ClassDojo Keeps Parents Involved

When you are a parent, you may not know what is going on in the classroom all the time. You may think it’s going to be hard to know where your children are at in their schooling or what they are going within the school system. That is where ClassDojo can help you with it.

What Parents Can See

When you are looking at the app to see what your child is doing while in school, you may be confused because you don’t know where they are or what kinds of work they are doing. This can be frustrating. ClassDojo is very user friendly and connects you with the teachers to ask questions and to know where the the students are with their work. They can make note of any issues with classwork or if there needs to be a change in some way.

How it Connects

ClassDojo connects you to not just the teachers in the classroom, but also the classroom as a whole. This means you can see if there is anything you need to do with the classroom to make sure all the students are working together and understanding how they can work with each other to get things done.


There are many benefits you as a parent can get from an app like this. You see everything, but you also can talk to your children to understand what they are doing and you can have a conversation about the classes they are taking and what they are learning.

There are a lot of things ClassDojo does that will help you feel connected to your student and what they are doing. This way you will feel like you are a part of everything they are doing and you will be able to have a great conversation.

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