Paul Mampilly: Top Investment Opportunities for the Future

Recent financial news reported that only one-third of the American population invests in stocks. This revelation suggests that about 60 percent of Americans keep their money in savings accounts earning little interest. Therefore, many people are exploring other investment options.

New investors, however, fear the risks involved in the stock investment. Others do not know how to invest since they have no idea how the stock market works. Fortunately, Paul Mampilly who is a stock investment guru has some insight on some of the stocks that are likely to rule the market shortly.


Electric Automobile Stocks

Paul Mampilly urges new investors to emphasize in arising technology and innovative trends. He predicts that electric cars will eventually phase out traditional vehicles which run on gasoline. He explains that gasoline-engine automobiles require many expensive spare parts whereas electric ones have fewer moving parts. Therefore, there is little to replace and maintain, and more information click here.

Consequently, most Americans will adopt electric cars due to their low running and maintenance cost. He feels that electric vehicle stocks should be a lucrative venture. He supports his argument citing how people who invested in cellphone manufacturing companies years ago are reaping huge returns today.

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Genetic Testing Companies

Paul Mampilly considers precision medicine another technological trend for investment. This healthcare innovation uses genetic testing to diagnose various diseases with high precision, including cancers. Physicians will study their patients’ genetic profiles to understand their DNA code.

Doctors will then compare the data to the information stored in a comprehensive database and determine an accurate remedy. Genetic testing companies will shape the future of medicine. Mampilly advises investors to buy stocks of such firms.


Food Delivery Companies

Paul notes that modern Americans prefer to visit specific restaurants more than in the past. They are also becoming more mindful of their diet. However, finding restaurants with meals tailored for health-conscious clients can be daunting.

Food delivery systems are overcoming this challenge by supplying clients with nutritious meals prepared in their homes rather than eating out in cafeterias. Paul Mampilly suggests that food delivery systems focusing on healthy food will soon become very attractive in the stock market.

Paul Mampilly is a financial expert with more than 25 years’ experience. He moved from India to America at a tender age. He has performed tremendously in stock investment. His expertise saw him win a Templeton Foundation award in 2009 after investing $50 million to reap $88 million, a gain of more than 75 percent, and

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