Railroad Industry Giant – Leadership By Gregory Azis

Under the leadership of John Morison Gibson and a few other investors, National Steel Company was formed in 1912. Currently, they are the biggest manufacturer for the railroad transportation industry. The current leadership of the company took over in 1994 and increased the number of employees by six times. Also, company’s capacity of production went up four times. So, who is the leader of this company that brought around changes which helped it grow so much?


Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz, has been in charge of the company ever since 1994. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario and worked for his family-owned business. Soon afterward, he relocated to New York and got into banking. Since his involvement with the National Steel, the company was awarded 13 consecutive honors for being the leader in steel car industry.


Some of the contributors to Gregory J Aziz’s success are quality, innovation, technology implementation and more. He also makes sure that the customer service is up to par, as his buyers are the most relevant piece of the overall puzzle. An example of a long-term commitment is the fact that National Steel Car has been working with the same suppliers for over a decade!


The home of NSC is Hamilton, Ontario. The CEO and President Aziz has utilized many chances to give back to this area. The company sponsors many different entities to develop community growth. Examples are Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, United Ways, and the Salvation Army. Thousands of employees who work for the company are encouraged and incentivized to give back to the community and they often do so by participating in the food drives. Not to forget, over 2000 people from the Ontario area are working for this company thus helping the economy of this province grow.


Since Greg Aziz obtained a college degree in economics, the knowledge of market changes has helped him keep up with the modernization. His often-heard motto is that the company does not “dwell on the past” with all their prominent awards, yet try to work toward innovation and better technology usage.


James Aziz has been in charge of the company for over 20 years. As aforementioned, some of his most notable accomplishments include an output increase to over 12,000 railroad cars produced a year, a spike in the employee count to over 3,500 workers, and great contributions to the local community. See This Page for related information.

Roberto Santiago Speaks About His Core Values

Roberto Santiago is the Brazilian entrepreneur and investor, who own the Maniara Shopping Mall and the Mangeira Shopping Mall among other investments. Although he was born without a silver spoon in his mouth, Roberto has worked his way up and is among the billionaires in Brazil. He advises people on the values that they ought to embrace to rise to the top. Further, he tells them that no journey is void of challenges and one must be determined enough to keep going. The central core values that Roberto employs are discussed below.

  1. Determination

One of the core values that Roberto employs is hard work and determination. He says that without sweat, it is impossible to make progress; consequently, he labors to make a business work. When Roberto started café Santa Rosa, his hard work and determination helped him raise enough capital to start the cartonnage company. Later he used the savings in the former to buy the land on which he built Maniara and then used the money from Manaira to build Mangeira Mall in 2013. Moreover, he was still very diligent as he wrote his blog post and the finances from there was what helped him to get through school and to start his first business. Roberto advises all Brazil residents, who claim to be jobless to start humble and save until they get to the top.


Another aspect that has helped Roberto to get to his billionaire status is his discipline, which is mainly exhibited through his saving ability. Roberto says that making a lot of money from a firm or a project is not enough as when one squanders the money; he remains in the same spot. As a result, Roberto believes in saving and investing the money in other ventures or even investing it in the existent projects. The above proved useful as the money he made in his businesses was used to start others. Roberto says that this helped him to be counted among the Brazilian millionaires. He further advises people not to despise the amount of money in their hands as when saved it piles up and even helps investors believe in one’s stewardship ability.


Roberto also says that he believes in honesty and dealing straight with people. Being unethical makes people mistrust you and also pulls them away from your business. As such, he advises each businessperson to consider the needs of the stakeholders above their own as this builds trusts. In all his business dealings, Roberto says that he considers the benefits of the employees, customers, community, and investors just as he considers his own. Consequently, he says that many businesspersons fail because they only think about how to make profits even when they use crooked means.


Tony Petrello’s Contribution in the Energy Sector

Nabors Industries is a company with an international footing in the drilling industry serving international oil corporations. The is one of the most highly regarded offshore drilling companies serving the vast markets both in America and all over the world. The company has greatly contributed to the success of the industry with its highly trained personnel. In the drilling industry, the standards are highly set at a very high scale considering the minimal room for error in this sector. This is why the market has to maintain a highly trained workforce and personnel with remarkable skill in technology. Nabors has been able to deliver these essential components over the years hence the reputation.

At the top leadership in the composition of Nabors top management is the CEO, Tony Petrello who is also the president of the company. He also heads the board of directors as the chairman and the company owes a lot of great successful strides to his charisma and leadership skills. Tony, as he is popularly known, is an academic guru having graduated from the Harvard University and Yale University respectively. At the Harvard University, he graduated with a degree in law but later when he joined Yale he decided to pursue mathematics. Soon after he finished his studies, he joined professional world.

His career life began in 1979 when he was enjoined in the Baker and McKenzie law firm where he quickly rose up the ranks and became a managing partner for the New York branch. He worked practicing law at law firm for a period of five years then in 1991 he joined the Nabors Industries where he came in as a chief operating officer. Due to his hard work and diligence, he was soon named as the company’s president a year later. Tony rose through the ranks and by 2003 he was the CEO of the drilling company that has thrived in the lucrative gas and oil industry. Tony is also a member of several other boards in the US including the Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is reputed as one of the greatest business and legal minds of our times. For more info about us: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2014/12/nabors-ceo-cfo-take-big-pay-cut.html click here.

Marketing Expert José Henrique Borghi

Marketing is a vital component of having success in a company. Many companies in Brazil struggle to market effectively to customers. With so much recent change in the economy, some companies are struggling to resonate with customers and more information click here.

José Henrique Borghi is a marketing expert who helps out companies across the country. Over the years, he has developed a reputation as one of the leading marketing minds in the country. His work with Mullen Lowe has helped a lot of companies in various industries.


José Henrique Borghi

José Henrique Borghi has always had a creative mind. Even though he did not grow up rich, he was able to go to a good school and learn business. He uses technology to help him with his work. One of the reasons that marketing is so difficult for people to understand is that new technology is driving results in the industry.

José Henrique Borghi spends a lot of time researching and learning new technology for his business. He believes that this is the best way to add value to other people in the business world. With social media becoming more popular every month, he believes that he can effectively reach more people than ever before for his clients and contact him.


Marketing in Brazil

Brazil is a country growing rapidly. With this growth, there is a lot of change in various industries. José Henrique Borghi wants to help companies increase sales and profits through their marketing strategies and learn more about Jose Borghi.

In the years ahead, José Henrique Borghi has a lot of projects planned for companies in numerous industries. This should help increase his brand awareness in the market and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Alfonso de Angoitia: The Brilliant Vice President To Grupo Televisa

     Alfonso de Angoitia is an essential member of Grupo Televisa, which is one of the biggest television networks in Mexico. He currently leads the company from his position of Executive Vice President, a position he has had for the past fifteen years. He has been working for the company for the company since 1998 when he took over as the Chief Financial Officer of the television network. Today, Alfonso de Angoitia is one of the most vital parts of the company, and the reason the Televisa has grown so much in the past few years. Alfonso de Angoitia is now regarded as someone who has lots of knowledge when it comes to the field of television and media and is highly respected by colleagues in the field.

Before he joined Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia was a lawyer who had been practicing in the area of corporate law for an extremely long time. He was known to be one of the top corporate lawyers in New York City, while he worked for a company that went by the name of White and Case. During this time, Alfonso de Angoitia worked with numerous clients coming from a variety of different sectors. After progressing far enough at the firm, he decided to start up his law firm, which went by the name of Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes, and Fuentes. His company not only took clients from within the United States but from other countries as well. This was when he met the CEO of Grupo Televisa for the very first time and decided to take them on as his client. He worked as the company’s legal counsel for a while before he decided to switch fields and work in media instead. He joined Grupo Televisa and worked his way up the ranks to get to the position he has today.

Alfonso de Angoitia believes in working hard to attain his goals, which is also one of the things that drive him to be who he is today. He has always worked hard to attain success in the field of media and in the field of law, which is why he is so well regarded and looked up to in those receptive fields.

An insight into Eric Pulier’s Achievements

It would be an understatement to just state that Eric Pulier is a lucky person for his achievements are many and uncountable traversing many spheres in the career world. Growing up to become a multitalented and a brilliant entrepreneur who has had the opportunity to be published author his works have been geared towards impacting change in the world. Being a philanthropist has also top of the list of his achievements. Through this, he has been able to reach out to the least fortunate in the society and as a result made a significant impact in the community.


After finishing high school, Eric went on to pursue his higher education at Harvard University where he attained a degree in Bachelors of Arts. During his studies at Harvard, Pulier engaged in writing columns for the Harvard Crimson as one other student journalist. After that, his life merely focused on trying to help other people that faced many economic challenges and also aided in assisting children with chronic diseases. Erick Pulier has a profound interest in technology and innovation where he has received so much recognition.


After moving to Los Angeles, Pulier started a People Doing Things in 1991 which was a company that was aimed at providing technological innovations in both the healthcare and the educational sectors. Digital Evolution Company was the second creation of his after his first business had stabilized in 1994. As his success continued to grow, he was given an opportunity to complete the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997 through the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

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Throughout a very successful career, Eric Pulier has had a chance to be the founder of fifteen different companies, and as a result of this, he has left his mark in the technological world. To add to this list, he has been a co-founder of many other companies that have also gone on to be successful. Due to his many successes, Eric Pulier has gone on to be named by VAR Business as one of the worlds to 30 e-visionaries.