How Securus Technologies Improve The Correctional System.

Securus is a well-established technology company that is based in Texas. The company plays a key role in providing communication services to correctional facilities. Securus provides its services not only to American correctional facilities but also Canadian correctional facilities. The company is keen on ensuring that inmates can communicate with their loved ones. The most important aspect of the services that Securus offers is the fact that the company ensures that communication going on in the prisons is within the law.

Securus is also known to invest heavily in patents and acquisitions. Reports have shown that Securus has spent over 600 million Dollars in patents and acquisitions. Securus also has over the years partnered with other companies. These partnerships have resulted in the creation of state of the art technology. One of its most notable partnerships was with Harris Corporation, and together they created the phenomenal service named “cell defender.” Using cell defender prison staff can stop contraband phones from being used in the facilities by barring their connectivity to mobile networks. The technology Securus provides greatly improved the living conditions of both inmates and prison staff.

PR Newswire has in the recent past reported that Securus develops new technology every week in a bid to help fight crime. According to PR Newswire, Securus has received praise from members of the law enforcement for its dedication. They also went ahead to sample some of the mail sent to Securus by its clients. According to one of the writers, technology offered by Securus has played a big role in ensuring that criminal activities within prisons have been reduced to a manageable level. Another writer commended its technology because it has greatly reduced cases of drug abuse within the prisons.

One prison staff wrote to Securus about how its technology has been instrumental in fighting corruption in their facility. Generally, writers thanked Securus because its technology has greatly helped reduce security risks. This is because the security risks are able to be detected early enough.


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  1. Ever having thoughts of sneaking in contraband cellphones to an inmates in the corrections facilities. Then you are thinking of the wrong move. And cheating in college has made sure that no contraband cellphones ever work in the correction facilities, this they have done using cell phone defender. No doubt, since Securus Technologies took over the security of the prisons, inmates and prisons staffs have been busted of illegal activities.

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