Ted Bauman; Helping you Safeguard Your Wealth

     Ted Bauman works as the editor of the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Smart Money Alert, and Plan B Club. These are causes that he has served since 2103. Through these forums, Mr. Ted Bauman addresses issues relating to privacy, protection of assets, designing low-risk investment models, and international migration. As such, Ted does everything within his means to ensure that he feeds his followers with the details they need considering that market trends keep changing. Most importantly, Bauman is deeply committed to protecting his subscribers from poor planning so that they continue experiencing prosperity and mitigate any chances of flopping in business. Throughout his life, Bauman has been ensuring that he helps people around him in managing their resources properly so that they excel and lead sovereign lives.

How Ted Bauman’s Professional Journey Has Been

Mr. Bauman was born in Washington, DC and brought up on Maryland’s eastern coast. He later migrated to South Africa while he was still young and continued pursuing his studies. Ted enrolled at the University of Cape Town for his postgraduate degrees in economics and history where he later graduated. While in South Africa, Ted got involved in numerous managerial roles in a non-profit making organization. Mostly, his responsibilities revolved around serving as a fund manager for relatively low-cost housing developments. Slum Dwellers International is one of the famous projects he helped in founding, something that has risen to assist more than 14 million individuals from across 35 countries. In the 2000s, Ted Bauman focused his attention on consultation. For this reason, he delved into extensive research, after which he could relay his findings through writing.

Milestones That Ted has Made in His Career

Ted gets appreciated for his prowess in financial matters. His profound knowledge of the subject has helped him trot across the globe. Precisely, Bauman has been in more than 75 countries. Throughout his life, he has been traversing through Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America. Ted admits that his growth has influenced his life all-round. For instance, he confesses that he has been able to invest in several countries. Bauman says that as much as you work and live well, you also need to save up something in case of a rainy day. Bauman, being the think tank that he is, studies the market trends and understands the benefits of investing somewhere before committing himself. His big heart compels him to utilize his monthly newsletter to enlighten the world on becoming prosperous.

Gregory Aziz – Fulfilled In Business And Charitable Works

In the role of Chairman and CEO, Mr. Gregory J Aziz has led National Steel Car to become a leader in the railroad industry. The company engineers and produces freight cars.


Greg was born in the thriving province of Ontario, located in central Canada. He attended Ridley College and enrolled in Western University of Ontario, where he received a degree in economics.

After graduating from school, he started working at his family’s wholesale business, Affiliated Foods. The company imported food from Europe, Central and South America. They would sale these fresh items in the United States and parts of Eastern Canada.


With his managerial skill sets, Greg Aziz would help Affiliated Foods to be a great success.


Seeking advantages in the world of finance, Greg J. Aziz would move to New York. He would become an investor in the Wall Street banking arena. After managing several business arrangements, he was able to coordinate a deal with the Canadian business, Dofasco, for their declining freight train manufacturing company named National Steel Car.


Greg James Aziz had ideas about how he would make National Steel Car the best railroad freight car producer in North America. View More Information Here.


Within 5 years from the date of purchase, Aziz had turned National Steel Car around. It had started out by manufacturing only 3,500 freight cars annually, but under his direction, that number rose to 12,000. There were about 600 employees at the beginning, later; it would increase to roughly 3000.


Greg Aziz feels the company achieved its goals through team effort, an intense focus on engineering, dedication and investments. Committees, who have rewarded the company for many years, recognize the results of their conscientious applications and actions.


Despite all the honors for quality products and wonderful customer service, just to name a few, Gregory has no desire to rest on his laurels. He is relentless in making sure that National Steel Car remains competitive.

When he is not thinking of new strategies to advance the company, you might see another side of Greg, as he participates in benevolent activities.


This would include spending time and funding The Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, United Way and more.


Annually, he throws a National Steel Car Christmas Party for his past and present employees and their kids. Around this time, he also collects food for the local food reserves.


Overall, Mr. Gregory James Aziz is a businessman who receives fulfillment from his career and helping others. Learn More: http://gregaziz.ca/

National Steel Car CEO Gregory Aziz, A Pillar Of The Community

With over 100 years of experience and excellence under their belt, National Steel Car has distinguished itself by becoming the leading manufacturers of freight and tank railroad cars in North America. Reliability, quality, and a commitment to investing in their employees are cornerstones of their philosophy. As a result, they’ve been annual recipients of the TTX SECO award for the past decade, remain the only North American railroad manufacturer to be certified ISO 9001:2008, and look forward to leveraging their strengths in the 21st century market.


Behind a great company there is often an exemplary leader. Gregory J. Aziz, chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, is immensely proud of his employees and their achievements. His philosophy to honor past traditions, move forward with determination, and lead by maintaining a relentless commitment to quality has helped set the company apart from competitors. His expertise helps ensure a bright future. See This Article for more information.



Born in London, Ontario in 1949, Gregory James Aziz joined the family business by 1971. Over the next decade and a half, he would help grow Affiliated Foods into one of the largest food importers in the world. As a student of economics, Greg Aziz enjoyed success in the investment banking world during the 1980s and 90s. It was in this capacity that he orchestrated the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994.


Since Greg Aziz took the helm, National Steer Car set a benchmark for growth and innovation in the rail manufacturing industry. With an aptitude for engineering and substantial investment in both human and political capital, the company increased its output from 3,500 to 12,000 cars in just five years. During this period, they also grew from 600 to nearly 3,000 employees.


In addition to establishing themselves as an industry leader and contributing significantly to the local economy, they have also become a pillar of the community. Gregory Aziz believes in giving back. As Hamilton, Ontario has provided essential foundations for the success of the company, National Steel Car shares its success by investing back in the community.


Aziz and his wife Irene are both sponsors of Canada’s premier agricultural exhibition, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Furthermore, NSC employees and their families also contribute to holiday food drives for the local food banks around the Christmas holidays. Additional charitable contributions include those to local Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army and the United Way.

Discover Eric Lefkofsky Positive Impacts

Eric Lefkofsky is a global entrepreneur who is currently the founder and the chief executive of the executive Tempus. The re-known entrepreneur has had great success where he served Tempus in the capacity of battling with cancer. The companies deal with the aspects of supporting the cancer patients through the support of the research work and the patients of cancer.

Eric began his entrepreneur career with the aim to help the doctors through various innovative ways. The firm specializes in the analysis of the firm’s data that aids in the treatment of the physicians. Tempus has provided useful information that has a lot of time in the research and the study of the company. To have better physician attention the company has developed software that has efficiently and speedy passage of the information.

The software has been an excellent tool for the nursing practitioners in tempers. Under the stewardship of Eric, the software has become an excellent tool for the hospitals. The software has made it possible for the interaction of the patients and the doctors. It is a plus for the two as there is a reduction in the time wastage in the data comparison.Eric has been involved in the writing of the entrepreneurial book. In the book, the sites that the technology helps ease the work accuracy and execution. He believes that any company that will adopt the technology will be competitively placed to rival competitors in the market. To be even at a higher chance innovation should be implemented as it will make the work easier.

Eric is a philanthropist. He has extensively been used as a trustee in many engagements. Among the many beneficiaries include Lurie’s Children‘s Hospital and stepped wolf Theory. In recent years he is also involved in the foundation (Lefkofsky family foundation) where he has lots of business and learning institution.

Eric is a blessing to all the nations. So far his efforts to impact the country have been successful. His bold actions have created a positive impression. He has been on the front line to make the world a better place. The company he started has now become a better place to live.


     Ted Bauman started working with Hill Broadcasting in the year 2013. He works as the publishing supervisor of Alpha Standard alert, Bauman Dispatch, and plan B truncheon. His primary area of focus is in global migration matters, guarding assets among other related tasks. With his household, he stays in GA, Atlanta. Ted is very zealous in helping any interested party on how best they can develop their wealth with minimal risks. He is also skilled in assisting business persons to regulate their cash destiny. In one of his letters, he advocates for people always to ensure that their privacy gets protected as well as ensuring they live their dream life.

Ted Bauman has also shared his piece of mind concerning the withdrawal of Obamacare by President Donald Trump. He points out that this is an issue that needs to be looked at historically and not haphazardly. Bauman again mentioned that according to him, Obamacare is not something to be withdrawn without having in place an entirely worked-out strategy. He further noted that most people of the U.S Senate have tried to implement the same for nine months with no success. Since this advantage was cut down by president trump’s order, he advises the people who used to benefit from it to look for another alternative.

According to him the$7 billion that got chopped from the health budget, are the expenditures the government was making to all wellbeing assurance firms that all low earners clients have been getting under Obamacare. The problem that is there is, this money wasn’t meant to support the insurance companies but the low salary employees under Obamacare. About six million low-income employees were dependents of Obamacare. The assurance firms have only used an agency of the cash that was cut off by President Donald trump’s order with no profit due to them. The payment only reimburses the firms for cutting down high copays for domestics that have challenges in having the funds for them.

The people that are likely to be affected by Trump’s act are the following two categories; the sole entrepreneurs, and the people who retire early. This will be so because there shall be pressure for all self-employed persons and early retirees to have their insurance bills paid fully and straight to the assurance firms. Still, the act brings another impact on the people who have their assurance from their bosses. These people will somehow have their premiums increased to curb the losses that the companies are likely to accrue in 2018.

Chris Burch-Secrets of Success

The business world can be demanding and unforgiving but for someone who is born to succeed in that world, the challenge can be met. Chris Burch is such a person. From the time he was a youngster, working with his dad, Chris learned the valuable lesson of hard work pays off. He expanded on this lesson as he developed into his own man.

Burch attended Ithaca College where he pursued a business degree. The most important event to happen to him was not the classwork but instead it was a small business called, “Eagle Eye Apparel.” This was a startup business that he began with a friend where they invested $2000. The two young men sold sweaters to students on campus and in the neighborhood around Ithaca. This business is where Chris Burch learned the skills of knowing your customers and developed his life-long habit of “reading” the market and what people want. Burch eventually sold this first business for $60 million dollars.

As Burch matured, he expanded his portfolio to include such businesses as Poppin, Cocoon9 and ED with Ellen Degeneres. Burch is a success story as an entrepreneur and his 40-year career included interests in fashion, real estate, hotels and resorts. For a look at his impressive investment portfolio, check burchcreativecapital.com.   He has also been recognized as one of leading philanthropist and international hotelier. Burch’s successes have placed him on the Forbes list of billionaires.  Hop over to forbes.com for a related article.

Chris Burch attributes his success to hard work and always being on the move. He has been involved with over 50 companies and his passion is to be an example and mentor to others who want to enter the business world. His expertise in many fields is only matched by his uncanny discernment of what customers want.  Click this for an additional article

One of Burch’s proudest accomplishments is his luxury resort in Southeast Asia, Nihi Sumba. This exotic getaway boasts 27 villas built with teak wood and natural stone around palm trees. Nihi Sumba is dedicated to ensuring guests have a one of a kind travel destination. Secluded in a remote area of Indonesia, guests can take exciting tours through the nearby jungle; boat rides and high dives from the amazing cliffs.  Read more about the resort on businessinsider.com.

Burch is also active as a philanthropist who set up the Sumba Foundation and has been active in the Child Welfare League of Chine. He has also sponsored medical training at NYU in the United States. Chris Burch is dedicated to making the world a better place, with beautiful resorts and a compassionate heart.  For his recent timeline activity update, hit crunchbase.com.

Read his insights and viewpoint on this special article on http://interview.net/chris-burch-of-burch-creative-capital/

Madison Street Capital Employs Considerable Financial Skills to Help Clients

Madison Capital has cultivated a global reputation for business excellence as they help companies with their various financial needs and the comprehensive services that they provide are accomplished by a talented team of experts.

Some of their specialties include helping companies gain access to credit, company valuation, and assistance with mergers and acquisitions. Their widespread reputation for sophisticated expertise is well deserved as they engage in a tremendous array of business activities. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/

There is one example that stands out of Madison Street Capital helping a company obtain credit for their business. Vital Care Industries, based out of Illinois, was able to select and acquire a suitable lender for a commercial loan thanks to the efforts and expertise of Madison Street.

The CEO of the company was very pleased with the results and it strengthened their business in the manufacture of medical products.

One indication of the deep pool of talent that staffs Madison Street Capital is the recent award that was received by one of their co-founders, Anthony Marsala. He was honored when he took home a 40 under forty award for his accomplishments with the company in the area of mergers and acquisitions and company valuations.

The awards program is focused on younger business leaders with impressive accomplishments in their field and Marsala prevailed despite stiff competition. He is the Chief Operation Officer for Madison and has over 14 years of experience.

The entire firm of Madison Street Capital was honored for their performance in 2016 when they received an award for the finest restructuring transaction that was less than 25 million dollars. This is called a Turnaround Award and they successfully competed with over 300 firms to secure the win.

Another critical business area in which Madison Street Capital shines is in utilizing their expertise to assist with companies who are merging. Their talented business staff provided crucial knowledge and advice for DCG Software Value as they merged with The Spitfire Group.

The combined business enterprise is in software support and analysis services and they maintain two offices; one is in Great Britain and the other is in Pennsylvania. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

Helping companies secure credit for expansion and other business purposes is an endeavor in which Madison Street Capital provides clear guidance and a quick turnaround.

They helped Maintenance Systems Management secure necessary financing for their business and the President of the company was very pleased with the results as well as other financial advice that was proffered by Madison.

Madison Capital is an international investment banking firm who excels in sophisticated financial matters and helps guide their clients with expert advice for all business situations.

Their work is always considered time sensitive and they are adroit in helping companies select the appropriate financing and capitalization structure. They are also experts in matching up buyers and sellers as well as creating deals in which owners and investors mutually benefit.

End Citizens United: Supporting Integrity In Politics

Doug Jones and Roy Moore are both running for the State Senate in December’s special election. End Citizens United just announced that they are endorsing Doug Jones in this political election. Unlike Mr. Moore, Doug Jones stands by his integrity and morality in doing what he believes is the right thing always.

Roy Moore has been accused of some terrible things such as pocketing millions of dollars from a charity himself and his wife were in charge of running. According to ECU on crunchbase.com, Roy Moore is not interested in doing what is right for the people of Alabama.

End Citizens United is standing up for the people of Alabama, who are tired of corrupt politics and politicians who do not have the residents of Alabama in mind when making choices at the top. Doug Jones is working together with End Citizens United to speak for the people of Alabama, and put an end to corrupt politics.

Like End Citizens United on Facebook

All the while, Roy Moore has ties to people who are only involved in the interests of politics, and forget about anyone else. People such as big donors, the Mercer family, and their business associate Steve Bannon.

The Senate Leadership fund has announced they will support the opposing candidate, Republican Roy Moore. Public Advocate, which is a radical anti-LGBT group, is also supportive of Moore, and he is fighting for their voice in democracy. Moore also wishes to do away with the Johnson Amendment. Doing away with this will allow churches to fund political campaigns.

Doug Jones is the exact opposite. His plans include giving the people of Alabama a voice, and to also continue fighting for equality.

End Citizens United or ECU, is a group that supports the election of politicians that are people of character and integrity. Their hopes are that their efforts will help eliminate some of the corruption that occurs within our political system. By supporting political candidates of integrity, morals, and good character, they hope their efforts will effect our political leadership a little at a time. ECU was founded over two years ago, and is made up of about three million members to date .

Imran Haque: The Epitome of Excellent Medical Service

Imran Haque is a distinguished medical professional who continues to provide outstanding medical services in his area of specialty, internal medicine. He boasts an extensive medical training which includes an M.D from the University of Virginia and a degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo. Besides, he is a fully licensed expert.

Dr. Heque is affiliated with some hospitals in the North Carolina region. By definition, affiliation with a hospital means that he can carry out the process of admitting patients at specified hospitals. These include the Randolph Hospital as well as the Kindred Hospital-Greensboro. He is among the six doctors at Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and the 15 medical professionals at Randolph Hospital whose specialty is internal medicine.

Based in Asheboro, Heque continues to offer his medical expertise at Horizon Internal Medicine. He is well respected at the institution due to his extensive experience in the medical field, which exceeds 15 years. Despite his vast education and accomplishments, Haque remains a humble individual whose desire to serve the residents of Asheboro is unrivaled by many and learn more about Imran.

Speaking to IdeaMensch this year regarding his motivation to start Horizon Internal Medicine, Haque held that his business idea was born out of the realization that some medical services were not offered in the community. He also pointed out that he felt the desire to revive a principle that is almost dead in medicine: good bedside manner and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Imran credits his hard work, thorough research, diligence, patience and financial investment for the realization of his dreams. Additionally, he believes that networking and building symbiotic relationships with other professionals catapulted him into success. Imran Haque is also a firm believer in the golden rule of treating other individuals as you would have them treat you.

He cited this principle as one of the reasons for his entrepreneurial success since it has helped him get positive referrals from his patients as well as build productive professional networks.

Sharing his ideas regarding current trends in medicine, Haque was deeply enthusiastic about the integration of technology into medicine. He held that technology has centralized information, hence simplifying data entry, improving coordinated care and expediting the various aspects of patient care. He was adamant that technological innovations have not only streamlined workflow in medical centers but also enhanced the overall quality of medical care and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-imran-haque#/entity.

Paul Mampilly Offers Advice About Food Industry Investments

     Paul Mampilly an investment expert as well as a hedge fund manager based in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, Paul Mampilly has always worked to become part of the investment solution to the problems his clients face in the world of investment and opportunities. This is the reason why most of his solutions are geared towards developing a new society that overlooks better business with a wider range of business solution capabilities. Paul Mampilly has also contributed to the revolutionized basic knowledge system that initiates better business in the stock market. The reason why he has invested in this market is that he believes he has the discipline needed to attain success in this investment structure.

Paul Mampilly is one of the few people who advocate for the capitalist societies that assimilate better business solutions in the real estate industry. Paul Mampilly also offers a wide range of investment advice to his clients for a choice to make. If you fail at any investment you make, you will never realize the full potential of your associated capabilities in the industry. Paul Mampilly also offers solutions in the financial markets as well as the multiplication of earnings. Investors can build a god future if they contribute much of their funds into the investment portfolios, mutual funds, and the interest-bearing savings accounts in the country. This is an action that Paul Mampilly denoted for his investors as a way of thanking them for the continued business trust he achieves on their behalf.

Some investors also argue that people don’t have the necessary right to gather their wealth through the financial solution capability. If that is the case, you could be experiencing a wide range of prices that cannot be controlled by any government agency if the investors fail to work in the financial markets. Investing in these markets amounts to greater levels of success for those seeking better business solutions. If that were true, workers and investors would belong to different business groups that will never yield the best business structure experienced these days. For an investor to succeed in business, they must strive to develop capacitated business solutions.

Learn more by reading The Investment Advice Of Paul Mampilly: Electric Vehicles, Food Delivery, and Precision Medicine.