Setting Defined Goals And Job Functions With Glen Wakeman

Delegating job duties to different people for different reasons can be seen as two things: Compartmentalizing and micro-managing. Whatever label you choose put on it, it can be a very effective way of running a business. Clarity and a sense of purpose is necessary in all phases of a business, and it all starts with the clarity of knowing what you will do and what your co-workers will do. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

Glen Wakeman swears by this method and he runs a very successful business with it. To do this, you also need to make sure employees know why things are handled this way. The main reason is for more effective collaboration between employees and between departments. When everything and everyone has a clear function and goal, it makes collaboration more effective. People know where they stand and they can communicate better with colleagues this way.

Also, when responsibilities are clear from the outset, the decision making relevant to those responsibilities are more on point. This effectiveness goes a long way in promoting fresh ideas, productivity and high morale. When people know what is expected from them, they can excel faster and easier than if their job function is unclear. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

When delegating job functions and roles to people, you must also make sure they fit the personalities and professional qualifications of the people you are assigning the roles to. This should be a no-brainier, but many companies see this as pushing people to excel at tasks they have never done. This is not only counter-productive but it could also be construed as management not having faith in what an employee has proven they are capable of. Among other things, this can be bad for morale. At its worst, this management style can lead to low production, ineffective ideas and poor implementation of said ideas.



Mullen Lowe’s Jose Henrique Borghi Explores the Influence of Internet and TV on Young People

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the legends of the Brazilian advertising industry for the strength of his work as a global leader in marketing following the success of his own Mullen Lowe brand. One way Jose Borghi has found to keep his ad agency at the top of the industry is to make sure his company is constantly seeking out the best research to keep itself at the top of the industry in Brazil and around the world.

One of the recent pieces of research Mullen Lowe Brasil has undertaken has been in exploring the influence and effect of personalities from the Internet and TV on teenagers who have the most time on their hands to watch TV and Internet content on a regular basis. Jose Borghi’s advertising company followed a group of 1,000 teenagers throughout 2015 to discover which personalities and celebrities were the most viewed by young people during the time period; one of the results of the research that shocked Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe’s executives was the growing influence of YouTube based celebrities who are taking up more time for young people in their teens.

The founder of what was once Borghi Lowe and has now been renamed Mullen Lowe believes the research reflects the fact that viewing and advertising habits will continue to evolve over the course of the 21st century and present new challenges for marketing specialists. The group of teens were asked to rate their top five lists of celebrities, movies, and favorite Web content that led to YouTube based comedian and writer KeferaBuchmann as the fifth top personality as voted for by the teenage research group.