How Fashion Mogul and Billionaire Chris Burch Built His Business Empire

There are not many professionals who can say that they have earned the titles of fashion mogul and billionaire but Christopher Burch is one of those professionals. Chris Burch is perhaps best known for helping to launch one of American fashion’s most iconic women’s wear brands but many people probably do not know that he was in the fashion business for decades before he ever helped to lead a company that was able to show its collections at New York Fashion Week.  Take a closer look at his list of diverse investment, hit on

Like many entrepreneurs Chris Burch started out as a plucky young person with a dream and an entrepreneurial drive. The entrepreneurship bug first bit him in college. Rather than just spending his time indulging in all of the leisure that college had to offer Chris Burch decided to spend his time as a college student at Ithaca College focusing on building his very first business. He launched a retail business that focused on selling clothing such as sweaters door to door. Chris would often make these sales himself and as a result learned firsthand the amount effort that it took to actually take a business idea that had been percolating in his head and turn into a tangible venture that was able to earn money.   Refer to for a related article.

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Chris Burch’s hard work on his very first business Eagle Eye Apparel would go on to pay off in a major way. According to a report Chris Burch was able to build Eagle Eye Apparel into a strong retail company that eventually go on earn $60 million in revenue. After successfully launching his company Eagle Eye Apparel Chris Burch would not just stop there. He would go on to help a future business partner build a powerful luxury fashion brand that is still successful to this day. Eventually Chris Burch would decide to channel his knack for building powerful consumer brands for female consumers and consumers that had an appreciation for luxury into a parent company that is known as Burch Creative Capital.   Visit the website, check

Burch Creative Capital was able to realize Chris Burch’s passion for developing products that helped consumers create the kinds of wardrobes that they wanted or to fill their homes with beautiful things. The company has served as a way for Burch to bring the expertise that he developed as a young hungry fashion entrepreneur and as the co-founder of a luxury fashion brand and to leverage it to the benefit of a wide array of business partners and business ideas.  Additional article on

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