Livio Bisterzo and Hippeas Are Taking The Snack Food Industry To A Whole New Level

     It’s amazing to see how one delicious new product can revolutionize the snack food industry. Such is the case with the popular organic chickpea puff snacks known as Hippeas.

In an August, 2017 article on the Running Lip website, the author looks at the widespread popularity of Hippeas, as well as the recent news that actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor in the brand.

Hippeas are made by an innovative Los Angeles-based food company named Green Park Brands. The company was founded in 2015 by a man named Livio Bisterzo, who is the company’s CEO.

According to the Running Lip article, Hippeas chickpea puff snacks are now sold at more than 20,000 stores in America and the United Kingdom. In addition to being unique and delicious, these organic, gluten-free snack puffs are kosher and vegan.

Being a socially conscious company that helps to support farmers in rural eastern Africa, Green Park’s Hippeas have attracted the attention of the environmentally aware actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio.

Along with Strand Equity Partners, Mr. DiCaprio is a new financial investor in the Hippeas brand. As a longtime environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio already maintains his own environmental and conservation-oriented foundation, and also provides financial support to environmentally friendly companies.

A true young entrepreneur, Livio Bisterzo had already successfully started an events company, and launched two other consumer products before starting the Hippeas line of chickpea puff snacks. Mr. Bisterzo graduated from London’s University of the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Management in Fashion, and is a married father of three children.

Hippeas are the first product to be introduced by Green Park Brands, and the product has been warmly embraced by consumers everywhere. Available in white cheddar, pepper, barbecue, sriracha, and fajita flavors, Hippeas chickpea snacks generated $2.5 million in wholesale revenue in 2016, and the brand is projected to increase its sales figures in the future.

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