Profits Unlimited Founder, Paul Mampilly Does An Interview With Ideamensch

     Paul Mampilly currently works as a senior editor at publishing company, Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined this publishing company in 2016, where he publishes and oversees two different publications. Mr. Mampilly helps middle class Americans find investments that help them build and protect their wealth. His publications include investment analysis and advice on technology trends, the stock markets, general investing and unique opportunities that are available to the aware investor.

Mr. Mampilly started his investment career by working for the investment firm, Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager. Paul Mampilly then got positions at major financial companies such as Deutsche Bank and ING, where he was in charge of overseeing financial accounts that had millions of dollars of assets. Mampilly joined a hedge fund firm called Kinetics Asset Management, and was appointed their manager. While he was the manager at Kinetics Asset Management, the hedge fund averaged a return of about 26% per year and its assets grew from $6 billion dollars to over $25 billion dollars. This led to Kinetics Asset Management being recognized as one of the world’s top hedge fund firms.

Ideamensch asked Paul Mampilly what drove him to create his own company and become his own boss. Mr. Mampilly said that he grew tired of the life at Wall Street and its pace. He also said that he believed that Wall Street was not helping the vast majority of people with investments. This is despite the fact, that many people from the middle class need help with investing and saving.

Eventually, Paul says he managed to untangle himself from the Wall Street investment industry. He found out about the newsletter publishing business, and says he is fortunate to be able to have a platform where he can help other people invest their money wisely. Mr. Mampilly says he also feels good that he can help people from across the economic spectrum and not just the wealthy.

Thanks to Paul’s affordable newsletter and research services, investors now have access to insider knowledge that was only previously available to wealthy clients of Wall Street. His publications which are called Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes are a way of leveling the investment field and helping out the other investors out there. This was his driving force and he has been able to achieve that with the help of Banyan Hill Publishing.

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