Jeff Yastine- Banyan Hill’s News Mogul

     Jeff Yastine is an editorial director for Total Wealth Insider. Jeff initially became a member of the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 serving as the editorial director. Jeff brought forth over 20 years of practical knowledge as a stock investor as well as a monetary journalist right at the core of global monetary events.

Jeff also chips in to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily along with Winning Investor Daily on a weekly basis assisting shareholders to better comprehend financial, business economic shifts while underlining the profitable opportunities disclosed by the Banyan Hill financial editors. Jeff has interviewed as well as picked up a couple of investing tips from some of the most prominent financers and business tycoons of the past two decades such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson among others. He managed to land an Emmy nomination as the broadcaster and correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report where he served since 1994.

Jeff explains in one of his articles that there are two kinds of stocks when it comes to investing- those with value and those that are “value traps.” He then elaborates on the difference by explaining the epic debacle experienced by Fairholme Fund which he says was once worth 20 billion dollars and one of the top hedge funds in 2011. However the firm is now worth less than 2 billion dollars.

Jeff’s great broadcasting has led to the discovery of successful investments opportunities in small market capitalization companies and large company changeover. Jeff’s reporting also helped apprise potential investors about the real estate crisis that occurred during the mid-2000s. He also brought to light vital national events through his broadcasting such as the Panama canal Handover that occurred in 1999, Deepwater Horizon oil spill that happened In 2010, the monetary repercussions brought about by Hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005 and the impact of foreign automakers as they developed fresh manufacturing plants on southeastern region of United states. Jeff has also had the chance to report news on an international scale as he had to visit Cuba twice to report about the role non- native investors play on the nation’s economy.

Jeff Yastine was one of the 2002 crew of NBR journalists who were awarded the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. They landed this award for their 30 minutes special report section that was on the nation’s bond market. Additionally, He got nominated for a Business Emmy Award after he reported on America’s underfinanced regime of general infrastructure.

The Successful Journey of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a famous entrepreneur, philanthropist and a great trader who was born by a very humble family in the year 1975. He has been a person of great character and has always worked towards success. He also happens to be a famous master trader and also a great philanthropist. He also prides to be called a father and always works towards the success of his career. In fact, he is always determined to achieve in life. Greg is also very passionate about achieving in life and have always been on the frontline pursuing excellence in all his endeavors. He is always loved and respected by so many people.

Greg Secker as a greater international speaker happens to have invested his skills in training people to learn how to trade. He is very passionate about helping other people in life by making them great forex traders. He has been able to establish several companies that have helped him become a great trader. The first company is called Knowledge to Action Group which he established in the year 2003. The group happens to have been a collection of several companies that includes Capital Index, Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software and also one of the most famous non-profit making organizations known as The Greg Secker Foundation. These organizations are always focused towards improving the lives of so many people and they are always focused towards promoting success.

Greg Secker is also known to have come from a very humble background. He has worked for his success and did not start the way he is today. He started his career back at the famous Thomas Cook Financial. He was given the responsibility to code for them the famous Virtual Trading Desk which they worked and developed with zeal. The mission has been able to come up with the only trading platform that involved foreign currency. He started working with financial traders since then and has been able to grow very well in his career. His journey has been extremely awesome. He later joined Mellon Financial Services as the VP in their history and has been on the frontline pushing for success.

Bob Reina & Talk Fusion Continue to Find New Ways To Help People Connect

With the recent release of the updated version of Live meetings, Talk Fusion has made real time communications even easier and more functional than ever before. The sophisticated software suite that brings people together, was debuted to the world in its newest form on a live online broadcast by the company’s founder and CEO Bob Reina. While the core features of Live Meetings is still relatively unchanged, allowing people to both hold meetings with multiple contributors as well as broadcast live one way video streams to viewers simply and securely.


The newest version also adds the ability to use recording software without having to have a download as it is browser based. This change allows to for convenience and compatibility. This also removes the need to install Adobe Flash Player at the receivers end, a step which can be problematic at best in many environments. The system also fully embraces the open standards of WebRTC which has the ability to not only increase reliability, but also the quality of the audio and video being presented among the software’s users. Another key advantage is the ability for users to skip the often complicated steps of download, installation, configuration and more. This means that new users can join conferences quickly and not miss important information.


Bob Reina attended college in the beautiful state of Florida before becoming a police office, as career that he held and was very successful at for more than 17 years. In his spare time he would sell products as a commission associate, a job which he found he was even better at, and soon what was a part time side gig turned into a full time career in network marketing. He soon found that his passion for selling could be combined with the passion to help others that led him to become a cop. With the success of Talk Fusion he was put in a position that allowed him to start helping others again, this time in significantly more impacful ways. Learn more:


Among his most notable actions is a one million dollar contribution to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. The donation not only broke records, but made a major impact in the organization’s ability to help those who have no voice for themselves. He has also on many occasions given Video Suite software to organizations to help them better express their cause and activities to the world. This is a company practice that extends to all of the employees at Talk Fusion as well. He has also assisted in fundraisers to help the Nepal earthquake victims, as well as the victims of the massive tsunami in Japan. Helping others is at the core of both Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. The newest suite that has been released is just another way of that being accomplished.



Sentient AI: A Revolutionary Approach to Conversion Rate Optimization

Any person who is familiar with the digital marketing arena will agree that the bottom line in digital marketing boils down to the survival of the fittest. As more brands increasingly seek to gain an online presence, they have to respond to the constantly changing consumer needs and competitor pressures, or they lose business. However, you can utilize such evolutionary forces to automatically and simultaneously adjust and adapt multiple pages on your site to achieve higher conversion rates. Well, that is why evolutionary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) come in. One of the revolutionary AI solutions for boosting conversion rates is Sentient AI, also known as Sentient Ascend.

What is Sentient Ascend?

Sentient AI practically eliminates the need for manual A/B multivariate testing as marketers can use it to test multiple ideas simultaneously. The AI component of the technology then determines the individual changes that might be beneficial and the combinations of changes that have the potential to generate the best results. With the arrival of evolutionary algorithms and AI, the scientists responsible for developing this solution have merged evolutionary computation (a type of AI which utilizes techniques borrowed from biological evolution), as well as deep learning to come up with a market leading conversion rate optimization solution.

In a broad sense, the technology allows it to alter, mutate and combine variables while maximizing ‘fitness’ by the metrics that are most important to the users, including conversions, leads, or revenues. The most exciting and unique aspect of Sentiments solution to conversion rate optimization is that it can autonomously make decisions to aid businesses in improving their bottom lines, while at the same time enhancing customer experiences.

What are the Benefits of Sentient Ascend?

There are numerous benefits that Sentient AI offers to businesses that seek conversion rate optimization. To start with, it allows for massively complex multivariate testing with thousands or even millions of combinations. For instance, it can be used to find the most exquisite design for a business’s affiliate revenue program, the testing copy, the format, its layout, as well as image modifications of multiple items. Secondly, it does not require high traffic levels like traditional conversion rate optimization solutions. Instead, Sentient’s technology makes use of what it has already discovered regarding the performance of a certain combination of factors to forecast how the combination will affect conversion rates in the future. Additionally, Sentient AI allows for faster testing and double-digit boosts in conversion rates within a short period.

In a nutshell, Sentinet’s technology solution to conversion rate optimization is the market leader. It is also unique, effective and offers numerous benefits. The fact that it is the first technology solution to conversion rate optimization to combine AI, deep learning technology, and evolutionary algorithms makes it revolutionary and unrivaled in the market.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble to Take on LinkedIn

Whtiney Wolfe’s Dating app, Bumble, has brought forth tons of innovations in online dating. However, there are other areas that it is shining. Some people are suggesting that Whitney Wolfe’s app can take on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Given that LinkedIn has been in operation for a long time compared to Bumble, this is a huge achievement for Whitney Wolfe. One thing that is worth considering is that while Bumble has started as a dating app, there are extensions for people that are related to friendships and business. LinkedIn is known as the platform that connects professionals with each other.

Bumble Bizz is the app extension that deals with business and professional lives of women. Women that are looking for work or advancements in career should connect with Bizz so that they can find the right people to network with. After all, networking is one of the most important things to do when it comes to getting a career off the ground. This can come in any form. One of the forms of career building is starting a successful business. This method of building a career requires a lot of skill in certain areas that can bring forth results.

Women are in definite need of as much help and empowerment as they can get. This is one of the reasons that Bumble Bizz has been created. This helps women network with one another to get the type of help they need in areas such as marketing as it depends on their business. After all, a wise business owner is going to use her marketing skills to spread awareness about the company. This can be done on various channels such as social media.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is willing to help women in various aspects of their lives. She wants women to be able to build their own lives and find the right man for them. The Bumble group is going to make a lot of difference in the lives of women as it relates to dating and other aspects of their. Whitney is also making sure that she can help men benefit.

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Paul Mampilly: Top Investment Opportunities for the Future

Recent financial news reported that only one-third of the American population invests in stocks. This revelation suggests that about 60 percent of Americans keep their money in savings accounts earning little interest. Therefore, many people are exploring other investment options.

New investors, however, fear the risks involved in the stock investment. Others do not know how to invest since they have no idea how the stock market works. Fortunately, Paul Mampilly who is a stock investment guru has some insight on some of the stocks that are likely to rule the market shortly.


Electric Automobile Stocks

Paul Mampilly urges new investors to emphasize in arising technology and innovative trends. He predicts that electric cars will eventually phase out traditional vehicles which run on gasoline. He explains that gasoline-engine automobiles require many expensive spare parts whereas electric ones have fewer moving parts. Therefore, there is little to replace and maintain, and more information click here.

Consequently, most Americans will adopt electric cars due to their low running and maintenance cost. He feels that electric vehicle stocks should be a lucrative venture. He supports his argument citing how people who invested in cellphone manufacturing companies years ago are reaping huge returns today.

3-D Printing Could Make Your Next Home 40% Cheaper.#3Dprinting #technology #banyanhill #3dprinted #homebuilders

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) November 2, 2017

Genetic Testing Companies

Paul Mampilly considers precision medicine another technological trend for investment. This healthcare innovation uses genetic testing to diagnose various diseases with high precision, including cancers. Physicians will study their patients’ genetic profiles to understand their DNA code.

Doctors will then compare the data to the information stored in a comprehensive database and determine an accurate remedy. Genetic testing companies will shape the future of medicine. Mampilly advises investors to buy stocks of such firms.


Food Delivery Companies

Paul notes that modern Americans prefer to visit specific restaurants more than in the past. They are also becoming more mindful of their diet. However, finding restaurants with meals tailored for health-conscious clients can be daunting.

Food delivery systems are overcoming this challenge by supplying clients with nutritious meals prepared in their homes rather than eating out in cafeterias. Paul Mampilly suggests that food delivery systems focusing on healthy food will soon become very attractive in the stock market.

Paul Mampilly is a financial expert with more than 25 years’ experience. He moved from India to America at a tender age. He has performed tremendously in stock investment. His expertise saw him win a Templeton Foundation award in 2009 after investing $50 million to reap $88 million, a gain of more than 75 percent, and

It is Important to Know How To Choose the Right Kind of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important product for people to understand and know how to apply it to their personal situation. Life insurance is a product unlike any other because an individual can create an instant estate with a stroke of a pen and very little financial outlay as compared with the payoff should that individual die.

There are two different forms of life insurance that people need to understand. Term life insurance covers a person for a “term” or a number of years, then it expires. Because of the short nature of the life of the policy itself, the pricing is the least expensive of the products. Freedom Life Insurance offers both of these options.

Permanent life insurance lasts for the whole of the person’s lifetime, thus the alternate name of “whole life.” Permanent life insurance, or whole life lasts until an individual is age 100, and then it “endows” or pays the owner of the policy an amount of money equal to the death benefit, also called the face amount of the policy.

A whole life policy also has a cash value that accumulates inside of the policy. This is actually a reserve that is kept and added to each year to offset the growing mortality possibility each year of the insured dying. The cash value can be borrowed from time to time and repaid. If the insured dies while there is an outstanding loan, then the death benefit is simply reduced by the amount of the outstanding loan.

The cash value can also be made available if the owner surrenders the policy back to the insurance company and then the cash value is paid to the policy owner. Premiums for permanent policies remain the same, while term life premiums will increase as a person gets older.

Most insurance planners, such as Freedom Life Insurance agents will incorporate both term and permanent coverage so as to take advantage of the low price of the term to provide lots of coverage, and the guarantees of the permanent policy to have some insurance coverage when an insured person gets older.

Term life coverage is usually used when a young family requires lots of death benefit, and permanent coverage is required as a person gets older for burial insurance coverage. Your Freedom Life Insurance agent can design just the right plan to fit the needs of families and businesses.  Read more on Freedom Life Insurance:


The Successful Editor; Jeff Yastine

     Jeff Yastine is based at Banyan Hill where he is the Editorial Director in charge of publishing. He is an expert who serves also as an editor for a magazine called the Total Wealth Insider. Jeff joined the company in the year 2015. He holds wide experience having been in the stock market as an investor for more than twenty years. He has been an expert in various sections.

The Banyan Hills has immensely benefited from his works. The editor has contributed in the weekly investor daily and winning investor daily magazines. He has been instrumental in helping other investors understand how business are conducted. The trends involving business opportunities are monitored keenly by the investors.

The editor has helped in highlighting monetary and business trends in relation to the area they have invested in. Opportunities that enhance profit to be made are researched on by the investors. These opportunities are also contributed by the financial editors. Jeff Yastine has been nominated for the Emmy award as an anchor.

Jeff Yastine has been a correspondent at the PBS where he has written for the report involving business from the year 1994 to 2010. The editor has interviewed some successful financiers in the world. He has learned through his interviews the secrets of making an investment. The entrepreneurs the editor has interviewed include Michael Dell, Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson.

The report Jeff Yastine made about the investors made him identify opportunities that were successful to the investment. The opportunities were linked to large companies and stocks that were small-cap. He succeeded in sectors that were widely covered like the retail of the big box to sectors involving development in the biopharmaceutical area.

The editor has aided investors by warning them about the crisis surrounding the estates. The crisis include the bubble of 2000 and the mid-2000. National events have been reported by Jeff Yastine where events like the Oil spill which occurred in the year 2010, the impacts of the Hurricane which occurred in the year 2005 and the influence foreigners made when they built manufacturing plants in America in the year 1999.

Jeff Yastine has been able to visit Cuba twice to report on the role foreign investors had on the country’s economy. After reporting on the underfunded system in America, he was nominated for the Business Emmy award which were held in 2007. The underfunded system included bridges, roads and other infrastructural facilities. He was also among the journalists that won the Financial Journalism Award which were held in the New York in the year 20002.

Philanthropy at Its Best: George Soros Donates $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations

When it comes to naming the list of billionaires we currently have in the world today, George Soros is a name you will hardly miss in that list. George Soros, however, is an anomaly type. Unlike other wealthy billionaires who go on squandering their money on posh lifestyles, George is giving back to charity. For instance, this year alone, Soros has donated up to $18 Billion to his Open Society Foundations thus empowering it to fight and advocate for the needs and concerns of the underprivileged in the community. This is according to Open Society.

George Soros was born in 1930 and raised in Hungary. His childhood was not so inspiring like most children’s since he had to live his days as if they were his last, witnessing numerous killings of the Jews during the Nazi Occupation uprising. However as soon as the war ended in 1947, George Soros fled his country to Europe in search of education. His endeavors saw him enroll for an Economics degree course at the renowned London School of Economics. With no one to finance his education, George Soros worked two jobs; a kitchen porter and a nightclub waiter thus helping him finance his stay and education in London.

After graduating, Soros began his career in London as an investment specialist and then later moved to become a merchant banker. Still not satisfied, Mr. Soros made his way to New York City Wall Street where, in a span of five years, he was able to make huge fortunes in this market. He later moved back to London before returning to the USA where he made it his home. It is at this time that George Soros was able to make the biggest move of his career through his own hedge fund. From a noble investment of $12 million, Soros was able to grow the hedge fund to billions of dollars. Read more on about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations was established by George Soros at the peak of his career. With adequate money, funding such an organization was a non-issue. George’s idea of Open Society Foundations was informed by his childhood experience and Karl Popper’s book “Open Society and its Enemies.” Though the Open Society Foundation, George Soros sought to push for liberal freedom and right of citizens all over the globe. To date, the foundation has supported a number of individuals, organizations, and economies and Soros continues to play an active role in the operational activities of the group despite his old age.


While some of the courses being championed by Open Society Foundation and George Soros might be seen as intimidating to democracy, nothing could be further from the truth. Primarily the goal of Soros and Open Societies is to create a community where everybody has an equal right of expressing him or herself. To achieve this, the group has, among other things, encouraged and funded education for individuals in different economies including South Africans during the Apartheid period. It has also championed for the equal treatment of the gays and lesbian community among other courses. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Obsidian Energy’s Position In The Energy Industry

Obsidian Energy Limited is a company that was previously known as the Penn West Exploration Ltd. It is a mid-sized company that deals with the extraction of Canadian natural resources such as oil and natural gas. The Calgary, Alberta based firm is currently being headed by Dave French, who is the acting CEO.


Despite its situation as a mid-sized company, Obsidian has featured in the previous list as among the top 60 largest energy companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Between 2005 and 2011, the company was a Canadian royalty trust. It is during this period that it reached the peak market for capitalization at the beginning of 2008. In this ranking, it was attributed to being worth an approximation of US $9.5 billion.


One of the chief factors that have led to the success and the top ranking of Obsidian Energy is their ability to stand out in 2014 when oil prices had significantly dropped. During this period, many energy companies flopped down while others experienced both financial and operational constraints.


More to this most of the companies that were not well established failed significantly while others collapsed completely. During this same period, some companies were leased out to compensate for the losses they had undergone during this period. To Obsidian, despite being slightly affected by the challenge, they were able to withstand the storm.


Another key factor that has been contributing to the remarkable success of Obsidian is the geographical position where the firm is situated. As mentioned earlier, Obsidian is located in Alberta just along the Western Canadian Sedimentary.


This specific location is known as the world largest reserve more so with petroleum products. With its situation at this location, the company has never run out of resources. More to this, they also never need to spend much to get the resources more so on the transportation of the products.


Go To This Page for more information about the company.


The main source of its resources includes Alberta Vikings and the places surrounding, therefore, increasing the amount they save. More to this, the company has always been on a remarkable progress in the previous years it has been in existence with its current production per day being estimated at 31,000 bbl.

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