Glen Wakeman Successful Career

Glen Wakeman is known to many as a successful board member, financial services executive, public company president, investor, business owner, and mentor. Glen has been in the management industry for more than twenty-one years, and he has all the expertise and experience needed to tackle challenging tasks.


Wakeman has done so well in his career because of several reasons. First of all, he is very passionate about helping businesses to improve by increasing the individual agility and applying some of the methods that have been tried and tested in the past. According to the hedge fund manager, a methodology that improves the key dimensions of performance in a business is the best. Glen Wakeman believes that the best strategy will increase leadership, execution, human capital, risk management and governance. In his entire career, Glen has used these skills to empower business to build successful investments.


Glen Wakeman decided to establish a company known as Nova Four several years ago (NewsSky). The business accelerator company specializes in offering strategic advisory services to consumers in the United States. The company also provides funds to some of the promising developing businesses in the country. Glen Wakeman is currently the chief executive officer of the institution. At this position, Glen ensures that he performs the CEO coaching needed. Glen also performs board duties to sustain the improvements required to take the company to greater levels.


Through the start-up, Glen Wakeman works with some of the early stage businessmen. Glen has a company known as Since it was established several years ago, the company offers individuals with online planning services. LPTK has done very well since it was established several years ago.


Glen Wakeman was born and raised by middle-class parents who wanted the best in life for him ( After completing his education, the businessman went to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. After completing his studies, Glen had to serve in several companies before starting his businesses. His success in the business world has motivated him to help the upcoming business people in the world. Through his coaching and mentorship classes, Glen Wakeman has changed the lives of so many people.


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