Logan Stout Sets The pace In Health And Wellness Through ID Life

Looking at the successful businessman that he is, as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Dallas Patriots, one would not tell that Logan Stout started off as an athlete. As a young boy, he enjoyed sports, baseball and basketball in particular and was always seeking ways to have winning strategies, on and off the field.

During his time at J.J. Pearce High School, he was on the Student athletic Council and was honored with the MVP title in basketball. As a professional baseball athlete, he participated in 17 World Series events and coached Dallas Baptist University where he also worked as a youth minister.

Mr. Stout pursued a business degree at Panola but he was still attached to sports. He enjoyed mentoring young stars to achieve their full potential. His organization, Dallas Patriots, is dedicated to availing training to everyone by holding baseball camps, private classes, baseball clinics and more. Logan Stout strongly believes that overall success is contributed to health of body, mind and soul, which has led to establishment of ID Life- a line of healthcare products. From his success, he has been featured by numerous shows on various platforms such as Ideamensch.

The products sold by ID Life range from sleeping pills to weight management pills and nutritional supplements. Their business model has attracted high profile investors such as top celebrity trainer Jen Widerstorm, Dallas software entrepreneur Len Critcher who sold eCarList.com for 48 million, Darwin Deason who sold off ACS for 6.4 billion as well as Chris Camilo- a financial author, self-directed investor and news commentator.

ID Life gains market by offering free assessment after which a combination of products is recommended. This has seen the company fragment the vitamin and supplement market, which stands at $23 billion annually in the United States only.

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