Sentient AI: A Revolutionary Approach to Conversion Rate Optimization

Any person who is familiar with the digital marketing arena will agree that the bottom line in digital marketing boils down to the survival of the fittest. As more brands increasingly seek to gain an online presence, they have to respond to the constantly changing consumer needs and competitor pressures, or they lose business. However, you can utilize such evolutionary forces to automatically and simultaneously adjust and adapt multiple pages on your site to achieve higher conversion rates. Well, that is why evolutionary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) come in. One of the revolutionary AI solutions for boosting conversion rates is Sentient AI, also known as Sentient Ascend.

What is Sentient Ascend?

Sentient AI practically eliminates the need for manual A/B multivariate testing as marketers can use it to test multiple ideas simultaneously. The AI component of the technology then determines the individual changes that might be beneficial and the combinations of changes that have the potential to generate the best results. With the arrival of evolutionary algorithms and AI, the scientists responsible for developing this solution have merged evolutionary computation (a type of AI which utilizes techniques borrowed from biological evolution), as well as deep learning to come up with a market leading conversion rate optimization solution.

In a broad sense, the technology allows it to alter, mutate and combine variables while maximizing ‘fitness’ by the metrics that are most important to the users, including conversions, leads, or revenues. The most exciting and unique aspect of Sentiments solution to conversion rate optimization is that it can autonomously make decisions to aid businesses in improving their bottom lines, while at the same time enhancing customer experiences.

What are the Benefits of Sentient Ascend?

There are numerous benefits that Sentient AI offers to businesses that seek conversion rate optimization. To start with, it allows for massively complex multivariate testing with thousands or even millions of combinations. For instance, it can be used to find the most exquisite design for a business’s affiliate revenue program, the testing copy, the format, its layout, as well as image modifications of multiple items. Secondly, it does not require high traffic levels like traditional conversion rate optimization solutions. Instead, Sentient’s technology makes use of what it has already discovered regarding the performance of a certain combination of factors to forecast how the combination will affect conversion rates in the future. Additionally, Sentient AI allows for faster testing and double-digit boosts in conversion rates within a short period.

In a nutshell, Sentinet’s technology solution to conversion rate optimization is the market leader. It is also unique, effective and offers numerous benefits. The fact that it is the first technology solution to conversion rate optimization to combine AI, deep learning technology, and evolutionary algorithms makes it revolutionary and unrivaled in the market.