David Giertz’s Business Career Journey And Achievements

David Giertz the president at the National Financial Distributors Inc. and also the president at the Nationwide FI distributor’s Agency Inc. He is the vice president of the southern SA. Giertz studied at the University of Miami then later moved to the Executive MBA Milliken University where he graduated with a bachelor of science.

David’s career began at Citigroup where he worked for ten years as a financial service advisor. He later worked at the Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organisation as the president, where he delivered excellent results, having grown it from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in profitable revenue. This is due to his experience of over 30 years in the provision of regular financial services.

David Giertz has also played a leading role in the distribution of private sector retirement plans, mutual funds, independent broker, annuities, life insurance, regional firms, IMO’s and RIA’S. He achieved a World-class Gallup associate engagement score after working as a business coach with the WABC and increasing its revenue up to 87%.

In 2004, David led the financial institution bank channel, which later expanded to accommodate the warehouse distribution channel. The revenue of this channel grew from $1.5% up to $8 billion under David’s management. He later joined Nationwide and became its vice president, where he increased its revenue by 48% in the seven states of the south-east territory.

David Giertz has participated in a couple of community organisations where he worked as the chairman of the board of trustees at the Milliken University, he also served as the chairman of the budget and finance committee as well as an arbitrator while working with FINRA. Additionally David has worked as a member of the board of directors in Boward County, which served the Girls’ scouts.

David referred the book called “the first 90 days” to career-oriented individuals. He said it would help them particularly after taking a new role. He encourages patience in the journey of success, explaining how he started by working in a store in a grocery shop, where he cleaned and waxed floors. Never giving up, is the key to success.

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