Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble to Take on LinkedIn

Whtiney Wolfe’s Dating app, Bumble, has brought forth tons of innovations in online dating. However, there are other areas that it is shining. Some people are suggesting that Whitney Wolfe’s app can take on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Given that LinkedIn has been in operation for a long time compared to Bumble, this is a huge achievement for Whitney Wolfe. One thing that is worth considering is that while Bumble has started as a dating app, there are extensions for people that are related to friendships and business. LinkedIn is known as the platform that connects professionals with each other.

Bumble Bizz is the app extension that deals with business and professional lives of women. Women that are looking for work or advancements in career should connect with Bizz so that they can find the right people to network with. After all, networking is one of the most important things to do when it comes to getting a career off the ground. This can come in any form. One of the forms of career building is starting a successful business. This method of building a career requires a lot of skill in certain areas that can bring forth results.

Women are in definite need of as much help and empowerment as they can get. This is one of the reasons that Bumble Bizz has been created. This helps women network with one another to get the type of help they need in areas such as marketing as it depends on their business. After all, a wise business owner is going to use her marketing skills to spread awareness about the company. This can be done on various channels such as social media.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is willing to help women in various aspects of their lives. She wants women to be able to build their own lives and find the right man for them. The Bumble group is going to make a lot of difference in the lives of women as it relates to dating and other aspects of their. Whitney is also making sure that she can help men benefit.

Whitney Wolfe info: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

The Wedding of Whitney Wolfe

CEO and founder of the popular dating app Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has just tied the knot with Texas oil heir Michael Herd. Dressed to the nines in an amazing Oscar de la Renta gown the couple stood above the Villa Treville situated in Positano along the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy. A spectacular ceremony was followed outdoors among lemon trees, a classic lemon motif on the tables, and twinkling candlelight. The bride took a moment with her new husband and changed into a beautiful ivory short slip dress. They then arrived at the ceremony with her one layer classic cake decorated with fresh fruit. Whitney and Michael were ready to party the night away with family and friends in this the most picturesque of venues in Europe.

Now heading to their honeymoon throughout Europe, there is no doubt this Southern Methodist University grad will continue to change the face of social media back at Bumbles headquarters in Austin, Texas.

BumbleBFF is Bumbles new addition and this project is helping match up women with women for the empowerment that friendships give to women. Whether it’s looking for ja friend who enjoys walks or someone with a similar life theory, it’s a a way to swipe and make some friends. BuBumbleBIZZ will be the app that will help women to find other women for jobs, projects, and lots of other opportunities. Similar to Linkedin but with a swipe of thumb Whitney is making it so that women can use social media to find opportunities and possibilities will be opened to them like never before. Bumble is changing the way women use social media and the opportunities they can now have because of Whitney Wolfe and her ideas are truly amazing.

Whitney Wolfe was 2014’s Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30, 2016’s Elle Women in Tech, and 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology. These are huge accomplishments and now with a wedding under her belt it seems Whitney Wolfe will be continueing to make strides in technology for years to come. She is definitely someone to watch and more importantly someone for women to watch as she empowers women through the internet.

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