Sussex Health Care Helping With Health Care Crisis

Sussex Health Care has been helping the UK with the health care worker crisis that has been affecting the health care field lately. In the UK, more and more health care workers are finding new careers for many reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with low pay, job appreciation, and or retirement. Even though many health care workers are quitting their jobs, the demand for have care workers have not and is not decreasing anytime soon. Sussex Health Care has been recognizing this trend and they have been working hard to provide patients with everything that they need when it comes to health care needs.

Sussex Health Care is exactly what the health care field needs. Considering the care home is ran by professional licensed doctors, they know exactly what the home needs. The Chairman of Sussex Health Care is Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. Shafik Sachedina is a well respected doctor who has been practicing in the field for more than 20 years now. He and his partner have managed to obtain multiple accreditation for Sussex Health Care along with multiple licenses for them as well.


Considering that the care home is ran by doctors, they keep the rules very strict for employees so that they can remain up to code. All employees are required to constantly receive new job training. Since health care and science is constantly evolving, employees need to constantly be trained so that they continue to provide great care to the patients.

Sussex Health Care provides care to all kinds of patients. Sussex Health Care does offer 24 hour assistance and residents are welcomed to live at the facility, if they need around the clock assisted living. However, if patients do not need 24 hour assisted living then Sussex Health Care still can provide them with their rehabilitation services, therapy, audiology services, or what ever service they are in need of. Sussex Health Care has great programs for patients that are geared to lead them to gaining their independence and confidence back. Many patients of Sussex Health Care have spoken publicly and stated that they are very happy with all of the services that Sussex Health Care has provided to them.

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