Lime Crime Has the Goods

Lime Crime is well known for its bright and bold makeup products and especially their lip products. They came out with the Matte Velvetine line as well as the Diamond Crusher. Lime Crime has just come out with an all-new line called Plushies.

The new product will give lips a hint of a subtle shade without being quite as heavy as the other products that Lime Crime has for sale currently. Plushies come in a variety of interesting colors such as Milk Tea, Turkish Delight, Blackberry, Jam, and Honey Lavender Honey. They also have Rosebud, Cola, Butterscotch, Smokey, Grape Jelly, Marmalade, and Gum Drop. And yes, the colors are as fun as they sound. Plushies are a nice, soft focus lip veil, so they are the new nude lip. They are non-opaque and are perfect to wear all day without smearing. Plushies are also infused with a yummy blackberry candy scent. Plushies look great on their own with a little lip liner or under your favorite lip gloss.

To apply all you need to do is exfoliate lips, and apply lip balm before applying your favorite Plushie color. When dry, all you need to do to finish up is pat down with your finger for the best results.

As usual, this Lime Crime product is vegan, cruelty-free, and do not contain any ingredients that have come from animals. Their products are also guarantee to be manufactured without testing on animals in any way.

Plusies pair well with other Lime Crime products such as Diamond Dew LID toppers, Hi-Lite palettes, and Unicorn Hair dyes. You can create that layered look and pick all your favorite colors. If you like the color purple, you can pair Grape Jelly Plushies with Pony Unicorn Hair and Aurora Diamond Dew. The variations are endless, and you will be able to create the look you are going for and express your inner unicorn.

Lime Crime strives to stand, and their makeup is one-of-a-kind. They know that their customers are looking for a fresh way to express themselves and all they need is some fun makeup options.

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