Avaaz Making the World a Better Place – One Community at a Time

Avaaz intends to end the disparity in the world today, and the world people aspire by rallying all global citizens. The organization encourages advocacy for regional, national, and global issues such as climate change, poverty and corruption. The Avaaz approach leverages internet organization to enable a multitude of people to combine their voices and efforts to form a powerful movement.

With a reach of over six continents and thousands of volunteers, Avaaz community campaigns utilize 15 different languages. Call for action is through lobbying governments, direct actions, offline events and protests, media campaigns and petitions. In the past, synchronizing global advocacy and social movements was a challenge. Currently, globalization and technology advancements have made social organization easier and resume their.

A global team tasked with handling on all and any issues affecting citizens across the globe runs Avaaz campaigns. As a result, the organization allows focus, flexibility, aptness, scale, and agility. The organization’s online community can raise the alarm on new issues, quicken the response to an urgent matter, highlight public concerns through targeted campaigns and use advocacy to meet the immediate public needs and more information click here.

The Avaaz members generate the campaign ideas and then poll to decide which initiatives and ideas come first. They also receive regular briefs through emails on the organization. Through partnerships and consultations, the staff develops member-inspired and efficient campaign strategies. The culture of collaboration among the members, experts, and Avaaz has contributed to the success of the campaigns to date and what Avaaz knows.

Avaaz is 100% funded by the public and accounts for every donation. Avaaz depends on one principle; responsibility and privilege to others, future generations, and the planet. The organization then endeavors to work on issues that resonate with the belief. By engaging a community to respond to a problem, Avaaz hopes to create a movement that can shape the world and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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The Recommendations and Advice of Paul Mampilly on Stock Investment

     According to the recent article on DailyForexreport, Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s idea, and it has reached a turning point. Profits Unlimited, a research service, is currently landing in 60,000 subscribers hands. This fact makes it the fastest growing newsletter in the investment industry. Paul used to be a manager of a hedge fund in another life. During Paul’s two decades in the industry, he had several important clients, including Deutsche Bank, Kinetics International, and ING.

The John Templeton Foundation organized an investment contest, and Paul entered the competition in the year 2009. He ale to turn 50 million dollars into 88 million dollars and won the contest with a 76% gain. He managed to do that during the worst financial crisis years, and he never required to short stocks.

As far as we know, Paul is the person that gives other people good investment advice, so he partnered with the Palm Beach, Florida-based Banyan Hill Publishing in 2106 to launch a newsletter that was going to teach regular U.S. citizen how to benefit from the stock market. Hence, Profits Unlimited was born. Profits Unlimited contains eight pages with advice about Paul’s recommendations for stocks. It’s emailed to subscribers each month showcasing updates of either one or two stocks. The subscribers can visit Paul’s site on a weekly basis to track these stocks progress.

Paul has a has a very lucrative portfolio of his own; it has investments that are up 38 percent, 31 percent, 21 percent, and 18 percent. In total eleven out of thirteen of his positions that are open are turning a profit. He wrote about a semiconductor firm in his Profits Unlimited issue on June 1. The stock of that company is now up 160%. He believes that this year, people should invest in the following sectors: food delivery systems, precision medicine, and electric vehicles because these stocks are in a position to grow as well as sustain that growth.

Paul graduated in the year 1991 from the Montclair State University with Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Accounting. He graduated from the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham with an M.B.A.

The Wedding of Whitney Wolfe

CEO and founder of the popular dating app Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has just tied the knot with Texas oil heir Michael Herd. Dressed to the nines in an amazing Oscar de la Renta gown the couple stood above the Villa Treville situated in Positano along the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy. A spectacular ceremony was followed outdoors among lemon trees, a classic lemon motif on the tables, and twinkling candlelight. The bride took a moment with her new husband and changed into a beautiful ivory short slip dress. They then arrived at the ceremony with her one layer classic cake decorated with fresh fruit. Whitney and Michael were ready to party the night away with family and friends in this the most picturesque of venues in Europe.

Now heading to their honeymoon throughout Europe, there is no doubt this Southern Methodist University grad will continue to change the face of social media back at Bumbles headquarters in Austin, Texas.

BumbleBFF is Bumbles new addition and this project is helping match up women with women for the empowerment that friendships give to women. Whether it’s looking for ja friend who enjoys walks or someone with a similar life theory, it’s a a way to swipe and make some friends. BuBumbleBIZZ will be the app that will help women to find other women for jobs, projects, and lots of other opportunities. Similar to Linkedin but with a swipe of thumb Whitney is making it so that women can use social media to find opportunities and possibilities will be opened to them like never before. Bumble is changing the way women use social media and the opportunities they can now have because of Whitney Wolfe and her ideas are truly amazing.

Whitney Wolfe was 2014’s Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30, 2016’s Elle Women in Tech, and 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology. These are huge accomplishments and now with a wedding under her belt it seems Whitney Wolfe will be continueing to make strides in technology for years to come. She is definitely someone to watch and more importantly someone for women to watch as she empowers women through the internet.

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Madison Street Capital Build It’s Reputation One Deal At A Time

Madison Street Capital has built a stellar reputation not just in the financial world but also in the community where it operates. The Chicago-based financial firm has advised clients all around the globe on financial transactions ranging from mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, and obtaining favorable lines of credit.

The firm has been awarded by prestigious organizations for its work in the past and will continue to impress going forward.

Lines Of Credit

Madison Street Capital (MSC) has completed a favorable deal for Illinois-based Vital care Industries. MSC successfully completed a deal to get the manufacturer the most suitable lender and obtain a commercial loan to meet the company’s needs.

The company has been quoted as being “very pleased” with MSC’s work and their efforts have allowed Vital care to continue to produce medical equipment for the marketplace. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

Awards And Recognition

Madison Street Capital has won many industry awards and the company and co-founder have been recognized many times over.

Co-founder Anthony Marsala has recently been named as one of the 40 Under Forty executives from the prestigious National Association of Valuators and Analysts. The award is to recognize those successful executives under the age of forty who have major accomplishments in the fields of mergers, valuations, and similar transactions. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: https://pitchengine.com/madison_street_capital/2017/01/04/madison-street-capital-acts-as-advisor-in-the/002519188290269682183

Marsala has over 14 years experience in the industry and currently serves as MSC’s chief operating officer.

In 2017, Madison Street Capital won the Turnaround Award for its successful restructuring of a deal under $25 million. This deal also won the company high praise from The M7A Advisor’s president. MSC beat out more than 300 other firms to win that award.

Charitable Contributions

Madison Street Capital’s reputation is also well known in the philanthropic community as well. The company has given enthusiastically to organizations like the United Way and American Red Cross. It has also contributed funds to hurricane relief after storms ravaged the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm with clients all around the world. They specialize in mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, and business valuation. The company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality corporate services with unparalleled excellence and integrity.

Netpicks Utilizes An Innovative Online Trading Strategy

After the recent technology-industry selloff, the opinion on Wall Street changed significantly. Previously, there was a confident and sometimes arrogant attitude where some investors seemed to regard the market as unstoppable. However, all the confidence has been replaced by some degree of nervousness that has not been seen for a while.

The change in attitude offers an opportunity for a variable market during the summer months. During the low-summer months, such conditions are not uncommon. However, with the considerable change in sentiments, the possibility is even greater. Individuals are free to take advantage of that change by using a proactive strategy. The Lock and Walk strategies are built to profit an investor from choppy market conditions. In the past, these strategies have proven to be profitable. Nevertheless, past performance does not guarantee positive outcomes in future.

The strategy is meant to respect support and resistance levels, particularly in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, -0.11 percent and subsequently to trade the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +0.32 percent. It also comprises the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, -0.22 percent after support and resistance levels are tested. With the following rules, any investor can trade. First, if support is broken by QLD, one should target resistance to sell. Subsequently, if support breaks, sell QLD. Thirdly, if resistance is tested by QID, an investor should target support to sell. Finally, if resistance breaks, sell QID.

For anyone that uses technical analysis, the rules are familiar and simple. It entails buying near support then selling near resistance. However; if support breaks, a person should stop trading. Nonetheless, there is one important rule with the Lock and Walk strategy. If there are 67 basis points in gains, the strategy is designed to close down and wait until the subsequent trading session to start operations again.

About Netpicks

Netpicks is a revered online trading company that was established 1996 when the industry was slowly taking shape. The company has time and again proved to be the gold standard in offering trading education. Netpicks offers a variety of services ranging from systems to signals, futures, options, ETFs, and stocks in day trading and swing trading. Netpicks zeroes in on enabling regular traders to achieve their financial goals in the market.   Check netpicks.com for additional tips.

Netpicks’s headquarters are in Irving, Texas. Their experienced staffs have a wealth of trading experience.  Learn from their blogs, visit them at their social media page here.

They have a combined personal trading experience of 25 years in addition to 17 years of trading education experience. Moreover, the incredible employees of Netpicks are real traders who are passionate about enabling people to reach their trading goals.

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Chris Burch Created an Island Paradise with Nihiwatu

Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu is one of the most exclusive resorts in Indonesia. In fact, it was named the top hotel in the world by a leisure magazine. This is because the resort has grown to include different people and ideas that no other resorts are able to include. It is what has set the resort apart from other island destinations and has made it one of the top resorts in the world. Nihiwatu continues to wow visitors with the things the resort has available. Chris Burch intended for the resort to be one of the best when he first opened it.  More to read on businessinsider.com

Since Chris Burch has always been a purveyor of excellence, he knew a resort would be one of the best things that could happen to the small Indonesian island. While not completely uninhabited, it is a remote island that has villages dotted throughout. The coast on which the resort is now sitting on is a location that is not quite as inhabited as other areas of the island. Visiting it allows people the chance to feel like they are on their own island at a deluxe location where they can enjoy different things.  More of the island resort in this article on forbes.com.

Nihiwatu is just a long list of many successful things Chris Burch has done. He is the creator of Tory Burch which has blown up in the fashion world. The Tory Burch flats are iconic and Chris Burch knew what he was doing with the company long before he had a chance to be successful. It was a huge part of what made him the best of the best. It also helped him to grow the fashion industry in a way that nobody else had ever been able to do. Nihiwatu was just another example of the success Chris Burch has had in everything he does. Read investor details and timeline activity updates, head over to this.

Since he is so good at business, Chris Burch feels he needs to constantly expand his portfolio. He tries to always help other people with the things he is doing which is what has made him the best of the best. While Nihiwatu is a completely different venture from what Chris Burch has ever gone one, it continues to be successful in different types of business similar to the things he is doing in other areas. Chris Burch knows how to run a business so it would be absurd to think Nihiwatu would be any different from the other companies he runs.  For a look at his diverse investment, click on burchcreativecapital.com.

Read more insights from him in this article on  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222766


Chris Burch: A Remarkable Entrepreneur and Shrewd Investor

Chris Burch is a smart investor, innovative entrepreneur, and fashion mogul. He is the current CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a creative firm he established in 2007 with the aim of inventing, nurturing and supporting disruptive brands and businesses. Burch has close to 40 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and investment, having ventured into numerous niches such as fashion, technology, real estate, and hospitality industries. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ithaca College.

Investment in Hospitality Industry

In 2012, Chris teamed up with hotelier James McBride to buy and renovate a beach hostel in Sumba, a remote island in Indonesia. In 2015, they reopened it as a five-star resort named Nihiwatu, which has 27 private villas, one of which is Chris’s private home dubbed Raja Mendaka. This is one of Burch’s most noteworthy and profitable investments. In 2016, Travel + Leisure named Nihiwatu resort as the best hotel in the world. It is a magnificent resort that attracts many local and international tourists. Burch and his business partner McBride plan to expand their investment in the hospitality field by building resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The duo is looking to design and put up resorts that are more accessible to the millennial tourists.

Investment in Fashion Industry

Chris Burch is a prominent fashion mogul. He is renowned for integrating technology and fashion to gain a competitive edge in the business. Burch’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1976 when together with his brother Bob, they established a clothing company named Eagle’s Eye apparel that cost $2,000. They later sold it at $60 million in 1998 to Swire Group. Chris is a majority shareholder in Tory Burch LLC, a fashion and design company he co-founded in 2004 with his former wife, Tory Burch. He is also an investor in his two daughters’ fashion label dubbed Trademark. In 2014, Chris partnered with Ellen DeGeneres to create and launch a lifestyle and clothing brand named E.D.   Refer to bjtonline.com for more of this.

Other Notable Ventures

As a shrewd investor, Burch has diversified into other business areas including supplies, fitness and real estate. In 2011, he founded Poppin, a firm that manufactures and distributes office supplies. He has also invested in numerous local and international real estate ventures which include the development of luxury homes in high-end beach areas such Florida, Palm Beach, Southampton and Nantucket. In the telecommunication industry, Chris has invested in Pewermat and Aliph, which produces and sells Bluetooth headsets , speakers and fitness accessories.  For his latest cool offering to the market, check inc.com.


Chris Burch is a renowned philanthropist. He has severally contributed towards medical research at Mt. Sinai Hospital. As a way of giving back to his former school, he donated $1.3 million to Tilton prep school in New Hampshire in 2013. Burch served on the board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and has been actively involved in charitable causes in organizations like The Sumba Foundation and The Child Welfare League of China among others.  Read this must-read article here.

Chris Burch’s success can be attributed to his vastly diversified investment portfolio, having partaken in the success of more than 50 companies, while building his personal fortune that is estimated to be about $1 billion. In 2013, he was on Forbes Magazine’s billionaire’s list.  Head over to forbes.com and check this.

To update with his recent timeline activities visit https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/burch-creative-capital#/entity

Railroad Industry Giant – Leadership By Gregory Azis

Under the leadership of John Morison Gibson and a few other investors, National Steel Company was formed in 1912. Currently, they are the biggest manufacturer for the railroad transportation industry. The current leadership of the company took over in 1994 and increased the number of employees by six times. Also, company’s capacity of production went up four times. So, who is the leader of this company that brought around changes which helped it grow so much?


Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz, has been in charge of the company ever since 1994. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario and worked for his family-owned business. Soon afterward, he relocated to New York and got into banking. Since his involvement with the National Steel, the company was awarded 13 consecutive honors for being the leader in steel car industry.


Some of the contributors to Gregory J Aziz’s success are quality, innovation, technology implementation and more. He also makes sure that the customer service is up to par, as his buyers are the most relevant piece of the overall puzzle. An example of a long-term commitment is the fact that National Steel Car has been working with the same suppliers for over a decade!


The home of NSC is Hamilton, Ontario. The CEO and President Aziz has utilized many chances to give back to this area. The company sponsors many different entities to develop community growth. Examples are Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, United Ways, and the Salvation Army. Thousands of employees who work for the company are encouraged and incentivized to give back to the community and they often do so by participating in the food drives. Not to forget, over 2000 people from the Ontario area are working for this company thus helping the economy of this province grow.


Since Greg Aziz obtained a college degree in economics, the knowledge of market changes has helped him keep up with the modernization. His often-heard motto is that the company does not “dwell on the past” with all their prominent awards, yet try to work toward innovation and better technology usage.


James Aziz has been in charge of the company for over 20 years. As aforementioned, some of his most notable accomplishments include an output increase to over 12,000 railroad cars produced a year, a spike in the employee count to over 3,500 workers, and great contributions to the local community. See This Page for related information.

Leonardo Dicaprio Partners Up with Livio Bisterzo

     There are times when a celebrity will believe in a product enough to make an endorsement or to become involved in a brand in some way. That has happened with Leonardo Dicaprio, and it has led him to partner up with Livio Bisterzo. Dicaprio has chosen to invest in a chickpea product that is new and different. He has put his money behind a brand that is putting out a unique product and something that is fitting with modern times. Dicaprio has chosen to be a part of something that is unusual for him to join with, and people are noticing the brand because of his decision to join up with it.

Livio Bisterzo is someone who lives in Los Angelos. He is an Italian individual who has a passion for business work. He moved to the United Kingdom when he was just eighteen, and he gained an education there. This man is someone who has a rich business portfolio. The things that he has done in his lifetime are big, and they should be noticed. He understands what it takes to pull a brand together, and he knows how to make a brand succeed. He is someone who has used the education that he has received, as well as his natural talent, to help him become great.

In 2015, Livio Bisterzo created a group. This group is something that backs brands and helps to get new products out to the public. This group is something that focuses on foods that are healthier than most. Green Park Holdings’ first brand was Hippeas, a brand of chickpea snacks. This is the brand that Leonardo Dicaprio has come behind. This brand is something that is putting out products that are made to be a healthy snack. This is a brand that is trying to put out flavorful products, as well as products that are going to be good for the health conscious.

Read more about Leonardo DiCaprio Supporting Earth-Friendly Snacks.


As the top beverage, meat and food makers, OSI Group has a long and admirable story in the food processing settings. They have been outstanding in molding reputation for the past ten and more decades. They have stored enough necessities required to project them to success even in many more years to come. Their economical ability has surfaced from their willingness to accept and embrace change as well as the ability to explore innovative ideas and moreover involve the use of technology in their operations. OSI Group has successfully dignified the food industry, in the process creating over 65 supply centers in around 17 countries of the world and in addition ensuring that nearly 20,000 people get jobs all over the world. A unique methodology of operation by the firm has been ensuring equality when it relates to employment. People of different races, countries, and color as well as ethnic diversities have benefitted from employment at the firm.

Since it was started in 1909, OSI Group has maintained its chief operation base at Aurora, Illinois in the United States. As at the end of the year 2016, the company had accumulated an approximate amount of revenue totaling to 6.1 billion dollars, in the processing emerging among the 60 most established entrepreneurial firms according to the Forbes magazine. The company’s realization in the global scene began in 1975 when the company changed its name from Otto and sons to the current OSI Group. At that instance in 1975, the company got a contract to supply McDonalds solely and its progression was noted as McDonalds grew. The company was involved in licensing deal in 1999 with a company, Best Chicago meat, LLC, due to the use branding rights under Glenmark. The company has vowed to providing quality especially in packaging, storage as well as in their distribution. OSI Group competence has contributed by the ample working conditions which the company has established to its employees as well as the associative working relationship of the workers.

OSI Group has been carrying out entrepreneurial activities under OSI Industries LLC, in the United States. The firm has created factories in Riverside, West Jordan and Geneva among the many other regions in the U.S. the company has their personal branding facility where it conducts labelling of their products. OSI Group is well regarded for its delicacies in poultry, pizzas and fish products. The company has received uncountable honors among them being honors for safety and health control as well as awards for environmental safeguarding.

OSI Group Info: www.indeed.com/q-Osi-Group-l-West-Chicago,-IL-jobs.html