Kamil Idris Releases Cautionary New Book

Over a lifetime that has spanned four countries and countless different diplomatic posts, Dr. Kamil Idris has developed a reputation as being level headed and pragmatic. Most notably he was the head of World Intellectual Property Office a subsidiary of the United Nations, he served in that position for over six years serving admirably around the world. However, the civil servant is now releasing a book warning of the dangers facing the world ahead and how we could, if not careful, end up seeing the beginning of World War III within our lifetimes.

Kamil Idris’s book (titled JASTA and a Third World War) warns of the pitfalls of the “populist” streak we are seeing running through different democracies across the globe. In particular Idris takes issue with the JASTA Act which passed the American congress, was then vetoed by President Obama, but then the veto was overturned by a majority in congress. JASTA has received flack from opponents around the world for its ability to threaten the sovereignty of other countries by allowing the US to effectively sue the governments of other countries in a civil court. In fact, it resulted in the significant cooling of U.S. and Saudi relations as the Saudi kingdom was not too pleased at all with the passing of the law. Kamil Idris argues that this law could have drastic consequences if repeated by other countries around the globe, saying that “JASTA is a devastating threat to that principle. By directly challenging the sovereignty of a country, it could lead to reciprocal lawsuits aimed at the US itself, and a restructuring of alliances and nationalist backlashes”.

Dr. Kamil Idris is not known to call attention to an issue for no reason, so this book is certainly worth checking out to see how the downsides of JASTA could do serious damage to diplomatic relations between groups across the world. Though only passed 2 short years ago, JASTA is an issue that has largely been forgotten about by the majority of peoples but luckily Dr. Kamil Idris is raising the issue to the forefront in his most recent book.

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