Financial Expert Cassio Audi Reveals His Heavy Metal History

The heavy metal band, Viper has been one of the most famous and respected in the Brazilian heavy metal landscape since the band was established in 1985. Founding members of the band remain in place in the present day makeup of the group while others have departed Viper and pursued other interests. Perhaps the most famous of those who have come and gone from Viper over the last three decades is Cassio Audi, a man who has made his way to a different walk of life but proven himself a success on every level.

Now one of the most famous investment specialists in Brazil, Cassio Audi once achieved a very different form of fame as the drummer with Viper from 1985 through 1989. Audi was an influential figure for the band as his drumming style and skill allowed the band to rise quickly from a group of teenage friends into one of the best known Brazilian heavy metal outfits in the history of the genre.

Cassio Audi was one of five friends who formed the band after coming together as one of the leading heavy metal bands to come out of the creative explosion taking place in Brazil in the early to mid-1980s. The drumming skills of Cassio Audi were praised by the music critics of the time for the musical skills he showed on the early home recordings and debut album of Viper. Both the bootleg demo recordings, “The Killera Sword”, and the first studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Cassio Audi made the decision to leave Viper in 1989 after deciding to depart the group and return to his academic studies and pursue a career in finance; despite his short period of time as a member of Viper, Cassio Audi remains an iconic figure for many heavy metal fans around the world for his brief period as one of the top heavy metal drummers in the world.


National Steel Car: Transforming Canadas Railways

National Steel Car is the largest and the leading rolling stock manufacturer in Canada. The current chairman and chief executive officer of the company is Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz, and he has been revitalizing the industry which has suffered extreme losses in the past. National Steel Car is responsible for the transformation of the Canadian Railways, especially during the early 1900s when the Canadian train network is being built from coast to coast.


During the dawn of the 20th century, the government of Canada planned to create a network of railways that would connect all of the cities, provinces, and territories of the country. In 1912, the National Steel Car was founded, and they started manufacturing rolling stocks, also known as train cars, in order to benefit from the government’s decision to expand the Canadian railway system. After the establishment of the company, investors have seen a bright future for the company, and investments came instantly. There were also a lot of orders for the company’s rolling stocks, and they are being sold out fast. Orders have also reached an all-time high, thanks to their contract with the government of Canada. As they have been successful in doing their business, more business partners signed deals with the National Steel Car, and among them are Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian Northern Railway. The National Steel Car is being contracted by the two giant transport companies to create additional rolling stocks that will be used for public transport. The revenue of the National Steel Car rose during the early years of their operation because of the sudden economic boom in the rail transport industry. However, their growth stagnated in the 1930s as the Great Depression hits. The Great Depression was being felt even in developed and economically stable countries like Canada and the meltdown have caused businesses to go bankrupt. In order for the National Steel Car to survive the economic apocalypse, they decided to manufacture other products aside from rolling stocks. Their signature products have seen a significant decline in orders during the 1930s, so they have to introduce a wide array of products just to survive.


The National Steel Car bounced back during the 1940s, as the Second World War came. They have to manufacture war machines and war vehicles that were in demand. The revenue became stable once again, and the industry of rolling stock manufacturing made a comeback. The company remained stable after the war, and in 1962, the National Steel Car was purchased by Dofasco, a Canadian steel manufacturing company. The National Steel Car suffered mismanagement during the time when it was acquired by Dofasco, and as the revenue plummets, Dofasco decided to sell the company to Gregory J Aziz in 1994.


Gregory James Aziz managed to revive the National Steel Car, and promised to restore its former glory. Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the number of employees working for the National Steel Car rose from 500 to 3000, and the company today is able to manufacture 12,500 rolling stocks every year. They have been supplying rolling stocks to Canada and as far as the United States of America. Read More Information.

Finding Real Estate Hidden Gems with Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a real estate legend who operates out of South Florida. He attended Hofstra University and got his first B.A. degree in International Studies. After getting his degree from Hofstra University, he went on to Harvard to get his B.A. in Executive Education in Real Estate & Capital Markets. Finally, he attended Erasmus University in Rotterdam and obtained a B.A. degree in International Finance, Marketing. He started out his career in banking but quickly switched to the family real estate business. Samuel Strauch branched out from there and opened his own real estate business, Metrik Real Estate, in 2002. Along with his busy real estate business, Samuel Strauch also has investments in the internet and restaurant venues. Visit his Tumblr.

In his over 15 year career, Samuel Strauch has developed a knack for finding hidden gems in the real estate business. Do you want that big city excitement without actually living in the big city with the big city price? Samuel Strauch will help you fin them. Let’s take a look and start with Denver, Colorado. Denver is known for its vibrant sports locations, but it’s also known for its price. However, just a skip from Denver is Northeast Denver, with real estate prices almost cut in half, this is more affordable and is just a short distance from the excitement of Greater Denver. Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California also have hidden gems just a little ways away from the big city. Dallas has Wylie, Texas where real estate prices are 26% lower, and San Francisco has Dublin with a 22% savings on real estate prices. Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennesee both offer alternatives to big city prices. Miami has a city called Cutler Bay where the real estate is almost half the price of Miami, and finally, Nashville has Williamsburg. Williamsburg offers real estate for half the price of Nashville but still within comfortable distance to the city. Click here to know more.

Samuel Strauch has been very successful in the real estate business since he first got his start and with a knack for finding hidden gems, it will only keep getting better.