Madison Street Capital Employs Considerable Financial Skills to Help Clients

Madison Capital has cultivated a global reputation for business excellence as they help companies with their various financial needs and the comprehensive services that they provide are accomplished by a talented team of experts.

Some of their specialties include helping companies gain access to credit, company valuation, and assistance with mergers and acquisitions. Their widespread reputation for sophisticated expertise is well deserved as they engage in a tremendous array of business activities. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

There is one example that stands out of Madison Street Capital helping a company obtain credit for their business. Vital Care Industries, based out of Illinois, was able to select and acquire a suitable lender for a commercial loan thanks to the efforts and expertise of Madison Street.

The CEO of the company was very pleased with the results and it strengthened their business in the manufacture of medical products.

One indication of the deep pool of talent that staffs Madison Street Capital is the recent award that was received by one of their co-founders, Anthony Marsala. He was honored when he took home a 40 under forty award for his accomplishments with the company in the area of mergers and acquisitions and company valuations.

The awards program is focused on younger business leaders with impressive accomplishments in their field and Marsala prevailed despite stiff competition. He is the Chief Operation Officer for Madison and has over 14 years of experience.

The entire firm of Madison Street Capital was honored for their performance in 2016 when they received an award for the finest restructuring transaction that was less than 25 million dollars. This is called a Turnaround Award and they successfully competed with over 300 firms to secure the win.

Another critical business area in which Madison Street Capital shines is in utilizing their expertise to assist with companies who are merging. Their talented business staff provided crucial knowledge and advice for DCG Software Value as they merged with The Spitfire Group.

The combined business enterprise is in software support and analysis services and they maintain two offices; one is in Great Britain and the other is in Pennsylvania. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

Helping companies secure credit for expansion and other business purposes is an endeavor in which Madison Street Capital provides clear guidance and a quick turnaround.

They helped Maintenance Systems Management secure necessary financing for their business and the President of the company was very pleased with the results as well as other financial advice that was proffered by Madison.

Madison Capital is an international investment banking firm who excels in sophisticated financial matters and helps guide their clients with expert advice for all business situations.

Their work is always considered time sensitive and they are adroit in helping companies select the appropriate financing and capitalization structure. They are also experts in matching up buyers and sellers as well as creating deals in which owners and investors mutually benefit.

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