The Lacey and Larkin Fund Wants Justice

One of the great things about the United States of America is that it is a country that firmly believes in activism. You can get politically active in almost any area of this country and people will respect you for it.

Right now, many people are getting active in the area of immigration reform. Many people properly understand that immigrants are people who face hardships in getting to this country and they deserve the rights that every American enjoys on a daily basis.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two political activists who are looking to reform the way immigration is seen here in the United States of America. They own and operate the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which they use to train younger activists on how to lobby for reform.

Throughout the years, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have discovered that many people will do everything within their power to harm immigrants once they come to this country.

They have been very disheartened by the activities of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio from the Maricopa County. It is true that many news outlets refer to him as “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

This toughness however often comes out in brutality against the Hispanic and Latino populations. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have published about his criminal activity through their media conglomerate the Village Voice Media. By doing so, they hope Americans will have compassion for what Hispanics go through in getting here.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is an encyclopedias worth of evil activity toward illegal immigrants. It all began when he mismanaged the Maricopa Department specifically so that it would be racially biased against the immigrant community. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

It started when he fired the officers who were not willing to engage in racial profiling. He then put racist police officers in their places. On top of this, there were cash bonuses awarded to every police officer that was able to detain and deport an illegal immigrant.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio has always been known to be a man who retaliates against people who do not bow to his might. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would also be recipients of this retaliation. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

On October 18, 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had their First Amendment right to the freedom of speech violated. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio gathered his Selective Enforcement Unit and illegally entered the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and confiscated all materials regarding him.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were able to report on this matter and the nation stood on their side. As citizens cried out against this breach of the Constitution, the pressure became so great toward Sheriff Joseph Arpaio that he had to release the two heroes.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would go to court with the Maricopa County over this matter and as a consequence the Maricopa County would pay $3.75 million to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

This was the starting capital the two needed to begin the immigration activist group the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Gregory J Aziz’s Passion to Become a Leader in The Railroad Industry

Gregory James Aziz is the chairman and chief executive officer of National Steel Car Limited. National Steel Car is north Americas leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London Ontario. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics. Dabbling in various jobs in the banking industry and his family’s wholesale food distributor, Affiliated Foods, Gregory was able to connect with various companies and manufactures. Eventually leading to him leaving these industries in a pursuit for something in the engineering industry. Greg Aziz, driven by passion and determination, wanted to become an important player in the engineering industry.


Gregory J Aziz purchased the National Steel Car company in 1994 from its then owner DOFASCO; with a vision of one day transforming the company into the most renowned railroad companies in north America. Gregory James Aziz believed that change was an inevitable concept that was necessary for the advancement of business. For a industry as dynamic and challenging as engineering, embracing such change in an optimistic way is vital for the success of any engineering firm. Greg Aziz believes in using technology, good customer relation, commitment and innovation as a way to become successful in any venture.


Being a noble philanthropist, Gregory James Aziz deeply values every employee of National Steel Car. Greg Aziz believes that his employees, suppliers, and customers are what makes his company so successful. As a humble and kind leader of the company, he focuses on wat he believes is the most important aspect, the greater good of the company. Greg Aziz is not only a supporter and believer in his employees, but he is also a believer that what his company produces creates a positive effect on the world. Visit This Page to learn more.


The National Steel Car company has maintained the title of being the leader in steel car manufacturing for 13 years. The consecutive title awards are due to Greg Aziz belief in producing the highest quality of products and services. Since Greg Aziz focuses on the quality of his products, customers never become disappointed with what he has to offer. Being a smart business man and working hard, Gregory James Aziz, has become successful in creating a company that inspires and helps to make the engineering industry and the world a better place.



Waiakea Water — Natural Resources to Save the Planet

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is completely organic drinking water. The water is pulled straight from the volcanoes of Hawaii! The reality is, it’s one of the simplest drinking water corporations on the planet. The water is therefore pure. The purity comes as a result of its flowing from the highest point of a vigorous volcano. It then filters through miles of igneous rock, and gets cooled at the base in a calm, cool natural spring. The water is totally mind blowing! A lady drank the water, and she couldn’t have been more excited about how tasty the drink was. The opposite corporations that sell drinking water don’t seem to be able to contend. Their water leaves pollution and doesn’t respect the planet. If you rehearse facts on your food market, you’ll most likely notice at least 20 completely different drinking water corporations. All of them contaminate the planet. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water uses natural bottles and natural ways to supply their water. No animals, trees, flowers, or natural resources are injured in the method.

The biggest contributor to pollution on the planet is drinking water. The businesses drive oil costs by overwhelming the market with demand for plastic to create their bottles. The bottles then find their way to trash island. Trash island is a huge floating island of pure trash. It’s a hazard to ocean life, and it blemishes the planet. The drinking water corporations in the industry have created this monster. Their water bottles won’t decompose into the planet for one hundred years. Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Water uses a replacement methodology to supply their bottles. They use a method that makes a bottle which will decompose in fifteen years. This is often a saving grace for humanity.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is found in Hawaii, they primarily based their company strategy on customs derived from the island. The corporation will network with different water enthusiasts and make a larger network of specialists that value the planet. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the premier company for premier drinking water. They’re growing and don’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

Obsidian Energy Provides Viable Investment Strategies For Oil And Gas

Oil and gas make the worlds of investment go round. As such, the situation does not seem to be taking any change any time soon. At the same time, petroleum continues to remain in high demand. This is because it is one of the world’s best investment dockets. Besides, they all have a multitude of uses encompassed in different industries. Obsidian Energy is a perfect choice of oil and gas Investment Company.


The Background Data

Initially called Penn West Exploration Ltd, Obsidian Energy is a leading Canadian oil and gas exploration company. Most importantly, it is essential to note that this company is based in Alberta. Since its establishment, Obsidian Energy has strived to become a royalty company dealing with huge market shares that have turned out to become billions of investments in shares.



Broadly speaking, investing in Obsidian Energy is probably one of the best decisions an individual can make. This is in light of the assets that the company has worked hard to incorporate to the client’s portfolio.



Obsidian Energy has provided the right platform to deliver unmatched investment results. Coupled with an amazing entrepreneurial spirit, the company initiates unparalleled and evolving services for some of the best investment dockets.


When it comes to management, Obsidian Energy operates on a few strategies that have contributed to the success of the company. Some of these strategies include;

  • Discipline
  • Relentless passion to serve clients
  • Providing the right platform for service delivery
  • Credibility and accountability


Management Team

Most importantly, Obsidian Energy has a supportive team of management that is always ready to work with the community and the corporate society in different projects. With that said, community matters programs is a primary initiative that is well-positioned to conduct the company’s operations respectfully as well as responsibly with a reminder that the community is part and parcel of our existence. Also inclusive in the project is a team of employees that believes in open communication. As such, Obsidian Energy has invested in viable projects that link gas and oil projects to community development. See This Page for more information


The Overview

In conclusion, Obsidian is always dedicated to minimizing the impacts of the company’s operations to the environment. This is a clear indication that the environmental programs are a sure way of meeting the demands of the community.


Obsidian Energy has a commitment to make positive impacts on all of the communities where they have operations. Obsidian sponsor a Community Matters Program where all employees and contractors are to communicate openly with all people in the communities.



Market America Exemplifies Online Businesses

Market America is a long standing multi-level marketing corp for online businesses and branding. They understand the importance of having successful marketing for their online start-up. The goal is to attract users to their website. The online industry is worth $135 billion dollars and has millions of customers each year. MA will put together a comprehensive strategy to keep your site among the top search engines, generate new customers, and keep your website competitive. They also handle product brokerage to handle marketing your brand nationwide, but also on an international level. Learn more about MA services by visiting their exclusive website today.

MA; Marketing Strategy

However, based in Greensboro, NC and founded by Lorean and JR Ridinger with a list of exclusive products available through their affiliate program. Market America actually allows customers to become a part of their affiliate program and market their own products as a partner. You decide where you will market your products to generate revenue. They offer the top products in the industry including personal care items, baby products, website hosting, car accessories, and household cleaning supplies to name a few. They offer many ways foe their partners to become a part of their program and be successful.

Many big name companies have got a start by becoming an affiliate market provider, but very few have been able to compete with Market America. Get the most out of your start-up with the top marketing professional to back you every step o the way. Partners spend very little to start a great affiliate program. How can Market America afford to pass the savings on to their customers? MA gets their products wholesale and are able to pass the savings to their partnered affiliates. Learn more about Market America by visiting their exclusive website for more details.

Greg Turns Around NSC

National Steel Car is a roller coaster business. I don’t mean they actually produce roller coasters. Actually, they produce railcars and manufacture railroad tracks. When I say they are a roller coaster business I mean they have had their ups and downs over the years. There was a time when they first started out that they could barely gain any business. However, after years of diligent work, they were able to gain the majority of the market share. However, they became complacent in their work and they watched that market share dwindles and leap out of their hands. Soon, they found themselves considering declaring bankruptcy.


National Steel Car wanted to try one last thing before they admitted defeat. They wanted to higher the master reverser Greg Aziz. Greg James Aziz is widely known by many business people as the man who can turn your business around and bring it back to its glory days.


Greg James Aziz believes that the reason he is able to do this is that he always sets the business back on the foundation it needs to grow. He always begins by building a vision that will create and stir passion in the hearts of those who hear it. For National Steel Car, he decided the best way to sell that vision was to create a rail car that was adaptable to the company’s current customer contract. This meant that National Steel Car did not need to create a new railcar for every single customer. Rather, they could just adapt the current one they had and thus save a lot of money.


After this, Gregory Aziz provided the necessary classes that would teach each person how to succeed in building this vision. These classes were taught by specialists who were mentor by Peter Drucker and his various students. This meant they were well versed in efficiency and innovation which is exactly what National Steel Car needed.


National Steel Car began moving rather swiftly toward achieving their goal. Every single milestone Greg Aziz spent his time celebrating the victories that his people have achieved. This only excited the more and built a fervor inside them that snowballed to the point that they built the railcar of their dreams in only three years. See This Page to learn more.


National Steel Car ended up receiving $5 billion worth of contracts in five years alone which propel them back to number one.



NSC is Dominant Again

National Steel Car had always been the top choice in railway manufacturing in the countries of Canada and the United States of America. It was no surprise that they were innovators and creators and knew how to meet each and every customer’s need. However, while they were top dog for so long, they began to lose their way. They thought they can use the success of past business and past products to lead them into the future. This was a terrible mistake and led to their company nearly being bankrupted.


They knew they had to change things fast and so they reached out to the business expert Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz is well known throughout the business community as having the skills necessary to turn around any business that is dying. If you can get Greg Aziz to support you, you are nearly guaranteed to succeed.


The day that Gregory James Aziz took over was the day that National Steel Car began to thrive yet again. He spent the necessary time returning them to the fundamentals that once made them great. He began by reminding them of how powerful a vision of excellence and creativity is. He cast a vision before them to build the first ever modular railcar.


The second thing that Gregory James Aziz did was spend time training and equipping each and every worker so that they could achieve this vision. Far too many companies no longer teach the people once they are hired. Gregory James Aziz understood if these people were to achieve his great vision and they would need to know how.


The first thing that Gregory James Aziz did was make sure everybody understood their roles in achieving this vision and knew what authority was granted to them. This allowed them to make hard choices without having to bother the higher ups. This allowed the bosses to focus on what really mattered and see the vision forward. See Related Link for more information.


The last thing that Gregory James Aziz did was allow his people to taste a little bit of the benefit that comes from success. He allowed them to be paid part of the profits from National Steel Car according to each and every product they sold. This made many of the workers wealthier the on their wildest dreams. National Steel Car is living strong and will continue in business for quite a long time.



Why Shervin Pishevar Feels Innovation Is Spreading Out

Shervin Pishevar has a lot to say as of late, taking to Twitter with 50 numbered tweets that took place across 21 hours. While he joked that he was taking a break for dinner, he shared a lot of insight into the trends taking place.

The venture capitalist wanted to talk about innovation and how he thought it was spreading out.


What’s going on?

Shervin Pishevar made sure to point out that Silicon Valley is no longer where all of the innovation is. Instead, it’s being seen in China, Romania, and various other parts of the world.

Tweet number 27 identifies that Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place. Instead, it’s an idea that has gone viral. Although it is, in fact, a place in California, Shervin Pishevar is focusing on the idea that the name no longer implies that it is a company coming out of California and is more focused on that a business is innovative.

With more businesses becoming innovative and not being in CA, however, Silicon Valley is losing their competitive edge.


Why are more places becoming innovative?

In the past, entrepreneurs, coders, and others traveled to Silicon Valley in order to be at the forefront of innovation. Instead, Shervin Pishevar suggests, people aren’t moving. The talent doesn’t need to enter the U.S. anymore. The country is focused on building physical and cultural walls that keep immigrant talent out. As a result, people are staying where they are and choosing to be innovative there.

With more people staying where they are, the competition is becoming fierce. The talent is everywhere and this means that the U.S. has to be cautious because they are also losing out on the speed of execution, which Shervin Pishevar warns is another problem that is taking place.

Shervin Pishevar is a savvy venture capitalist and his tweets show that he is dialed into the latest trends. His concerns have been voiced and are now being discussed amongst countless blogs.


Read This Article for related information.

Gregory Aziz Positive Impact At The National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian entrepreneur with a difference. He is an entrepreneur with a bigger vision than just accomplish profits for his company. Gregory Aziz owns the National steel car. Being one of the oldest companies in North America, it deals with, manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The railway sector is one of the oldest in the region, and he is doing his very best to revive the operations of this once powerful sector of the economy.


In the last century, railways sector contributed the largest chunk of growth in the transportation sector. It was worth billions of dollars but was overtaken by other modern means of transport. Although it looks like it is no longer a favorite sector for many businesspeople, Gregory James Aziz is doing very well with the National steel car. He is showing everyone that it is not over until it’s over. National steel car is still one of the best-performing companies in the country. NSC is a company that was started in the early years of the last century, and a hundred years later, it is still working.


Greg Aziz through the National steel car has made a difference in the economy. It has employed many people. Over the duration it has been in the business, it has not only just employed people, but it has also made sure that they are highly skilled in handling the dynamics of the railway sector. Employees have spent years in this corporations and are now familiar with the manufacturing of rail products. See Related Link for more information.


Gregory J. Aziz is doing his very best to make the industry an important part of the country’s economy as possible. He is building an industry that can still compete with modern technologies of the 21st century. The company is also based on sound economic grounds that will enable it to remain relevant even with the dynamics of the 21st economic sector. In short Greg Aziz has established a stable company that is competitive in the market and one that can last for many more years to come.


Greg Aziz has done everything possible to bring back to life National steel car, a company that was almost dying in the 1980s. He took over its administration after purchasing it from steel manufacturer Dofasco in 1994. He has made the company not only the leading company in the region but also one of the best companies that are giving back to the community. Apart from employment opportunities. The company is helping the community in some developmental projects. National steel car is located in Hamilton, Canada. The economy of this area has benefited a lot from its operations.


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Eco-Consciousness & Naturally Healing Water Drives the Waiakea Water Company

Water aficionados were definitely excited to find Hawaii volcanic water, especially after seeing the Waiakea water pH value. People who care about natural filtration and living water look for water with a high pH value. Most bottled water companies do not care about the pH value and sell neutral water. This is not good for people attempting to balance their bodies.


It is no secret that regular American diets are quite acidic. This throws the body off in a number of ways. For one, it makes a person feel unnaturally tired. Trying to bring the body back in balance requires that a person find natural sources of food or drinks with a high pH value. Water is perhaps one of the most important sources of nourishment, so getting water with a high pH value makes a difference. The benefits of this Hawaiian volcanic water stem from its natural pH value and it is easy to see why. See This Article to learn more.


Some may say that Hawaiian volcanic water and its pH value is nothing but a perk to get more sells. Well, this is a company, but the benefits are no gimmick. Water that comes from naturally filtered sources are usually not contaminated and have a high pH value. This is the way people are supposed to drink water, which is why people are really getting attached to their Waiakea water bottles.


Furthermore, Waiakea has also taken a few steps to care for the environment. Waiakea understands the importance of helping the earth sustain itself. It knows that the earth is precious. The company relies on the earth’s ability to filter water through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, which is just one of this planet’s miracles worth preserving.


One step that it took was to create a water bottle that degrades in just 15 years compared to other plastic water bottles that could take up to 1,000 years to dissolve into the earth. Waiakea prides itself on using high-grade 100% RPET, or recycled polyethylene terephtalate, for all of its bottles. RPET is post-consumer recycled plastic and has incredible environmental advantages.


There is no doubt that people who love this planet think Waiakea Water is heaven-sent.


Follow them on Instagram.


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