Brad Reifler: 99% Investing

Brad Reifler did not always consider the 99% when he was building his investment bona fides. After graduating Bowdoin College with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science, he founded his own company bearing his own name: Reifler Trading Corporation. This company specialized in global derivatives investing. When his success became known to Refco, one of the most established and important investment companies in the world, he sold his company to them, with his eye already on his next opportunity.

In time he established himself as a player in global finances independent of corporate affiliation, honing his skills and constantly adding to his considerable knowledge of investment and investors.

In the mid-90s, Reifler founded Pali Capital where he served as CEO for 13 years. The success of Pali Capital was most impressive. They generated over a billion dollars in commission income. Pali established offices in four countries and employed over 300 people.

Ever eager for the next opportunity, Reifler founded Forefront Capital. It was at Forefront that Brad Reifler awoke to the challenges and opportunities for middle investors. He had learned over time that there were mind-boggling opportunities for the richest members of society. By contrast, regulatory restrictions and financial limitations restricted opportunities for smaller investors. In this situation, Reifler discovered an opportunity for his company and a new kind of investor.

As he expanded his efforts into Forefront Capital to tap into this hidden investment opportunity. He quickly found that the middle investor needed both advice and education. He has traveled the world to stimulate the education process for thousands of middle investors including his own advice about how to invest in this area including:

  • Limited Market Investment – Do not invest all you have in the market; protect some of your assets from the possibility of devastating loss.
  • Understand Your Goals – No investment advisor will know how to achieve your goals if you don’t know them yourself. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and in what time frame and share this with your fund manager.
  • Know Your Fund Manager – Don’t trust your savings to a stranger; get to know your manager and make sure he or she knows what you want to achieve with your investments.
  • Stay the Course – If an investment is going well, stick with it; avoid being distracted by every glittering new deal on the horizon.

Appealing to investing for the 99% is going well for Forefront and Brad Reifler and he is going full steam ahead with this approach.