Dr. Mark McKenna Medical Proficiency

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical professional who practices medicine in the United States in different states such as Georgia and Florida. Due to the passion that he had for medicine is the reason he is prosperous inĀ Mark’s career journey. Furthermore, he has been able to provide the needy people who cannot access cheap medical services through lowering his prices hence they can be able to obtain them.

His education background which enabled him to have enough expertise include where he got degree medicine from the Tulane University Medical School. As he finished his undergraduate educationĀ Mark decides to work with his father in several projects hence he was able to have more knowledge hence they both started McKenna Venture Investment that specializes in the establishment of real estate growth. McKenna also established other top organization such as Universal Mortgage Lensing and Uptown Title, Inc. furthermore a lot of people have been able to be employed hence their life have transformed for the better. The firm has been able to also come up with a better solution in real estate and financial service sector.

McKenna Institution was able to have a great loss due to the Hurricane Katrina which happened in the city of New Orleans. Due to the determination that he always had, he was able to be chosen to be in charge of the New Orleans building inexpensive houses units. Most of the individual was able to get assisted hence they were grateful for the work that he did in the area.

Also in the year 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta GA and decided to establish ShapeMed and it an aesthetic based clinic. The organization delivered several solutions to the individuals who want to transform their physical appearance. Milana and Pomerain are the two beautiful daughters that he has and a loving wife called Gianine McKenna. Dr. Mark McKenna is the member of Entrepreneurs Organization. In everything that he does he ensure that he commits himself hence succeeding. Lastly his clients are always his first priority hence they are guaranteed of better services therefore coming back for more.

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