Financial Expert Cassio Audi Reveals His Heavy Metal History

The heavy metal band, Viper has been one of the most famous and respected in the Brazilian heavy metal landscape since the band was established in 1985. Founding members of the band remain in place in the present day makeup of the group while others have departed Viper and pursued other interests. Perhaps the most famous of those who have come and gone from Viper over the last three decades is Cassio Audi, a man who has made his way to a different walk of life but proven himself a success on every level.

Now one of the most famous investment specialists in Brazil, Cassio Audi once achieved a very different form of fame as the drummer with Viper from 1985 through 1989. Audi was an influential figure for the band as his drumming style and skill allowed the band to rise quickly from a group of teenage friends into one of the best known Brazilian heavy metal outfits in the history of the genre.

Cassio Audi was one of five friends who formed the band after coming together as one of the leading heavy metal bands to come out of the creative explosion taking place in Brazil in the early to mid-1980s. The drumming skills of Cassio Audi were praised by the music critics of the time for the musical skills he showed on the early home recordings and debut album of Viper. Both the bootleg demo recordings, “The Killera Sword”, and the first studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Cassio Audi made the decision to leave Viper in 1989 after deciding to depart the group and return to his academic studies and pursue a career in finance; despite his short period of time as a member of Viper, Cassio Audi remains an iconic figure for many heavy metal fans around the world for his brief period as one of the top heavy metal drummers in the world.


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