Barbara Stokes Assists Relief and Creates Jobs

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 FEMA offered Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama a $28.5 million grant to provide housing for victims. Barbara Strokes is the CEO of this company. She took the challenge of providing new housing for Houston.

In October 2017 manufacturing plants in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas began production of GSH modular homes to be delivered to the flood and storm damaged areas where they are needed the most. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara J. Stokes is the CEO of GSH of Alabama, and she brings both strong educational background and workforce experience to this role. She graduated with her degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Her Alma Mater is the prestigious Mercer University in Georgia.

While engaged in her major course work Ms. Stokes studied other disciplines that included Structures and Properties of Materials, Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communication, and Thermodynamics. This suited her well for her time at both Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She is an experienced government contractor.

Barbara Stokes and her company GSH Delivered of Alabama are strong additions to the economy of the construction locations. Jobs were created both in the manufactured homes construction sector and in the logistics field. These American made modular homes are delivered to the places that they are needed ready for installation. The Houston area has greatly benefited from the availability of shelter for those affected by the severe storms.


Foresight, expertise, vision and integrity are all words that describe Barbara Stokes. Not only is she a business person, she is a parent, and a volunteer in her community of Huntsville, Alabama. She is invested in quality, affordable housing for victims and proudly supports the mission of FEMA and the USA in restoring homes with good quality, hurricane resistant housing.

Upon examination of her background we can see that Barbara Stokes has strong skills in providing quality solutions in an economical manner. Her history shows the great leadership and values that she brings to community restoration Barbara Stokes and Green Structures Delivered of Alabama are providing jobs across the United States and restoring homes in Houston and the surrounding areas. Read more at Business Insider.

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