological research, to be connected to over 25 billion items by the year 2020 globally.A piece of technology known as Bluetooth beacon is the main component of the Internet of Things. This amazing technology allows for devices to interact with each other as well as human beings.

It is simply a transmitter equipment which collects and broadcasts information. In this current age, a large percentage of these beacons are stickers that have sensors fitted in or on them. For instance, Boeing 787 owned by Virgin Atlantic is fully connected to a wireless network all over the plane, tip to tip. The connection helps in internet of things and catering for any safety concerns and soon as an issue arises mid-air, ground staff is notified and before the plane lands, the repairs are ready to get started.Airline companies also use lot to improve their customer service experience for their customers. Some of the ways how are easy check-in, personalized travel (guiding one to the right side of the airport), and pet tracking services.

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor ,and a philanthropist situated in Scottsdale in Arizona. He confesses that he has a deep passion and love for technology and giving back to the society. He got his finance degree from Arizona State University, MBA from Carey School of Business. He kicked off his career by creating a mobile communications company and now focuses on Biotechnology. Jason mentor’s high school students in Scottsdale and developing grant programs. He has also been interested and supported SENS foundation’s research on Anti-Aging.

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