Tony Petrello’s Contribution in the Energy Sector

Nabors Industries is a company with an international footing in the drilling industry serving international oil corporations. The is one of the most highly regarded offshore drilling companies serving the vast markets both in America and all over the world. The company has greatly contributed to the success of the industry with its highly trained personnel. In the drilling industry, the standards are highly set at a very high scale considering the minimal room for error in this sector. This is why the market has to maintain a highly trained workforce and personnel with remarkable skill in technology. Nabors has been able to deliver these essential components over the years hence the reputation.

At the top leadership in the composition of Nabors top management is the CEO, Tony Petrello who is also the president of the company. He also heads the board of directors as the chairman and the company owes a lot of great successful strides to his charisma and leadership skills. Tony, as he is popularly known, is an academic guru having graduated from the Harvard University and Yale University respectively. At the Harvard University, he graduated with a degree in law but later when he joined Yale he decided to pursue mathematics. Soon after he finished his studies, he joined professional world.

His career life began in 1979 when he was enjoined in the Baker and McKenzie law firm where he quickly rose up the ranks and became a managing partner for the New York branch. He worked practicing law at law firm for a period of five years then in 1991 he joined the Nabors Industries where he came in as a chief operating officer. Due to his hard work and diligence, he was soon named as the company’s president a year later. Tony rose through the ranks and by 2003 he was the CEO of the drilling company that has thrived in the lucrative gas and oil industry. Tony is also a member of several other boards in the US including the Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is reputed as one of the greatest business and legal minds of our times. For more info about us: click here.

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