How Robert Ivy Is Making The World A Better Place Through Architecture

Robert Ivy who holds a degree in architecture from Tulane University and Bachelor of arts from the University of the South is the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).The AIA has over 250 network and around 90,00 member architects and design professionals who are committed to enhancing the building industry.

Roberts began his career in as a principal for dean/dale, Dean & Ivy and also edited and advised many publishers.In 1996 he joined McGraw hill publishers as Editor in chief/architectural record, and he later became the Vice president and editorial director.During his tenure at McGraw, his duties included leading MH construction and design publications, green sourcing, engineering news record, regional publications among others.In 2011 Ivy left McGraw hill and joined the Institute of Architects where he serves as the CEO. He has the duty of transforming the rich legacy of the network to a proactive, responsive and influential organization.His other primary task is to ensure that the public is aware of the value and importance of architects.

Robert Ivy achievement during his tenure at AIA includes streaming governance in the network to aid in faster decision making, building a digital-first technology and launching a highly successful public awareness campaign.His current focus is to ensure that the architects are ready to handle today’s pressing issues like climate change, sustainability and how design impacts public health. He endeavors to strengthen AIA through the public forum, advocacy, and training that help the members serve the clients effectively.

Under the leadership of Robert, the companies he has headed received various awards.Editorial Architecture won several awards, including premier magazine journalism award, the American society of magazine editor’s national magazine award for excellence, they also received 26 Jesse H Neal awards and many others. Robert has also been awarded for dedication and has won numerous awards. He received an honor by Alpha Rho Chi for his commitment to communicating the value of design, a designation he shares with iconic architects like Dr. Nathan Ricker who is the first graduate of the American architecture school.He is only one to receive this accolade in the 21st century.

Robert has authored the definitive biography Fay James: architect, which is currently in its third publication.Ivy also gives public address to lay audiences in a bid to train them on the role and meaning of architecture in day to day life. Robert has the determination and commitment to make the world a better place by giving his best in his area of expertise.

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