Chris Burch and his Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch has founded and also co-founded a number of retail brands that are recognized internationally such as Tory Burch and C Wonder. However, the business mogul has taken his eye of entrepreneurship to a new industry which is hospitality. According to an article published by the business insider, Chris Burch has partnered with a hotelier known as James McBride in buying a beach hostel which is situated in Sumba, an Indonesian island. According to the report, the two business partners spend a whopping $30 million making renovations to the hostel. After completing, they opened the hostel in 2015 as a five-star resort and named it Nihiwatu.

In 2016, the Travel + Leisure named Nihiwatu as the world’s best hotel. Check for this.  While being interviewed in 2015 by the Business Jet Traveler, Chris stated that he purchased the resort for his children and also as a piece of land that he hopes can be preserved and then give back to the local community. He added that the place has a beautiful palette and that there is much to do like having a butler in each room and creating a spa beneath a waterfall. Chris Burch further added that the beach resort turned out better more than he had imagined since it is not always all the time that things turn out well. For more of his insights, read this article on

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chris Burch normally divides his time between Nihiwatu, Miami and The Hamptons. The resort in Indonesia comprises of 27 private villas which include a private home for Chris Burch known as Raja Mendaka. Raja Mendaka has a main house as a well as 4 additional villas with each one of the having a private plunge pool. Nihiwatu has been given the nick name “The Edge of Wilderness” with its name meaning mortar stone. Chris Burch and his partner purchased the hostel from a New Jersey couple in 2012. Ever since, the beach resort has turned out to the biggest local employer in the Sumba Island. Parts of the profits from the hotel are donated to the Sumba Foundation which funds projects so as to assist the community.

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Born on March 1953, Chris Burch works at the Burch Creative Capital where he is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Burch Creative Capital is a company that is based in New York and is involved in managing venture investments as well as developing brands. Visit the website, check  Chris Burch became a billionaire in 2012 and was featured by Forbes Magazine as one of the Worlds Billionaires. He is also a co-founder of the Tory Burch LLC. Chris Burch established Eagle’s Eye apparel in 1976 together with his brother while he was still studying at the Ithaca College as an undergraduate. He is also involved in the fashion industry and real estate.

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