An insight into Eric Pulier’s Achievements

It would be an understatement to just state that Eric Pulier is a lucky person for his achievements are many and uncountable traversing many spheres in the career world. Growing up to become a multitalented and a brilliant entrepreneur who has had the opportunity to be published author his works have been geared towards impacting change in the world. Being a philanthropist has also top of the list of his achievements. Through this, he has been able to reach out to the least fortunate in the society and as a result made a significant impact in the community.


After finishing high school, Eric went on to pursue his higher education at Harvard University where he attained a degree in Bachelors of Arts. During his studies at Harvard, Pulier engaged in writing columns for the Harvard Crimson as one other student journalist. After that, his life merely focused on trying to help other people that faced many economic challenges and also aided in assisting children with chronic diseases. Erick Pulier has a profound interest in technology and innovation where he has received so much recognition.


After moving to Los Angeles, Pulier started a People Doing Things in 1991 which was a company that was aimed at providing technological innovations in both the healthcare and the educational sectors. Digital Evolution Company was the second creation of his after his first business had stabilized in 1994. As his success continued to grow, he was given an opportunity to complete the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997 through the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

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Throughout a very successful career, Eric Pulier has had a chance to be the founder of fifteen different companies, and as a result of this, he has left his mark in the technological world. To add to this list, he has been a co-founder of many other companies that have also gone on to be successful. Due to his many successes, Eric Pulier has gone on to be named by VAR Business as one of the worlds to 30 e-visionaries.



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