Barbara Stokes Assists Relief and Creates Jobs

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 FEMA offered Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama a $28.5 million grant to provide housing for victims. Barbara Strokes is the CEO of this company. She took the challenge of providing new housing for Houston.

In October 2017 manufacturing plants in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas began production of GSH modular homes to be delivered to the flood and storm damaged areas where they are needed the most. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara J. Stokes is the CEO of GSH of Alabama, and she brings both strong educational background and workforce experience to this role. She graduated with her degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Her Alma Mater is the prestigious Mercer University in Georgia.

While engaged in her major course work Ms. Stokes studied other disciplines that included Structures and Properties of Materials, Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communication, and Thermodynamics. This suited her well for her time at both Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She is an experienced government contractor.

Barbara Stokes and her company GSH Delivered of Alabama are strong additions to the economy of the construction locations. Jobs were created both in the manufactured homes construction sector and in the logistics field. These American made modular homes are delivered to the places that they are needed ready for installation. The Houston area has greatly benefited from the availability of shelter for those affected by the severe storms.


Foresight, expertise, vision and integrity are all words that describe Barbara Stokes. Not only is she a business person, she is a parent, and a volunteer in her community of Huntsville, Alabama. She is invested in quality, affordable housing for victims and proudly supports the mission of FEMA and the USA in restoring homes with good quality, hurricane resistant housing.

Upon examination of her background we can see that Barbara Stokes has strong skills in providing quality solutions in an economical manner. Her history shows the great leadership and values that she brings to community restoration Barbara Stokes and Green Structures Delivered of Alabama are providing jobs across the United States and restoring homes in Houston and the surrounding areas. Read more at Business Insider.

Mike Baur Knew How to Make Himself Happy

Mike Baur always wanted to be a happy person. He knew the only way to do that was through making his career better and trying to provide for himself in a way that allowed him to enjoy what he was doing. While he made a lot of money in the position he held before at the bank, he did not enjoy the job. He knew the job would be something he would need to do for a long time and that was part of how he made things better for himself while he was working on his own company.


The idea he had was to start the Swiss Tech Startup company. There, he would help people with their own startups. The business was his first startup and it was his way of giving attention to all the issues going on in the industry. He had to work hard to make sure it was working, but he knew that was a big part of the right way to run the company. He had always wanted people to see what he was doing and it went back to the hard work he put into it while he was trying different things.


Even though Mike Baur knew what he was doing and knew there would be changes he could make depending on the issues in the industry, he had tried to give attention to the things people were facing. He had always wanted everyone to know they would have a chance to see how successful he was with the business. For Mike Baur, this was a big part of how he could make a difference for others who were in the same type of business and who were interested in working with a startup company.


As long as Mike Baur was able to acquire clients, he knew his company would continue to get better. He also knew the company would grow in a way that would allow him to make things better for other people. There had always been opportunities he could take advantage of and he showed all of the clients he had the abilities he had to do this. It was his way of giving them what they needed and making sure they knew they were going to get more out of the situations they were in. For Mike Baur, there were many changes to the industry because of how he did business.

Meet National Steel Car’s Impressive CEO Gregory Aziz

One of the greatest assets an organization has is its leadership, and this is exactly what the biggest railroad company in North America, National Steel Car Company boasts of. Gregory J Aziz is one of the few business executives who has made a big impact in the business field by turning around a near dead company into an industry giant. How has he been able to do this?


When you think about Gregory J Aziz’s record of accomplishment you would merely think that this business executive has had it all smooth in his part. No, nothing came on a silver platter; Greg Aziz has toiled hard to get it all. Born in London, Ontario on the 30th day of April 1949, Mr. Greg came from a middle-class family and was put through school at Ridley College. Greg then joined the University of Western Ontario to pursue his childhood dream acquiring a degree in Economics at the institution. Visit This Website for related information.


After graduating, James Aziz joined his parents in running the family food business. For period of 16 years Greg Aziz was able to learn valuable entrepreneurial lessons from this business venture also helping grow this business from a local store to an international one supplying fresh food products to a number of European countries. Aside from the food business, Mr. Greg James Aziz was also able to put his economics degree to good use by taking a number of banking investment ventures around New York. It is through this platform that he was able to arrange for the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco.


At the time of purchase, National Steel Car company was performing dismally however, Gregory James Aziz was able to lift the company up from a manufacturing capacity of 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars per year. As if this is not enough, he was also able to increase the manufacturing quality securing the company an ISO 9001:2008 certification making it the only company in its industry in the entire North America to have the certification. To crown this up, Greg has also led his company for a decade now winning the TTX SECO award year in, year out.


Thanks to the able leadership of Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car Company has been able to stand out of its competition not only when it comes to quantity railcar production but also quality wise. Going forward a lot can be expected from this visionary leader.

Helping Out with Logan Stout

Logan Stout is many things at once. He is an author, a motivational speaker as well as the CEO and founder of IDLife. He believes in helping people out in any way that he can. The main goal for him, as well as IDLife, is helping people focus solely on their health so people can live longer and more successful lives.He believes in building people up and helping them have as much success as they desire. His book is called Stout Advice: THe Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. It shows how he was able to step by step not only make himself a success but other people as well. The philosophy of helping people and giving back has been tested by the recent storm called Hurricane Harvey.

Logan Sout lives in the city of Frisco, Texas and when Hurricane Harvey slammed into Houston he knew he had to help out in some way. The first thing he did was to offer warehouse space for the agencies that needed it. He also made sure that much-needed items were properly delivered to the places that needed them the most. In one of the most effective moves after the events of Hurrican Harvey Logan Stout appealed to social media to get the word out that a convoy of vehicles was coming to Houston with desperately needed supplies. Heis workers showed up at the United Way of Dallas and took on the daunting task of filling all of the trucks with necessary goods for the people of Houston. He also assisted hand in hand with other companies in the area to provide as much help as possible to as many people as he can. With the power of teamwork and determination, Logan Stout believes that the people of Houston can and will overcome the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

Working with people is one of the best ways that Logan Stout can influence those people around him. By working with people and companies around Houston and around the country, Logan Stout can safely say that he is living the dream of a well-lived life. In his view, a person hasn’t lived until he helped someone in need.

Hurricane Harvey has taught Logan Stout that the need for giving never stops. As long as people need help after a storm like Harvey, Logan Stout will be there to lend a helping hand.

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The Tenure of Troy McQuagge at USHEALTH Advisors

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. He was recently named the CEO of the year in the coveted One Planet Awards that honors professionals and entrepreneurs in different industries around the globe. Organizations from all over the world including non-profit organizations, public and private firms, and start-ups are eligible to submit nominations. Shortly after joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, Mr. McQuagge focused on rebuilding its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. McQuagge’s success with reviving USHEALTH Advisors led to his appointment as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

USHEALTH Group registered unprecedented growth and success during the tenure of Troy McQuagge. Mr. McQuagge feels pleased for receiving such an esteemed award and peer recognition from One Planet Award. He attributes the award to the success of everyone at USHEALTH Group. The award affirms USHEALTH Group’s commitment to solving problems of healthcare affordability by providing innovative insurance plans that grow as your healthcare needs increase.

About One Planet Awards

The award honors entrepreneurs and professionals for their excellence in their industries. The awards are currently conferred in categories such as marketing, corporate communication, new products and services, organizations, executives, and teams from around the world.

Educational Background

Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the Central Florida University. Besides his role at USHEALTH Group, he partners with institutions such as Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix of New Orleans, and Hope Kids Phoenix. Troy McQuagge started his career in 1995 working at Allstate, an insurance firm based in the United States. He has worked in similar managerial positions in companies such as Student Insurance Division and Freedom Life Insurance of America. He later joined UICI Insurance Agency as the president. In 1997, Troy left for UGA and helped the company to experience single sales records. Besides, he is an expert on business administration, product design, strategic planning, and a master of reinvention.

Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. Here, he was responsible for restricting the company’s operations. Troy McQuagge’s hard work and commitment led to his appointment as the company’s CEO and chairman. Hard work and determination allowed Mr. McQuagge to hone his leadership skills. Mr. Troy McQuagge’s impressive educational background helped him to excel in other fields rather than the health industry. He is an expert in accounting, banking, finance and many other industries.

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Gregory Aziz – Fulfilled In Business And Charitable Works

In the role of Chairman and CEO, Mr. Gregory J Aziz has led National Steel Car to become a leader in the railroad industry. The company engineers and produces freight cars.


Greg was born in the thriving province of Ontario, located in central Canada. He attended Ridley College and enrolled in Western University of Ontario, where he received a degree in economics.

After graduating from school, he started working at his family’s wholesale business, Affiliated Foods. The company imported food from Europe, Central and South America. They would sale these fresh items in the United States and parts of Eastern Canada.


With his managerial skill sets, Greg Aziz would help Affiliated Foods to be a great success.


Seeking advantages in the world of finance, Greg J. Aziz would move to New York. He would become an investor in the Wall Street banking arena. After managing several business arrangements, he was able to coordinate a deal with the Canadian business, Dofasco, for their declining freight train manufacturing company named National Steel Car.


Greg James Aziz had ideas about how he would make National Steel Car the best railroad freight car producer in North America. View More Information Here.


Within 5 years from the date of purchase, Aziz had turned National Steel Car around. It had started out by manufacturing only 3,500 freight cars annually, but under his direction, that number rose to 12,000. There were about 600 employees at the beginning, later; it would increase to roughly 3000.


Greg Aziz feels the company achieved its goals through team effort, an intense focus on engineering, dedication and investments. Committees, who have rewarded the company for many years, recognize the results of their conscientious applications and actions.


Despite all the honors for quality products and wonderful customer service, just to name a few, Gregory has no desire to rest on his laurels. He is relentless in making sure that National Steel Car remains competitive.

When he is not thinking of new strategies to advance the company, you might see another side of Greg, as he participates in benevolent activities.


This would include spending time and funding The Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, United Way and more.


Annually, he throws a National Steel Car Christmas Party for his past and present employees and their kids. Around this time, he also collects food for the local food reserves.


Overall, Mr. Gregory James Aziz is a businessman who receives fulfillment from his career and helping others. Learn More:

National Steel Car CEO Gregory Aziz, A Pillar Of The Community

With over 100 years of experience and excellence under their belt, National Steel Car has distinguished itself by becoming the leading manufacturers of freight and tank railroad cars in North America. Reliability, quality, and a commitment to investing in their employees are cornerstones of their philosophy. As a result, they’ve been annual recipients of the TTX SECO award for the past decade, remain the only North American railroad manufacturer to be certified ISO 9001:2008, and look forward to leveraging their strengths in the 21st century market.


Behind a great company there is often an exemplary leader. Gregory J. Aziz, chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, is immensely proud of his employees and their achievements. His philosophy to honor past traditions, move forward with determination, and lead by maintaining a relentless commitment to quality has helped set the company apart from competitors. His expertise helps ensure a bright future. See This Article for more information.



Born in London, Ontario in 1949, Gregory James Aziz joined the family business by 1971. Over the next decade and a half, he would help grow Affiliated Foods into one of the largest food importers in the world. As a student of economics, Greg Aziz enjoyed success in the investment banking world during the 1980s and 90s. It was in this capacity that he orchestrated the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994.


Since Greg Aziz took the helm, National Steer Car set a benchmark for growth and innovation in the rail manufacturing industry. With an aptitude for engineering and substantial investment in both human and political capital, the company increased its output from 3,500 to 12,000 cars in just five years. During this period, they also grew from 600 to nearly 3,000 employees.


In addition to establishing themselves as an industry leader and contributing significantly to the local economy, they have also become a pillar of the community. Gregory Aziz believes in giving back. As Hamilton, Ontario has provided essential foundations for the success of the company, National Steel Car shares its success by investing back in the community.


Aziz and his wife Irene are both sponsors of Canada’s premier agricultural exhibition, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Furthermore, NSC employees and their families also contribute to holiday food drives for the local food banks around the Christmas holidays. Additional charitable contributions include those to local Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army and the United Way.

Madison Street Capital Employs Considerable Financial Skills to Help Clients

Madison Capital has cultivated a global reputation for business excellence as they help companies with their various financial needs and the comprehensive services that they provide are accomplished by a talented team of experts.

Some of their specialties include helping companies gain access to credit, company valuation, and assistance with mergers and acquisitions. Their widespread reputation for sophisticated expertise is well deserved as they engage in a tremendous array of business activities. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

There is one example that stands out of Madison Street Capital helping a company obtain credit for their business. Vital Care Industries, based out of Illinois, was able to select and acquire a suitable lender for a commercial loan thanks to the efforts and expertise of Madison Street.

The CEO of the company was very pleased with the results and it strengthened their business in the manufacture of medical products.

One indication of the deep pool of talent that staffs Madison Street Capital is the recent award that was received by one of their co-founders, Anthony Marsala. He was honored when he took home a 40 under forty award for his accomplishments with the company in the area of mergers and acquisitions and company valuations.

The awards program is focused on younger business leaders with impressive accomplishments in their field and Marsala prevailed despite stiff competition. He is the Chief Operation Officer for Madison and has over 14 years of experience.

The entire firm of Madison Street Capital was honored for their performance in 2016 when they received an award for the finest restructuring transaction that was less than 25 million dollars. This is called a Turnaround Award and they successfully competed with over 300 firms to secure the win.

Another critical business area in which Madison Street Capital shines is in utilizing their expertise to assist with companies who are merging. Their talented business staff provided crucial knowledge and advice for DCG Software Value as they merged with The Spitfire Group.

The combined business enterprise is in software support and analysis services and they maintain two offices; one is in Great Britain and the other is in Pennsylvania. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

Helping companies secure credit for expansion and other business purposes is an endeavor in which Madison Street Capital provides clear guidance and a quick turnaround.

They helped Maintenance Systems Management secure necessary financing for their business and the President of the company was very pleased with the results as well as other financial advice that was proffered by Madison.

Madison Capital is an international investment banking firm who excels in sophisticated financial matters and helps guide their clients with expert advice for all business situations.

Their work is always considered time sensitive and they are adroit in helping companies select the appropriate financing and capitalization structure. They are also experts in matching up buyers and sellers as well as creating deals in which owners and investors mutually benefit.

Livio Bisterzo Achievements in Natural Food Industry

     HIPPEAS is recognized for its naturally manufactured snack food. The company co-founded by Livio Bisterzo was launched in April 2016. In 2017, HIPPEAS envisioned to expand to an approximate 18,500 stores in the US and the UK. HIPPEAS stores available in the United States are Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. HIPPEAS snacks are also available in the United Kingdom stores, where the natural snack food company has an office. Later this year, HIPPEAS stores are expected to expand to other places such as the Kroger Co. and Target stores.

HIPPEAS compel a lot of its customers with its unique offering that combines nutrition with an ingenious flavor profile. HIPPEAS Company is also recognized for manufacturing the famous organic chickpea puffs which are available in six different ingenious tastes. The creative chickpea flavors include Far out Fajita, Vegan White Cheddar, Sriracha Sunrise, Pepper Power and Happening Hickory Maple Haze. The natural food snacks are designed to attract the healthy and socially conscious consumer. HIPPEAS snacks are premium manufactured to be affordable and better for your consumption.

The natural snack food company has acquired a celebrity eye due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s investments. The environmental activist is believed to have made a minority equity investment in the snack food company. The company also received another investment from the strand equity partners. As a result of the recent investments, HIPPEAS Company highly expects to grow approximate of eleven million dollars this year.

Livio Bisterzo graduated from London University of the arts. Livio is an Italian businessperson. Livio is currently based in Los Angeles. Mr. Livio began his career in 2003 by launching an events business. He created lifestyle business platforms such as the Maddox Club, Pollen St. In 2008, Livio collaborated with RNA Corporation and launched the Kyoku for men brand.

Livio received London’s 1000 most influential people Honor nomination for his achievements over the year form the standard Evening magazine. Bisterzo changed his entrepreneur mindset to food and drink innovation industry. He launched Green Park First Brand and HIPPEAS in 2016. Mr. Livio heads green park first brand as the chief executive officer.

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Gregory James Aziz, A Visionary Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist

James Aziz was born and brought up in Ontario Canada. He studied at Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. After finishing his studies, Gregory J Aziz began his career working in 1971 at Affiliated Foods, a family-owned business that deals with the sale of food products in wholesale. He grew the family business in a span of 16 years to become an international trader of fresh food products from South America, and Europe. These fresh food products were supplied to wholesale markets in the America and Eastern Canada.


Greg Aziz began working for several banking companies between the late 1980s until the early 1990s, in New York. James Aziz bought one of North America’s largest railroad car companies, National Steel Car, in January 1994 from Dofasco. He now serves as the CEO and Chairman of the company at their headquarters in Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1912 to design and manufacture railroad cars. The aim of the company is and always has been to manufacture railroad cars that meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. The company now has over a century of experience in engineering and manufacturing quality freight railroad cars in North America. More information on This Page


As a motivational leader, Greg Aziz attributes the success of National Steel Car to the innovation, diversity, and value-driven attitude of the employees. He mentioned that it is through their hard work that the company grew their railroad car production from 3,500 per annum to 12,000 per annum in five years. The number of employees also grew in relation to the increase in production from 600 to 3,000.


Aziz ensures that the company maintains a good relationship with all their customers and employees. This ensures manufacturing and engineering excellence is always maintained. National Steel Car has retained the number one position of the railway car manufacturing consecutively for 18 years. The company is the only manufacturer of these cars in the Northern part of America that has received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Since 1996, this Company has been honored with the TTX SECO award consistently due to their high-quality operations and products. All these achievements are thanks to the efforts of Greg James Aziz.


Through the philanthropic nature of the president James Aziz, National Steel Car has sponsored various local charities in its hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz together with his wife Irene has also sponsored the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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