The impressive career of Eric Lefkofsky

You may not know Eric Lefkofsky’s name but chances are you have used services from one of the many businesses the ambitious entrepreneur has helped build from the group up.Lefkofsky is best known as co-founder and CEO of two very important companies: Groupon and Tempus. The latter is a groundbreaking genome sequencing company that was started to help doctors understand the DNA makeup of the patients they are treating. Combining genome mapping and analytics, Tempus delivers a map of a patient’s molecular structure to help guide physicians in the treatment of various types of cancers.

Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial endeavors at the University of Michigan where he sold carpets in his spare time to raise money. After graduating from law school, Eric and a college friend borrowed money to fund a clothing company in Madison, Wisconsin. Over the next few years Lefkofsky would start a number of businesses that would provide anything from printing services to shipping logistics.One of Lefkofsky’s biggest breaks came in 2007 when he co-founded ThePoint, which would later change its name to Groupon. Groupon is an online marketplace that sells promotional deals for restaurants, shops, and social events.

In 2011 Groupon raised close to $1 billion in private funding, and Lefkofsky assumed the role of CEO shortly afterwards in 2013.One reason why he is so successful is from his grasp on the theory of “Accelerated Disruption”, a subject that he published a book on under the same name. Accelerated Disruption is the idea that technology and business moves at the speed of light, and an entrepreneur that thinks he may have struck gold with a business idea can soon be challenged by others with similar ideas due to the rapid growth of science and technology.In addition to Lefkofsky’s lucrative business career, the entrepreneur engages in philanthropy through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide scientific and educational opportunities to communities in need around the world, and focuses primarily on children. The Foundation has contributed to the funding of dozens of other philanthropic organizations across the planet.

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