Meet Jordan Lindsey: As founder of JCL Capital, his clients can truly benefit from his veteran experience as an algorithm trader and technologist who is well-versed in finance.

JCL Capital, a finance company that was founded by trader and computer algorithm developer, Jordan Lindsey can help their clients reap financial returns on investment. Jordan Linsey is a businessman, financial guru, innovator, and also the developer of a cryptocurrency growth bot that operates in conjunction with Bitcoin in specific financial markets. Jordan Lindsey has invented the first trading bot used in conjunction with a financial lending program. Because of this algorithm, Jordan Lindsey’s company has been able to make investors exceptional monthly and yearly returns on their money with Forex trading.

As someone who is proficient in equities, managing assets and working with blockchain technology, Mr. Lindsey was self-taught in terms of building his computer programming skill sets from the ground up and delving into Internet-based entrepreneurial endeavors. Lindsey honed the way that he approached web-based platforms and designed computer programs. One of these new computer algorithms that he developed resulted in him having a direct influence on how users exchange Bitcoin.

In addition to living abroad in countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina, Jordan Lindsey also attended classes at Mount Angel Seminary and at St. Joseph’s College. While in college, Jordan Lindsey did not choose to study or major in Computer Science, software engineering, or economics. However, Lindsey did keep close attention on the financial markets at that time, which ended up being a positive element to Lindsey’ s life.

Jordan Lindsey’s immersion into the worlds of cryptocurrency and finance was a new venture for him. Lindsey developed a novel algorithm that works with specific financial markets like Forex. The Bitcoin Growth Bot, which Lindsey envisioned, then developed, is utilized in the Forex markets. The bot that Lindsey created is the first third-party verified algorithm that is used in the cryptocurrency markets. Lindsey was propelled into a unique place in the financial world and as a technology frontrunner.

Before Lindsey was involved in blockchain technology and Bitcoin, he had a noteworthy record founding finance companies. Lindsey has been Vice President at Maximum Capital Management, an advisor at Energia Global and the founder and CEO of Prive Information Services.

David Giertz’s Business Career Journey And Achievements

David Giertz the president at the National Financial Distributors Inc. and also the president at the Nationwide FI distributor’s Agency Inc. He is the vice president of the southern SA. Giertz studied at the University of Miami then later moved to the Executive MBA Milliken University where he graduated with a bachelor of science.

David’s career began at Citigroup where he worked for ten years as a financial service advisor. He later worked at the Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organisation as the president, where he delivered excellent results, having grown it from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in profitable revenue. This is due to his experience of over 30 years in the provision of regular financial services.

David Giertz has also played a leading role in the distribution of private sector retirement plans, mutual funds, independent broker, annuities, life insurance, regional firms, IMO’s and RIA’S. He achieved a World-class Gallup associate engagement score after working as a business coach with the WABC and increasing its revenue up to 87%.

In 2004, David led the financial institution bank channel, which later expanded to accommodate the warehouse distribution channel. The revenue of this channel grew from $1.5% up to $8 billion under David’s management. He later joined Nationwide and became its vice president, where he increased its revenue by 48% in the seven states of the south-east territory.

David Giertz has participated in a couple of community organisations where he worked as the chairman of the board of trustees at the Milliken University, he also served as the chairman of the budget and finance committee as well as an arbitrator while working with FINRA. Additionally David has worked as a member of the board of directors in Boward County, which served the Girls’ scouts.

David referred the book called “the first 90 days” to career-oriented individuals. He said it would help them particularly after taking a new role. He encourages patience in the journey of success, explaining how he started by working in a store in a grocery shop, where he cleaned and waxed floors. Never giving up, is the key to success.

Why Shervin Pishevar Feels Innovation Is Spreading Out

Shervin Pishevar has a lot to say as of late, taking to Twitter with 50 numbered tweets that took place across 21 hours. While he joked that he was taking a break for dinner, he shared a lot of insight into the trends taking place.

The venture capitalist wanted to talk about innovation and how he thought it was spreading out.


What’s going on?

Shervin Pishevar made sure to point out that Silicon Valley is no longer where all of the innovation is. Instead, it’s being seen in China, Romania, and various other parts of the world.

Tweet number 27 identifies that Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place. Instead, it’s an idea that has gone viral. Although it is, in fact, a place in California, Shervin Pishevar is focusing on the idea that the name no longer implies that it is a company coming out of California and is more focused on that a business is innovative.

With more businesses becoming innovative and not being in CA, however, Silicon Valley is losing their competitive edge.


Why are more places becoming innovative?

In the past, entrepreneurs, coders, and others traveled to Silicon Valley in order to be at the forefront of innovation. Instead, Shervin Pishevar suggests, people aren’t moving. The talent doesn’t need to enter the U.S. anymore. The country is focused on building physical and cultural walls that keep immigrant talent out. As a result, people are staying where they are and choosing to be innovative there.

With more people staying where they are, the competition is becoming fierce. The talent is everywhere and this means that the U.S. has to be cautious because they are also losing out on the speed of execution, which Shervin Pishevar warns is another problem that is taking place.

Shervin Pishevar is a savvy venture capitalist and his tweets show that he is dialed into the latest trends. His concerns have been voiced and are now being discussed amongst countless blogs.


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Paul Mampilly- Experienced investor helping beginners

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who has influenced many investors in making right decisions about investment. He is one person who is committed to using his expertise from Wall Street to help investors who do not have adequate information regarding investment do so. Paul Mampilly is an epitome of people which should be emulated by the society. He has deducted his time in ensuring every investor has access to information that will help them make a good decision. He even helps investors make good decisions by recommending stocks that are likely to reward well in the future. He has an authority over the direction of sticks given his deep knowledge about investments.

Recently, Paul Mampilly talked about sectors of that he felt that they were like to drive the next generation of big investment opportunities. He said that anyone looking to make a good investment decision should have a keen eye for technological innovations. These innovations hold the future of this world. As we shift from the traditional way of doing things, new innovations will kick in and will take over the world. People will be eager to jump on the wave that will come with these innovations and the industries that will be dealing with the production of these products will be smiling all the way to the bank. The huge sales will push these companies to new levels of growth. What will follow is, these companies will raise their share value as the net worth becomes big. Investors who will have bought shares in these companies will be the beneficiaries. Their investments will have brought in huge profits. This is a clear case of how a good investment should work. Technological innovations will be huge and therein lies the future of big investment opportunities. People should strive to make decisions that they will be proud of in the future. The cell phone industries just came in the same manner but left many investors out. There are other opportunities coming up. Electric cars manufacturing is one of them. Paul Mampilly advises investors to start making investment decisions right now as they prepare for the growth of this sector.

Paul Mampilly own two trading platform. He also publishes an investment newsletter known as “Profits Unlimited”. He has been using this channel to pass information to upcoming investors. Paul Mampilly has the education to back his experience. He holds masters in business administration from the University of Fordham.

Paul Mampilly info:

The Tenure of Troy McQuagge at USHEALTH Advisors

Troy McQuagge is the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. He was recently named the CEO of the year in the coveted One Planet Awards that honors professionals and entrepreneurs in different industries around the globe. Organizations from all over the world including non-profit organizations, public and private firms, and start-ups are eligible to submit nominations. Shortly after joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, Mr. McQuagge focused on rebuilding its distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. McQuagge’s success with reviving USHEALTH Advisors led to his appointment as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2014.

USHEALTH Group registered unprecedented growth and success during the tenure of Troy McQuagge. Mr. McQuagge feels pleased for receiving such an esteemed award and peer recognition from One Planet Award. He attributes the award to the success of everyone at USHEALTH Group. The award affirms USHEALTH Group’s commitment to solving problems of healthcare affordability by providing innovative insurance plans that grow as your healthcare needs increase.

About One Planet Awards

The award honors entrepreneurs and professionals for their excellence in their industries. The awards are currently conferred in categories such as marketing, corporate communication, new products and services, organizations, executives, and teams from around the world.

Educational Background

Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the Central Florida University. Besides his role at USHEALTH Group, he partners with institutions such as Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix of New Orleans, and Hope Kids Phoenix. Troy McQuagge started his career in 1995 working at Allstate, an insurance firm based in the United States. He has worked in similar managerial positions in companies such as Student Insurance Division and Freedom Life Insurance of America. He later joined UICI Insurance Agency as the president. In 1997, Troy left for UGA and helped the company to experience single sales records. Besides, he is an expert on business administration, product design, strategic planning, and a master of reinvention.

Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010. Here, he was responsible for restricting the company’s operations. Troy McQuagge’s hard work and commitment led to his appointment as the company’s CEO and chairman. Hard work and determination allowed Mr. McQuagge to hone his leadership skills. Mr. Troy McQuagge’s impressive educational background helped him to excel in other fields rather than the health industry. He is an expert in accounting, banking, finance and many other industries.

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Livio Bisterzo Achievements in Natural Food Industry

     HIPPEAS is recognized for its naturally manufactured snack food. The company co-founded by Livio Bisterzo was launched in April 2016. In 2017, HIPPEAS envisioned to expand to an approximate 18,500 stores in the US and the UK. HIPPEAS stores available in the United States are Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. HIPPEAS snacks are also available in the United Kingdom stores, where the natural snack food company has an office. Later this year, HIPPEAS stores are expected to expand to other places such as the Kroger Co. and Target stores.

HIPPEAS compel a lot of its customers with its unique offering that combines nutrition with an ingenious flavor profile. HIPPEAS Company is also recognized for manufacturing the famous organic chickpea puffs which are available in six different ingenious tastes. The creative chickpea flavors include Far out Fajita, Vegan White Cheddar, Sriracha Sunrise, Pepper Power and Happening Hickory Maple Haze. The natural food snacks are designed to attract the healthy and socially conscious consumer. HIPPEAS snacks are premium manufactured to be affordable and better for your consumption.

The natural snack food company has acquired a celebrity eye due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s investments. The environmental activist is believed to have made a minority equity investment in the snack food company. The company also received another investment from the strand equity partners. As a result of the recent investments, HIPPEAS Company highly expects to grow approximate of eleven million dollars this year.

Livio Bisterzo graduated from London University of the arts. Livio is an Italian businessperson. Livio is currently based in Los Angeles. Mr. Livio began his career in 2003 by launching an events business. He created lifestyle business platforms such as the Maddox Club, Pollen St. In 2008, Livio collaborated with RNA Corporation and launched the Kyoku for men brand.

Livio received London’s 1000 most influential people Honor nomination for his achievements over the year form the standard Evening magazine. Bisterzo changed his entrepreneur mindset to food and drink innovation industry. He launched Green Park First Brand and HIPPEAS in 2016. Mr. Livio heads green park first brand as the chief executive officer.

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Financial Expert Cassio Audi Reveals His Heavy Metal History

The heavy metal band, Viper has been one of the most famous and respected in the Brazilian heavy metal landscape since the band was established in 1985. Founding members of the band remain in place in the present day makeup of the group while others have departed Viper and pursued other interests. Perhaps the most famous of those who have come and gone from Viper over the last three decades is Cassio Audi, a man who has made his way to a different walk of life but proven himself a success on every level.

Now one of the most famous investment specialists in Brazil, Cassio Audi once achieved a very different form of fame as the drummer with Viper from 1985 through 1989. Audi was an influential figure for the band as his drumming style and skill allowed the band to rise quickly from a group of teenage friends into one of the best known Brazilian heavy metal outfits in the history of the genre.

Cassio Audi was one of five friends who formed the band after coming together as one of the leading heavy metal bands to come out of the creative explosion taking place in Brazil in the early to mid-1980s. The drumming skills of Cassio Audi were praised by the music critics of the time for the musical skills he showed on the early home recordings and debut album of Viper. Both the bootleg demo recordings, “The Killera Sword”, and the first studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”.

Cassio Audi made the decision to leave Viper in 1989 after deciding to depart the group and return to his academic studies and pursue a career in finance; despite his short period of time as a member of Viper, Cassio Audi remains an iconic figure for many heavy metal fans around the world for his brief period as one of the top heavy metal drummers in the world.


National Steel Car: Transforming Canadas Railways

National Steel Car is the largest and the leading rolling stock manufacturer in Canada. The current chairman and chief executive officer of the company is Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg Aziz, and he has been revitalizing the industry which has suffered extreme losses in the past. National Steel Car is responsible for the transformation of the Canadian Railways, especially during the early 1900s when the Canadian train network is being built from coast to coast.


During the dawn of the 20th century, the government of Canada planned to create a network of railways that would connect all of the cities, provinces, and territories of the country. In 1912, the National Steel Car was founded, and they started manufacturing rolling stocks, also known as train cars, in order to benefit from the government’s decision to expand the Canadian railway system. After the establishment of the company, investors have seen a bright future for the company, and investments came instantly. There were also a lot of orders for the company’s rolling stocks, and they are being sold out fast. Orders have also reached an all-time high, thanks to their contract with the government of Canada. As they have been successful in doing their business, more business partners signed deals with the National Steel Car, and among them are Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian Northern Railway. The National Steel Car is being contracted by the two giant transport companies to create additional rolling stocks that will be used for public transport. The revenue of the National Steel Car rose during the early years of their operation because of the sudden economic boom in the rail transport industry. However, their growth stagnated in the 1930s as the Great Depression hits. The Great Depression was being felt even in developed and economically stable countries like Canada and the meltdown have caused businesses to go bankrupt. In order for the National Steel Car to survive the economic apocalypse, they decided to manufacture other products aside from rolling stocks. Their signature products have seen a significant decline in orders during the 1930s, so they have to introduce a wide array of products just to survive.


The National Steel Car bounced back during the 1940s, as the Second World War came. They have to manufacture war machines and war vehicles that were in demand. The revenue became stable once again, and the industry of rolling stock manufacturing made a comeback. The company remained stable after the war, and in 1962, the National Steel Car was purchased by Dofasco, a Canadian steel manufacturing company. The National Steel Car suffered mismanagement during the time when it was acquired by Dofasco, and as the revenue plummets, Dofasco decided to sell the company to Gregory J Aziz in 1994.


Gregory James Aziz managed to revive the National Steel Car, and promised to restore its former glory. Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the number of employees working for the National Steel Car rose from 500 to 3000, and the company today is able to manufacture 12,500 rolling stocks every year. They have been supplying rolling stocks to Canada and as far as the United States of America. Read More Information.

Finding Real Estate Hidden Gems with Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a real estate legend who operates out of South Florida. He attended Hofstra University and got his first B.A. degree in International Studies. After getting his degree from Hofstra University, he went on to Harvard to get his B.A. in Executive Education in Real Estate & Capital Markets. Finally, he attended Erasmus University in Rotterdam and obtained a B.A. degree in International Finance, Marketing. He started out his career in banking but quickly switched to the family real estate business. Samuel Strauch branched out from there and opened his own real estate business, Metrik Real Estate, in 2002. Along with his busy real estate business, Samuel Strauch also has investments in the internet and restaurant venues. Visit his Tumblr.

In his over 15 year career, Samuel Strauch has developed a knack for finding hidden gems in the real estate business. Do you want that big city excitement without actually living in the big city with the big city price? Samuel Strauch will help you fin them. Let’s take a look and start with Denver, Colorado. Denver is known for its vibrant sports locations, but it’s also known for its price. However, just a skip from Denver is Northeast Denver, with real estate prices almost cut in half, this is more affordable and is just a short distance from the excitement of Greater Denver. Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California also have hidden gems just a little ways away from the big city. Dallas has Wylie, Texas where real estate prices are 26% lower, and San Francisco has Dublin with a 22% savings on real estate prices. Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennesee both offer alternatives to big city prices. Miami has a city called Cutler Bay where the real estate is almost half the price of Miami, and finally, Nashville has Williamsburg. Williamsburg offers real estate for half the price of Nashville but still within comfortable distance to the city. Click here to know more.

Samuel Strauch has been very successful in the real estate business since he first got his start and with a knack for finding hidden gems, it will only keep getting better.