Netpicks Utilizes An Innovative Online Trading Strategy

After the recent technology-industry selloff, the opinion on Wall Street changed significantly. Previously, there was a confident and sometimes arrogant attitude where some investors seemed to regard the market as unstoppable. However, all the confidence has been replaced by some degree of nervousness that has not been seen for a while.

The change in attitude offers an opportunity for a variable market during the summer months. During the low-summer months, such conditions are not uncommon. However, with the considerable change in sentiments, the possibility is even greater. Individuals are free to take advantage of that change by using a proactive strategy. The Lock and Walk strategies are built to profit an investor from choppy market conditions. In the past, these strategies have proven to be profitable. Nevertheless, past performance does not guarantee positive outcomes in future.

The strategy is meant to respect support and resistance levels, particularly in the Nasdaq 100 NDX, -0.11 percent and subsequently to trade the ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID, +0.32 percent. It also comprises the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD, -0.22 percent after support and resistance levels are tested. With the following rules, any investor can trade. First, if support is broken by QLD, one should target resistance to sell. Subsequently, if support breaks, sell QLD. Thirdly, if resistance is tested by QID, an investor should target support to sell. Finally, if resistance breaks, sell QID.

For anyone that uses technical analysis, the rules are familiar and simple. It entails buying near support then selling near resistance. However; if support breaks, a person should stop trading. Nonetheless, there is one important rule with the Lock and Walk strategy. If there are 67 basis points in gains, the strategy is designed to close down and wait until the subsequent trading session to start operations again.

About Netpicks

Netpicks is a revered online trading company that was established 1996 when the industry was slowly taking shape. The company has time and again proved to be the gold standard in offering trading education. Netpicks offers a variety of services ranging from systems to signals, futures, options, ETFs, and stocks in day trading and swing trading. Netpicks zeroes in on enabling regular traders to achieve their financial goals in the market.   Check for additional tips.

Netpicks’s headquarters are in Irving, Texas. Their experienced staffs have a wealth of trading experience.  Learn from their blogs, visit them at their social media page here.

They have a combined personal trading experience of 25 years in addition to 17 years of trading education experience. Moreover, the incredible employees of Netpicks are real traders who are passionate about enabling people to reach their trading goals.

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