Adam Milstein Working To Provide Support To Other Jewish Members of The Community

What do you know about community leader and philanthropist, Adam Milstein? Did you know that he is not only an active philanthropist, he is also a real estate investor. Gila and Adam Milstein have established a family foundation where it is centered on helping to strengthen the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Adam himself is a native to Israel. He has worked to serve the people of Israel when he served about Yom Kippur War. Once he finished serving the people of Israel, he went on to continue his education by attending Technion of 1978. This is when he graduated and decided to head to the United States. Adam and Gila Milstein arrived to the US in 1981. Once here in the United States, he went on to further educate himself by achieving his MBA at the University of Southern California. Once he started, he decided that being in the commercial real estate is where he wanted to focus his time. Adam Milstein is a partner who helps to manage the business for Hager Pacific Properties. This private real estate firm that is interested in commercial properties is in charge of not only managing several million square feet of properties as well as owning several commercial locations.

This is not the only place that he focuses his attention on. He is also a co-founder for the Israeli-American Council. He is sitting on the board for various organizations which focus solely on the education and support for the Jewish Community. Adam Milstein and wife, Gila have educated their families on the heritage of the Jewish people and just as much as they believe their families need to be educated, the others who have links to the Jewish history are also in need of the heritage lessons provided by the various organizations that they work with.

Adam Milstein and wife Gila are from the Encino, California region and are the parents to three children as well as the grandparents of three grandchildren. They spend their time raising awareness for the Jewish community while educating their own children and grandchildren about Jewish Culture.

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