USHEALTH CEO Troy McQuagge Receives A Prestigious Business Award

Perhaps one of the greatest honors that a business professional can experience is having the pleasure of being given an accolade by their peers. Oftentimes business people work tireless hours doing thankless jobs that keep large corporations running and that drive economic growth that many people benefit from. When people work diligently it can often feel as though their work goes unnoticed because the work that is necessary to be a competent business person or employee is not something that is continually on display the way the talents of people who work in the entertainment industry are. Awards are a great way to encourage professionals in a given industry to strive for excellence and to maintain a high standard of work. The process that is involved in organizing an awards ceremony for an industry can be a great way for professionals to network with one another and to build and strengthen relationships in a professional community that may even possibly result in the creation of new businesses and partnerships. But most importantly professional accolades and awards ceremonies that are meant to honor business professionals are a great way to make other professionals to feel like the critical work that they are doing is appreciated and important. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

Recently the awards giving body that is known as the One Planet Awards decided to recognize professionals that have achieved a high level of excellence in their given field. In 2016 one of the many professionals that the One Planet Awards decided to recognize for their work as a professional is the American health insurance executive Troy McQuagge. Troy McQuagge currently serves as the chief executive officer and president of the health insurance company that is known as USHEALTH Group, Inc.. Troy McQuagge’s work at USHEALTH Group, Inc. often involves him having to provide leadership to thousands of insurance professionals and ensuring that USHEALTH Group, Inc. remains competitive in a business world that is poised to change as often as the wind blows.

Through his diligent leadership Troy McQuagge has been able to lead USHEALTH Group, Inc. towards an era of success. It was this work that led to Troy McQuagge being recognized by the One Planet Awards as the 2016 Gold CEO of the Year Award. The award is given to professionals who demonstrate excellence in their field. Troy was up against other executives that lead companies that are based all around the world. According to a report Troy McQuagge noted that he believed that the award belonged not only to himself but to all of his employees and the entire team at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy McQuagge seems to recognize that no business person can achieve success by themselves rather they need the help and collaboration of an effective team in order to reach important strategic objectives.

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