Jeff Yastine- Banyan Hill’s News Mogul

     Jeff Yastine is an editorial director for Total Wealth Insider. Jeff initially became a member of the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 serving as the editorial director. Jeff brought forth over 20 years of practical knowledge as a stock investor as well as a monetary journalist right at the core of global monetary events.

Jeff also chips in to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily along with Winning Investor Daily on a weekly basis assisting shareholders to better comprehend financial, business economic shifts while underlining the profitable opportunities disclosed by the Banyan Hill financial editors. Jeff has interviewed as well as picked up a couple of investing tips from some of the most prominent financers and business tycoons of the past two decades such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson among others. He managed to land an Emmy nomination as the broadcaster and correspondent at PBS Nightly Business Report where he served since 1994.

Jeff explains in one of his articles that there are two kinds of stocks when it comes to investing- those with value and those that are “value traps.” He then elaborates on the difference by explaining the epic debacle experienced by Fairholme Fund which he says was once worth 20 billion dollars and one of the top hedge funds in 2011. However the firm is now worth less than 2 billion dollars.

Jeff’s great broadcasting has led to the discovery of successful investments opportunities in small market capitalization companies and large company changeover. Jeff’s reporting also helped apprise potential investors about the real estate crisis that occurred during the mid-2000s. He also brought to light vital national events through his broadcasting such as the Panama canal Handover that occurred in 1999, Deepwater Horizon oil spill that happened In 2010, the monetary repercussions brought about by Hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005 and the impact of foreign automakers as they developed fresh manufacturing plants on southeastern region of United states. Jeff has also had the chance to report news on an international scale as he had to visit Cuba twice to report about the role non- native investors play on the nation’s economy.

Jeff Yastine was one of the 2002 crew of NBR journalists who were awarded the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award. They landed this award for their 30 minutes special report section that was on the nation’s bond market. Additionally, He got nominated for a Business Emmy Award after he reported on America’s underfinanced regime of general infrastructure.

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